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As part of the Non-Monetary Undertakings and Stipulations in the settlement between the Diocese of Wilmington and survivors of clergy sexual abuse, the diocese committed to release documents relating to the sexual abuse of minors by priests in the diocese. Today has begun to post the documents.

We start with selected documents from the Clarahan, DeLuca, Dudzinski, and Smit files. Today and into next week, we will post documents from other priest files, and additional documents from files that have already been sampled on this page. We will also provide important documents on the operations of the Diocese of Wilmington.

In the spirit of the non-monetary provisions, we are taking a cautious approach to the redaction of survivors' names in the documents. However, if we have redacted a survivor's name in the documents and he or she would prefer to be named, or if redactions need to be improved in other ways, please contact us, and we will make the adjustments.

Refresh this page often to see the latest additions.


Rev. Eugene F. Clarahan



Description From To Date Bates Start Stop Comments
Assignment history       EFC 00114 00115  
Memo describing Mass coverage after Clarahan was arrested for a 12/6/83 DUI Taggart Personnel Committee 1984-08-03 EFC     • "He was arrested in Delaware, but had the case transferred to Maryland. He lost his Delaware license, but kept his Maryland license."
Decree ordering "Clarahan to refrain from all public ministry and from any public representation of himself as a priest until such time as this matter is fully investigated" Mulvee   1993-06-25 EFC 00130   • "in order to preclude scandal"
• "Clarahan may have violated Canons 277 and 1395 of the Code of Canon Law"
Letter thanking Mulvee for helping arrange a meeting with Clarahan, describing the abuse, and challenging Mulvee on the absence of files, when Clarahan admitted "other incidences" and said that he'd been sent away for treatment Survivor Mulvee 1993-08-13 EFC 00014 00015  
Memo recording Mulvee's meeting with Clarahan to inform him that "in view of his past history he does not have any faculties to exercise priestly ministry publicly" Mulvee File 1993-09-12 EFC 00129   • "He is only permitted to say Mass privately in his own home with no one in attendance."
Letter that thanks Keeler for referring an allegation and reports that Clarahan (unnamed) has been removed Mulvee Keeler 1993-09-17 EFC 00050   • "The priest, who was of retirement age, resigned his parish and is no longer functioning as a priest."
• Partly redacted by CDOW
Handwritten notes describing Clarahan's depression in Florida; the bishop suggested Clarahan see Rev. Jude Duffy, a Capuchin who is the Vicar for Religious in the Miami archdiocese Lemon   1993-10 EFC 00054 00055 • Partly redacted by CDOW
Handwritten notes describing a phone call from someone concerned that Clarahan is unhappy in Florida; Lemon, as he and Clarahan agreed, attributes the sudden retirement to the stress of a parish building project Lemon   1993-11-24 EFC 00053    
Death certificate     1999-05-26 EFC 00096    
Obituary in the Dialog     1999-06-03 EFC 00117    
Memo of phone call from Detroit priest Anthony Conti, who met Clarahan at Guest House, had seen him over the years, didn't know of his death, and asked that news of it be sent to Guest House Carole Rebman 1999-06-08 EFC 00102   • Guest House is located at 1840. W. Scripps Rd., Lake Orion, MI 48035
• "They like to keep track of their 'alumni'"
Cases Where the Priest Perpetrator Is Dead     2002-04-08 EFC 00189   • Describes an allegation that Clarahan abused a boy age 13 in 1958
• Same allegation as discussed by the survivor in a letter to Mulvee
• "States he believes his brother was abused. Says he knows of others who were allegedly abused."
• This document is the first page of a six-page summary of allegations against dead priests, other pages of which appear in other priest files. There are multiple copies of some pages, with different diocesan redactions. This consolidated version gathers the least-redacted pages into a single document comprising all the pages.
Letter discussing the desire for closure and measures for transparency and prevention to be undertaken by the bishop Rhodunda Collins 2002-04-17 EFC 00182 00183 • The client appears to be the same person who wrote the 1993 letter
• This 2002 letter seems to be the effort referred to in the handwritten addition to the ag-notes, page 1.
Email with the subject I Can Finally Write This Letter, alleging that the writer's brother (age 8) and his friends were abused by Clarahan in 1966 during wrestling, and then by Cornely, after Clarahan was removed, showing that the diocese had notice Sister of a Victim Kelly
then Woy
then Kipp
then Cini
2002-11-10 EFC 00067 00068

