January 06, 2005

Archdiocese of Portland Publishes Claims Notification

Business Wire

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 5, 2005--This week the Archdiocese of Portland began an extensive effort to notify anyone who believes he or she has a claim against the Archdiocese to file the claim by April 29, 2005. The "bar date" of April 29, 2005 was set by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court as the last day to file claims. This notification process is a normal part of the bankruptcy proceedings. It will assist the Archdiocese and the Bankruptcy Court in establishing the total amount of outstanding debt the Archdiocese owes. The notice is directed to anyone who believes that the Archdiocese of Portland owes them money or to anyone who believes that the Archdiocese is responsible for causing them any injury or harm including child sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or an employee.

The Archdiocese of Portland is placing a legal notice in major newspapers in Oregon, to the USA Today and the Wall Street Journal and to newspapers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, California and British Columbia. The notification will be placed in Catholic newspapers in Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The notification will be sent by mail to creditors, to 81,070 registered Catholic households in western Oregon, to alumni in certain of the Catholic high schools, and to others.

Posted by kshaw at January 6, 2005 07:21 AM