January 20, 2005

Church Abuse Cover-Up


Reported/Produced by: Laure Quinlivan
Photographed by: Phil Drechsler
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
1/19/2005 8:38:25 PM

9News Anchor, on set
Catholic Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk has denied any knowledge of sexual abuse by priests on his watch, but I-Team reporter Laure Quinlivan has court documents "just filed" that appear to indicate that's not true.

She's here with the details.

Laure Quinlivan, I-Team reporter, on set
The most important document regarding the question of whether the Archbishop knew of sexual abuse, is this one -- written by the Archbishop himself. It shows he knew Father David Kelley may have sexually abused children. But instead of reporting him to police, he moved him around.

The letter contradicts the Archbishop's statements after the November 2003 plea deal.

He plead on behalf of others who failed to report sex abuse, crimes that occurred before he took over in 1982. The Archbishop denied anything was covered up on his watch.

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