January 10, 2005

Editorial 01/10: A moral obligation

Commercial Appeal

January 10, 2005

The Catholic Diocese of Memphis is patching up its credibility with a common-sense agreement to report all past and future allegations of child sexual abuse by priests, other clergy members and employees to the proper authorities.

The plan to begin reporting every allegation in the diocese, announced after a meeting involving diocese officials and the District Attorney General's office, usefully puts the force of official policy behind the church's stated aim of protecting children entrusted to its care and guidance.

The talks arose from the case of a 14-year-old boy who leveled abuse accusations in 2000 against a priest who later was shipped out of the diocese for treatment, and a report two years later by a man who said he had been sexually abused by a priest who has been suspended.

"Any case that is currently known by the diocese is going to be turned over to the district attorney's office," said Father John Geaney, communications adviser for the diocese.

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