• "The man would always find a way to stick his hand down their pants and grab their privates."
• "When his son ___ was 8, [my brother] committed suicide. He was never able to resolve all the emotional conflict that befell him."
• "I just want someone to know that there is an entire iceberg of pain under the visual tip that the church has finally been forced to recognize."
• Official assignment records of Clarahan and Cornely are not consistent with this email.
• Partly redacted by CDOW

Letter thanking the Baltimore archdiocese for referring the sister, who told Cini that talking with him was "very 'therapeutic'" Cini Woy 2002-11-22 EFC 00069   • "I specifically asked if there was anything more the church could do ... she responded in the negative."
• "I handed the matter over to our attorneys, who in turn will be in touch with the appropriate State's Attorney in ___."
• Added note reads: "11/2002 Used as Date Abuse was Reported to DOW" – this does not reflect that notice was received in 1966
• Partly redacted by CDOW
Cover letter for settlement check and release Flynn Rhodunda 2003-05-19 EFC 00022 00024  
Memo of phone call with a mother who had just seen Saltarelli's list, and worried that her son (age 6-8) might have been abused by Clarahan in the mid-1990s     2006-11-28 EFC     • "___ asked me if I could give her some assurance that nothing happened since she knew Fr. Clarahan was a recovering alcoholic and perhaps he did his abuse when under the influence. At the time of her son's' visits to the priests' Fr. Clarahan had begun, his recovery. I obviously could not give her that assurance and told her why."
Letter notifying the diocese's attorney that W-010 alleges he was molested by Clarahan in the summer of 1956, while Clarahan was assigned to Corpus Christi church Warner Flynn 2008-02-15 EFC 00002   • The name of W-010 has been redacted by BA.
Memo describing a phone call alleging abuse by Clarahan at Corpus Christi when the caller was in the 5th grade     2009-04-30 EFC 00221 00222 • The name of W-010 has been redacted by BA.


