January 20, 2005

Jan.20: SNAP Presser


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Updated: 01/20/05 17:37:41

9News Anchor, on set: Abuse victims are calling on the Archbishop to resign, and the new Hamilton County Prosecutor to reopen the case on priest abuse.

They're reacting to new documents filed in court, documents I-Team reporter Laure Quinlivan first told you about last night. She's here with the fallout today.

I-Team Reporter Laure Quinlivan on set: Regarding Father David Kelley, the Archbishop says he had no substantiated abuse allegation against Kelley until 1994. But these documents show the Archbishop knew of Kelley's alleged abuse back in 1983, more than a decade earlier. The archbishop kept that secret, possibly putting more children in harm's way.

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Dan Frondorf, SNAP, Priest Victim: "These are smoking gun documents, the evidence is here that the archbishop was not truthful."

I-Team Reporter Laure Quinlivan, over video:
Dan Frondorf and other victims of priests say these documents prove Archbishop Pilarczyk knew Father David Kelley was abusing children as far back as 1983, but simply moved Kelley from parish to parish where he abused again.

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