January 20, 2005

Archdiocese seeks to send priest accused of abuse back to Iowa

The Kansas City Star

Associated Press

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Archdiocese is pushing to send the Rev. William Wiebler back to Iowa to face new allegations of sexual abuse.

Wiebler lives near two schools in the St. Louis suburb University City. Twelve new victims in Iowa have come forward alleging they were abused by Wiebler. The Vatican has ordered trial under church law to determine whether he should be punished.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday that St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke has been trying to have Wiebler sent back to Davenport, Iowa. Spokesman Jamie Allman said those efforts will increase.

"Short of calling in the Swiss Guard, the archbishop over several months, has done everything in his power to get this guy out of town and back to his home diocese," Allman said. Church, or canon, law says that Burke has no authority over Wiebler, and that only Bishop William E. Franklin of Davenport, Iowa, can take action against him.

"With 12 new allegations, the burner will be turned up," Allman told the newspaper.

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