Rev. Francis G. DeLuca

Rev. Francis G. DeLuca


Description From To Date Bates Start Stop Comments
Assignment record       FGD 00159 00160 • Final entry is 12/13/1993 "Retirement for reasons of health"
Letter to CDOW seeking acceptance as a seminarian after dismissal from St. Bernard's Seminary in NY DeLuca Sweeney 1953-09-04 FGD 00596    
Letter from rector explaining reason for DeLuca's dismissal from seminary Craugh Sweeney 1953-09-16 FGD 00594    
Letter from DeLuca's pastor, a Scalabrinian priest, to CDOW chancellor testifying to FGD's character in wake of dismissal from seminary Riello Sweeney 1953-09-24 FGD 00593   • DeLuca spent some of his summer months as councilor [sic] at a summer camp for boys
Letter granting permission for an "indefinite" hospital stay and declining to give a parish assignment Hyle DeLuca 1966-01-25 FGD 00528   • Bishop grants permission for stay at a "nearby hospital"
Letter assigning DeLuca to St. Elizabeth's parish less than two months after "indefinite" hospital stay letter Hyle DeLuca 1966-03-07 FGD 00523    
Handwritten notes by Lemon regarding DeLuca's future assignments and possible sabbatical Lemon File 1989-01-26 FGD 00683    
Letter in response to phone call about DeLuca's future assignments and possible sabbatical DeLuca Lemon 1989-04-12 FGD 00682   • DeLuca planning to fill out application to Washington Theological Union in Silver Spring MD
Handwritten notes regarding DeLuca's "extensive testing" for "anxiety attacks during Mass" Lemon File 1991-03-01 FGD 00156   • Lemon asks for "complete confidentiality" from DeLuca and outlines CDOW request for DeLuca to help out at St. Elizabeth's. DeLuca wonders if [pastor] John O'Brien "would be open to him."
Handwritten notes on conversation with DeLuca – "says he's finished – probably go to Syracuse – hopes it doesn't become public doesn't want to become embarrassment to Bishop & Diocese" Lemon File 1993-11-30 FGD 00115   • DeLuca "said he did not fondle / masturbate / penetrate [W-005]"
• Lemon accompanied DeLuca to Groeschel's Trinity facility in Larchmont NY on 11/30/93
• DeLuca "remembers going to {Redacted – Conf. Med. Recs.} for 1 1/2 weeks – remembers {Redacted – Conf. Med. Recs.} thinks Rod Dwyer [Vicar General 1962-1966] was the contact person"
• Survivor W-005's name redacted by BA
Handwritten notes of conversations with Groeschel who "senses F is repentant and a unique case." Groeschel "could foresee part-time hospital ministry in Syracuse..." Lemon File 1993-12 FGD 00116    
Letter from Bishop confirming acceptance of DeLuca's retirement Mulvee DeLuca 1993-12-13 FGD 00153   • "Only you can agonize more than I over the tragedy that your actions of so many years ago has [sic] caused you and the Church."
Letter from fellow CDOW priest regarding suspicious personnel changes Baumgartel DeLuca 1998-01-23 FGD 00725   • "Remember those days in the seminary when somebody just upped and disappeared."
• Enclosure features Michelangelo's statue of David with close-up of genitalia and off-color joke
Letter explaining that DeLuca is excluded from diocesan Jubilee celebration because of possible "consequences" that Lemon will explain Rebman DeLuca 1998-04-29 FGD 00687 00688 • 'Your own welfare as well as that of the diocese is involved."
• "Advise others who ask that you were simply unable to attend."
• "Frs. Dillingham, Cook and Baumgartel ... are aware of this matter as well."
• Lemon was cc'd
• CDOW redactions
Handwritten notes on parish bulletin DeLuca Lemon 1999-09-26 FGD 00676   • "Boys" is circled in "Altar Boys" with DeLuca's note, "no gals here!!" and "23 lads a Sunday"
• See the complete bulletin as sent to Lemon
• DeLuca often sent "Clem" materials from Syracuse and added handwritten comments, signed "Franz"
Memo from VG to bishop's secretary, reporting on call from DeLuca victim who had originally reported the alleged 1962 abuse to Hyle, who died in 1967 Cini Bossi 2002-08-13 FGD 00407 00408 • "8/2002 Used as Date Abuse was Reported to DOW" although the caller indicated abuse was first reported 1962-1967
• Victim's top concern is that "a predator priest from this diocese is in New York possibly harming other little boys."
• Survivor W-005's name redacted by BA.
Memo reporting that Cini told DeLuca about W-003's complaint, about which DeLuca was "upset," and discussed with C.D. and DeLuca W-005's warning that {redacted} was bringing his 2 sons on visits to DeLuca Cini File
cc Flynn
2002-09-18 FGD 00101 00102 • The mother is "reported to have said that those two boys would never be out of her vision whenever they were in the company of Fr. DeLuca."
• "It should be noted here that Deluca says he had seen them once or twice when he had visited Delaware in previous years."
• Info Cini has may not qualify as failure to report abuse but is apparently concurrent with abuse that led to criminal conviction in NY
• Names of W-005 and W-003 redacted by BA
Memo from VG to bishop summarizing "past cases of abuse by priests" and suggested actions for "path forward." Cini Saltarelli 2003-03-20 FGD 00149 00150 • Document heavily redacted by CDOW. Inclusion of Harry Walker on a 2003 list of abusive priests is notable because CDOW did not include Walker on Saltarelli's 2006 public list.
• Moreover, another copy of this memo elsewhere in the released documents is redacted differently, showing that Weaver is also included in the memo but not in Saltarelli's list:
• "Here is a case 'out there' and if it pops we are not ready. It seems to me Msgr. Lemon and Fr. McGlynn have details about the case since both were in touch with the victim and/or family members."
Memo confirming W-005's report to Lemon of DeLuca's abuse, discussed with Groeschel at Trinity; DeLuca's statement that he had abused five boys; and W-003's allegation in 2002, confirmed by DeLuca Cini Barres 2003-10-28 FGD 00068  

• "Fr. DeLuca stated that there was contact with five young men/boys and while no penetration or fondling was involved, orgasm occurred 'while on top of the boys that he was involved with.'"
• For the 1993 allegation, see Lemon's notes
• Survivor W-003's name redacted by BA. Survivor W-005 is called M. in the memo.

