January 04, 2005

Phoenix men in settlement

Tucson Citizen

Tucson Citizen

Two Phoenix clients of Tucson lawyer Lynne Cadigan will share in the $100 million settlement awarded to 90 plaintiffs who sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in Orange County, Calif.

Cadigan said the clients were abused as boys by a priest from the diocese who was on loan to the Diocese of Los Angeles and had served the church in Phoenix.

Cadigan would not disclose the amount her clients will receive, saying it is small compared with what some of the other 88 plaintiffs will receive.

The amount of the settlement reached Dec. 2 was made public yesterday when a California judge lifted a gag order.

Cadigan said the Orange County Diocese paid $50 million of the settlement from an investment account. She said insurers paid $50 million of the settlement.

Cadigan has eight clients with pending sexual misconduct cases against the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Posted by kshaw at January 4, 2005 12:38 PM