January 20, 2005

Police raid on Pell's office

The Daily Telegraph


January 21, 2005

DETECTIVES investigating a sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church raided the offices of the Archbishop of Sydney.

Letters between Archbishop George Pell and a young man abused by a priest 20 years ago were seized.

The police raid came to light yesterday as the priest, Terence Norman Goodall, admitted sex crimes.

The victim, speaking exclusively to The Daily Telegraph, last night said: "What this priest did was destroy my trust in faith, my trust in religion, and my once deep commitment to God."

He is planning civil action.

Goodall twice assaulted the "extremely devout" 29-year-old in January, 1982 once at a Cronulla swimming pool and again at a presbytery.

The victim reported the abuse to senior church officials the next day, in January, 1982, but nothing was done.

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