Detailed memo to file recounting meeting with DeLuca victim; VG Cini wrote that "diocesan officials at that time probably were aware of the abuse, but that is the way it was handled. I apologized for the cover up" Cini File 2004-09-13 FGD 00097 00099 • "One day Father said they needed to do some things at the rectory that involved several hours so he should ask his parents if he could stay overnight. Permission was given. That night the first abuse was committed."
Memo telling Saltarelli that Church of the News Journal has been asking about DeLuca and Dempster; Cini surmises which survivors have been talking and reviews the accused priests, dead and alive; if DeLuca and Dempster are exposed, Sarro will supposedly be the only living accused priest not yet covered by the media Cini Saltarelli 2005-10-14 FGD 00145 00146 • "Of the eleven deceased priests, I count three as having something in the newspaper about them in the last ten years – Lind, just recently; Mackiewicz and Carley probably around the time of their deaths.... That leaves no publicity about Fathers Clarahan, Gardiner, Power, Vignola, Cornely, Dreyer, Harney, {redacted}
• Strangely, though Cini had already mentioned Weaver and Walker in a 3/20/03 memo to Saltarelli, he fails to name at least one here.
Handwritten notes on abuse of a boy in NY by DeLuca; Lemon refers mother of Syracuse victim to VG in Syracuse, Auxiliary Bishop Costello Lemon File 2006-09-26 FGD 00434 00435 • CDOW VG's first response is to direct victim's mother to church authorities in Syracuse rather than DA's office or police. Costello reports abuse to civil authorities.
• Survivor W-006's name redacted by BA
• A Cini letter in the Smit and McGovern files states that, as a result of the NY allegation, the Review Board "unanimously and strongly recommended to Bishop Saltarelli that he change his position strongly held these past four years of not revealing names and release all names now. The Bishop has accepted the Review Board's recommendation."
Memo on Monitoring of Priest Abusers, explaining that with "the latest tragic event dealing with Fr. D" Cini had asked the NY archdiocese about its plans for Trinity (unnamed in the memo); NY had seven priests who were "very high risk" abusers; Trinity was just for NY priests, and even for them, the plan was abandoned after publicity Cini Saltarelli
2006-10-17 FGD 00037   • See Trinity Retreat Will No Longer House Suspected Abusers, by Judy Silberstein, Larchmont Gazette, 9/19/06
Memo from Syracuse Vicar General describing the case, including DeLuca's admission of guilt, Costello's recommendation that the mother report the crime, and the resulting arrest of DeLuca Costello File 2006-10-20 FGD 00025 00026 • DeLuca "attends daily Mass frequently at the Dominican Monastery and on weekends in various north-side parishes."
• "Victim found to be universally angry."
• Survivor W-006's name redacted by BA.
Staff memo recounting content of Mulvee's call; Mulvee upset about media reports on DeLuca, defensive about his 1993 action Staff File Undated FGD 00359   • Concern for Mulvee, who did not sound right, seemed to ramble
Votum to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith seeking laicization of FGD Saltarelli, et al. Levada 2006-11-08 FGD 00199 00206 • Names of Survivors W-005, W-006, and W-007 name redacted by BA.
Handwritten note to "Clem" from "Franz" describing his regular meetings with a Conventual Franciscan priest, Sexacholics Anonymous, and Probation DeLuca Lemon 2007-06-12 FGD 00627 00628 • The priest seems to be Fr. Jeffrey Keefe, who is associated with Oblate Fr. John F. Harvey's group courage.
Bishop grateful for update on suits and confirms to Cini how DeLuca's "defense will be underwritten" Saltarelli Cini 2007-09-05 FGD 00136    
Votum to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith seeking involuntary laicization of DeLuca Saltarelli Levada 2008-02-12 FGD 00937 00939 • First votum to CDF apparently was not successful. This is second attempt at laicization of DeLuca.
     • Appendix 1
          • Letter to Levada 11/8/06
          • Summary of Case
          • Amato Letter 12/19/06
      FGD 00940 00947  
     • Appendix 2
          • Cini Memo 11/6/07
      FGD 00948 00949  
     • Appendix 3
          • DeLuca Article 9/10/07
          • DeLuca Article 9/11/07
          • DeLuca Article 9/21/07
      FGD 00950 00955  
     • Appendix 4
          • Article on Hearings 3/22/07
          • Article on SB 29 7/11/07
          • Law Firm Ad 7/20/07
          • Article on DeLuca Suits 6/7/08
      FGD 00956 00963  
Handwritten note from DeLuca to VG about effect of CDOW's Ch. 11 case on his finances DeLuca Cini 2009-11-10 FGD 00994   • "I have a strong faith that God will see me through all my heavy burdens."
Lemon placed priest "under seal" regarding DeLuca allegations Lemon File 1993-11-29 FGD 00117   • Fr. Stephen Connell was pastor at DeLuca's last assignment.
• Connell was "not surprised. He had heard about Frank years before. Cited an incident of {redacted} & F. – trip to NY & {redacted} sleeping with F. at St. Matthew's" where DeLuca was pastor 1976-1982
• Survivor W-003's name redacted by BA.

