January 25, 2005

'Twist of Faith' Focuses on Surviving Abuse


Jan. 24, 2005
Carole Mikita Reporting

At the opening of the Sundance Film Festival Robert Redford told a Salt Lake audience that, as always, the documentaries are the strongest films. One of this years is a compelling story focused on faith.

The story is one man's struggle against evil within his church; 'Twist of Faith' focuses on surviving abuse. Tony Comes believed that if it was ever going to stop, change had to come from within, from the true believers, even if they had been badly abused.

Tony Comes, "Twist of Faith", Sundance Film Festival Documentary: Wed come up here, drink, eat, shoot pool. Part where it gets weird is Sunday morning wake up and some guys violating you. Then a half hour later you take a shower and a half hour after that, everybody whos up here, sometimes families included, are sitting around in the living room up there and hes saying mass.

Tony Comes, a 34-year-old husband, father and Toledo, Ohio firefighter is a survivor of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest. He kept it a secret for more than 20 years. Now his story is a Sundance documentary

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