January 10, 2005

Worcester Bishop Robert McManus lives the life of luxury while clergy abuse victims are thrown a few meager crumbs.

Worcester Voice

A review of the financial report recently issued by the Diocese of Worcester for the 2004 fiscal year reveals a budget of $33,771,673. The bishop appears to live very well at a time when the amount of money budgeted for victims of clergy sexual abuse is only pennies on the dollar.

The Worcester diocese, unlike any other diocese in the United States, has refused to settle clergy abuse allegations in group settlements. Legal representation of Goulka and Reardon continue to advocate for dismissal of the remaining civil lawsuits, which would leave the victims with nothing.

The pledge of Bishop Robert J. McManus at his installation last May to heal the wounded has proven to be without merit. Bishop McManus lives the lifestyle that resembles a king with a budget for his residence of $107,000 for one person to live on. His office obtained an additional $209,047 in funds. With one-third of a million dollars in expenditures, it hardly seems like the bishops live a life of poverty.

Posted by kshaw at January 10, 2005 07:22 AM