Rev. Edward F. Dudzinski

Rev. Edward F. Dudzinski


Description From To Date Bates Start Stop Comments
Letter about Dudzinski's many projects with teens and anticipating a "nice long talk" with Lemon Dudzinski Lemon 1973-08-13 EFD 01085 01086  
Bantering response mentioning Lemon's new position as Vocations Director Lemon Dudzinski 1973-08-29 EFD 01084    
Letter discussing problems with Dudzinski in seminary Flynn Kempski 1976-03-02 EFD 01047    
Detailed memo about parents' concerns regarding trips that Dudzinski was taking boys on Aigner Kempski 1977-06-22 EFD 01154 01155  
Evaluation of Dudzinski's performance at SS. Peter and Paul church in Easton, including parents' concerns that he is spending too much time with boys Aigner   1977-07-06 EFD 01150 01153  
Letter submitting votums to the Vatican regarding credibly accused priests Irwin, DeLuca, Dempster, Sarro, Dudzinski, and Walker Saltarelli Ratzinger 2003-11-20 EFD 00489
• The discussion of Dudzinski contains a major redaction, but elsewhere in the released documents, that passage, in which W-002 describes being anally raped by Dudzinski, is not redacted.
Cover letter for summary of case Saltarelli Amato 2004-11-09 EFD 00143    
FedEx label       EFD      
Summary of case to Vatican Saltarelli   2004-11-09 EFD 00066 00069  
      • Exhibit 1 - Letter requesting laicization Dudzinski Ratzinger 2003-10-24 EFD 00070   • "I believe it is in my personal interest and in the interest of the Church for me to petition for a formal voluntary laicization."
      • Exhibit 2 - Letter thanking Saltarelli and asking for money Dudzinski Saltarelli 2003-10-22 EFD 00071   • "This is another sad and shameful day for me and I pray daily for a merciful fathers' forgiveness."
      • Exhibit 3 - Letter of apology expressing uncertainty about requesting laicization Dudzinski Saltarelli 2003-10-07 EFD 00072   • "I do not believe I deserve the honor of being involved in any active ministry and am truly sorry for any harm caused to you, the people of our Diocese and to those priests who work so hard to spread the gospel with integrity and holiness."
      • Exhibit 4 - Delaware priest accused of fondling teen, Virginia Gazette Tolbert   1989-11-08 EFD 00073   • Name of Survivor W-002 redacted by BA.
      • Exhibit 5 - Letter telling Loverde that Dudzinski has been removed for credible allegations and is living in the Arlington diocese Saltarelli Loverde 2003-10-02 EFD 00074    
      • Exhibit 6 - Letter reminding Dudzinski that he the Norms do not allow him to minister publicly Saltarelli Dudzinski 2003-09-29 EFD 00075   • "These are painful days for the Church and I know that they have been painful days for you personally."
      • Exhibit 7 - Memo describing meetings with W-002 and another Dudzinski victim and their four parents, and with Dudzinski, regarding his abuse of the boys on two trips to Busch Gardens in Virginia, and about his removal and transfer to St. Luke's Institute Cini Mulvee 1985-09-10 EFD 00076 00085 • Name of Survivor W-002 redacted by BA.
      • Exhibit 8 - Letter serving Mulvee in W-002 case Tucker Mulvee 1989-10-25 EFD 00086    
      • Exhibit 8 - Proof of Service form Ward   1989-10-25 EFD      
      • Exhibit 8 - Motion for Judgment in W-002 case W-002     EFD      
      • Exhibit 9 - Deposition - Entire text redacted by the diocese     1990-06-27 EFD 00101 00119 • Name of deponent and the entire text of the deposition redacted by CDOW. We link to those redacted pages.
      • Exhibit 10 - Deposition of W-002 - Entire text redacted by the diocese W-002   1990-08-15       • The entire text of the deposition redacted by CDOW. We link those redacted pages. However, the documents released by CDOW include a quotation from this deposition, in which W-002 describes being anally raped by Dudzinski. The CDOW documents also include another deposition by W-002, excerpted here, in which he discussed a gang rape allegedly perpetrated by Dudzinski and Rev. Timothy Mullen.
      • Exhibit 11 - Former Del. priest forfeits license in Va., News Journal Church   2003-06-22        



