January 13, 2005

Rough Waters


By Andrea Maxwell

In 1999, Mary Healey-Conlon began research on a scandal in the Catholic Church. Five years later, Conlon has completed a documentary on one of the most important events in the history of the Church. "Holy Water-Gate" examines the victims and cover-up of the Church’s sexual abuse charges.

"I think many documentary filmmakers realize that as they immerse themselves in a story they are changed by the events and people they encounter," Conlon says. "This is certainly true for me, and I am really proud of the work. The effect that the film has had on me as an individual is an extremely positive one."

Mary Healey-Conlon graduated from Rhode Island College. She pursued her masters at Emerson College shooting and editing projects through 1994. The next few years were focused on corporate clients with artists’ work in the mix, finally allowing her to become an Associate Producer and Producer at Olive Jar Animation in Boston. Continuing to build her corporate and multimedia clientele through documentaries, commercials, and music videos, Conlon now teaches documentary courses at the University of Rhode Island as a professor of communications and film studies.

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