January 27, 2005

Cancelled archbishop farewell service sparks sympathy


A former Adelaide Anglican archbishop says it is a pity that Ian George has been forced to cancel a farewell service honouring his time as archbishop.

Dr Keith Rayner preceded Dr George as archbishop and says the furore over the planned service has been "unfortunate".

Yesterday, Dr George called off the service himself, because of protests from victims of sexual abuse within the church.

He resigned last year over the church's failure to help abuse victims.

However, Dr Rayner says the circumstances of Dr George's resignation overshadow a lifetime of work for the good of the community.

"He spearheaded the work of the Anglican communion for refugees around the world and the thought that none of that should be able to be honoured is to me a very sad thing," he said.

However, the decision has drawn no such sympathy from one of those abused as a child.

Mark King says the problem of covering up child abuse goes far deeper than Dr George's involvement.

Posted by kshaw at January 27, 2005 04:37 PM