January 07, 2005

Contentious meeting held in bankruptcy case



Associated Press

Alleged victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests criticized Roman Catholic Bishop William Skylstad during a special creditors' meeting in the Spokane Diocese's bankruptcy case.

Critics Wednesday complained about the makeup of the creditors' committee and also questioned Skylstad about the ownership and value of the parishes, schools and other entities in the diocese.

The creditors' committee represents the nearly 130 people who say they were molested as children by clergy.

Of the five members on the committee, two Mike Shea and Rick Frizzell have filed lawsuits and are among 58 alleged victims who have taken legal action against the diocese. Another 70 victims have come forward claiming abuse, but have chosen not to file lawsuits, according to the diocese.

Since U.S. Trustee Ilene Lashinsky appointed the committee, victims and their attorneys have been critical of the panel's composition. Some have asserted that the diocese packed the committee with victims who are sympathetic to the diocese's interests.

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