January 05, 2005

Family works to empower victims

Eagle Tribune

By Dorian Block
Staff writer

ANDOVER -- A local family is seeking to offer a new way for victims of crime in general -- and clergy abuse specifically -- to report the wrongdoing.

A Web site they have created called victimpower.org will give crime victims a chance to talk to law enforcement without giving their names.

Diane Williams Galebach and her husband, attorney Stephen Galebach, have recruited the oldest of their 10 children to put Victimpower.org together over the past six months. Outside assistance came from other teenagers Diane Williams Galebach has advised through a group she started to promote Christian values among children called the It Works Foundation.

"I've learned a lot about victims and the psychology that goes on," she said. "All I can say is that there are a whole lot of victims excited to use this site."

Posted by kshaw at January 5, 2005 08:01 AM