Rev. Gerard C. (Gerry) Smit

Gerard C. Smit


Description From To Date Bates Start Stop Comments
Letter that Smit is in good standing and would like to work in Wilmington Speyrer Mulvee 1987-05-19 GCS 00102   But marginal notes by Lemon including: " Bishop Speyner – gave me permission to speak about the incident in broad strokes."
Handwritten note that Lemon tell Smit he can say Mass privately until review is done Rozanski Mulvee 1987-07-10 GCS 00099 00100  
Note that Lemon will discuss with Smit whether there are any openings for ministry "given his background" Rozanski File 1987-08-18 GCS 00098    
Letter that Smit is working in Cecil County parishes and has received faculties Rebman Smit 1987-12-28 GCS 00090    
Completed Wilmington Personnel Questionnaire Smit   1988-07-07 GCS 00086 00088 • Born 1/11/24
• Ordained 3/19/50
• Dutch Cistercian
• Retired from Lake Charles diocese
• BA Redaction: Social Security number
Handwritten note on a meeting with Mike, Smit survivor from LA, who was told Smit would never minister; "one of [Smit's] victims, a young girl, had committed suicide" Lemon   1996-10 GCS 00083    
Handwritten note on Lemon's meeting with "Mike"; he and 8 other victims told by LA msgr that Smit would never minister; but passing through he saw him in church bulletin of Immaculate Conception in Elkton MD Lemon   1996-10-19 GCS 00080 00081 "Mike" feels there "could be hundreds of victims.” Lemon writes: “Would be catastrophic if went public,” because Smit is so active in parish
Notes on meeting with Smit, his lawyer, and the diocese’s lawyer, to plan Smit's payment to "Mike" Lemon   1996-10-22 GCS 00076   “I interviewed the man twice and believe his story. While I am sure he is here for money – our concerns are 1) publicity – injurious to the Parish and Father S.”
Notes on meeting with Smit, who explains he told Lemon in 1987; LA bishop told him to get far away; Lemon says no ministry, for "health reasons" Lemon   1996-11-21 GCS 00072   Excerpts:
• Explained how he told me in 1987 that this matter was about a little girl sitting in his lap -- untrue! "That is what started it."
• Blames the seminary system for not helping us deal with our sexuality.
• Smit has ministered at Resurrection parish [in Newark DE]
Notes 1996-2005 of Lemon's contacts with Smit victims, including a copy of a 1994 Smit check to pay off the cousin of "Mike" Lemon   1996
GCS 00063
  • In the document release, these remarkable notes were in reverse chronological order, batched by session; in the link to the left, we have put them in chronological order; see also their original order
Memo reviewing cases of Carley, Smit, and Holy Cross in Wilmington; writer offers disdainful characterizations: “The problem with this case is that it is very explosive. We have family members who blame the Catholic Church for everything that has happened in their lives.” Author's name redacted by diocese   2004-03-11 GCS 00056 00057 • Author is not Lemon or Flynn. Italic font resembles memos by Cini 1 2 in the file.
• Diocesan redactions are heavy and appear designed to conceal the identity of the writer and much of the substance
Letter warning that Smit's identity as an accused priest will be revealed by Bishop Saltarelli, after DeLuca's arrest for rape caused the Review Board to "unanimously and strongly recommend" that Saltarelli change his strong opposition to a list [see also Saltarelli's 11/16/06 release of the names] Cini Smit 2006-11-14 GCS 00061   • "This new offense by a priest retired and removed some 13 years ago, so many are claiming, could have been avoided had the Bishop disclosed the name."
Memo apparently about a Smit survivor whom Cini considers a "slippery guy" Cini Bossi 2007-02-06 GCS 00025   • Diocesan redactions are heavy.
Memo presenting Smit's 8 3/4 years in the Wilmington diocese as a "short period of time" and stating that Smit's past "came to light" in 1996; Cini fails to mention that an "incident" was discussed with LA Bishop Speyrer in 1987, before Bishop Mulvee gave Smit faculties Cini Malooly 2010-09-09 GCS 00019 00020 • This memo purports to be a review of the Smit file, but it fails to mention the "incident" noted on a 1987 letter
• the Cini memo confirms that Lemon is the author of the log of interactions with Smit survivors
• Cini also fails to mention that, in the log, Smit is quoted as claiming that he discussed the incident with Lemon in 1987
Informal memo with handwritten notation "For Bishop" at top; purports to describe "sequence of events" in Smit matter Not signed Malooly 2011-04-07 GCS 00016 00017 • Diocesan redactions are heavy
• Appears not to mention Smit's nine alleged victims or one survivor's speculation











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