January 12, 2005

Arc Angel Publishing SelectsAbuse Tracker Distributor


BOSTON, MA -- (Market Wire - Jan 12, 2005) -- Arc Angel Publishing of Lowell, Massachusetts, has selected Koen Book Distributors to distribute its premier title "Don't Call Me A Victim, Faith, Hope & Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church."

Prior to this agreement, distribution was handled by Arc Angel Publishing.

"We got to the point that the demand was such that we needed a national distributor. The subject matter of this story continues to be international news and there has been a greater demand for the book than we anticipated. Koen Distributors has a history of meeting the demand of larger retailers with a broader customer base. We continue to feel that this book shares an important story and by selecting Koen distributors, this book will be available to a wider range of readers across the U.S.," said a spokesperson for Arc Angel Publishing.

"Don't Call Me A Victim, Faith, Hope & Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church" is a first hand account of its author, Gary Bergeron, who was abused as a young boy by Boston's most notorious priest, Rev Joseph Birmingham. It chronicles the true story of the Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal which began erupting in Boston in 2002 and made headlines around the world.

Posted by kshaw at January 12, 2005 10:07 AM