January 31, 2005

Notre Dame Academy, resorted to a "nuts and sluts" defense, according Boston Attorney, Wendy Murphy in 1995 interview.

Worcester Voice

A review of Worcester Superior Court case # WOCV1995-00267, which is contained in four folders and thousands of pages of legal filings, contains information so disturbing that the previously unknown facts need to be told.

A new link has been added to the Worcester Voice web site called Notre Dame Academy.

Notre Dame Academy is a college preparatory school for young women and their web site said that their education should prepare students for their role as Christian women. In 1995, the school was location of sexual abuse allegations by a 14-year-old female student who said she was sexual abused by the music teacher, Mr. Kallin Johnson.

The Worcester Voice goal is not to comment on the guilt of innocence of the accused teacher. The intent here is to expose the carefully calculated campaign by this private Roman Catholic school, which exists in the Worcester Diocese, to discredit the female student before the facts were known. To show the power of Notre Dame Academy and the Worcester Diocese, along with their unlimited dollars, to apply the staunchest defense of the accused teacher.

"Everything she's suffered as a result of his conduct, they now want to use against her," said Boston lawyer Wendy Murphy. "It's your basic "nuts and sluts' defense: She's made it up before, and she's crazy. But she has no motivation to lie. Nothing good has come from this. On the contrary, she's been shunned by the school," Ms. Murphy was quoted as saying.

The Massachusetts Department of Social Services supported the sexual abuse allegation against Mr. Johnson after a January 19, 1995 child abuse investigation. Mr. Johnson was then placed on the DSS central registry as a sex offender, according to Attorney Murphy. Mr. Johnson was never removed from his teaching position in 1995 by Notre Dame Academy and continues to teach there today.

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