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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
VadenboncoeurPaul1963 ?PSettledDiocesanVadenboncoeur is named as abuser in 12/02 settlement between diocese and 6 victims of 5 priests. Total settlement for all victims was $542.5K. Accused of abuse of 15-17 yr old girl multiple times between 1955-1957. Also accused of one instance of abuse of 12 yr old boy in 1950. Vadenboncoeur died at some time prior to the settlement. In the 1988 directory name is spelled Va'de'bon'Coeur and in 1995 it is Vade Bon Coeur. Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 12.20.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Anthony Joseph1952PSuedDiocesanAllegations received Fall 2002. Placed on leave 2/03 after allegations that he abused minor females more than 40 years before at Holy Cross parish (1st assignment). Resided in a "monitored and restricted setting" after Archdiocese permanently removed his privileges 9/05. Vatican agreed but did not laicize him. Name appears on 6/03 list of 23 priests whom Archdiocese has confirmed have credible accusations of sexual abuse of a minor. Two women filed civil suit 5/09 after futile mediation. Died 7/2011.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Sun Times 06.15.03; Chicago Sun Times 09.27.05; Chicago Tribune 09.27.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Chicago Breaking News 05.10.09; Chicago Tribune 05.11.09; Chicago Archdiocesan Report accessed 02.25.12
Assignments: Assignment Record; Vader Personnel File
Paul R.1982PSettledDiocesanReported in 2002 that 11 yr old girl told a nun in 1999 that Valdez had placed his hand on her groin during confession 12/98. Teacher and the principal embarrassed the child in class, played down the incident to CPS and warned students not to tell anyone. Police conducted 6 month investigation but no charges filed. Parents sued the diocese in Dec. 1999 and suit settled out of court. Valdez was still active in 2010.Monterey, CASource:
Monterey County Herald 5.5.02; Monterey County Herald 05.17.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Monterey County Herald 03.29.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas J. 1976PAccusedDiocesanAdministrator at Blessed Trinity when named publicly in 6/18 as having been accused of the sexual abuse of a minor, ages 15-17, 1975-77. Per Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, the alleged abuse began when Valenti was a deacon and continued after ordination, to his time at St. Mary's of the Lake in Ontario NY.The diocese stated that, in 2003, the allegation was "investigated, reviewed and determined to be unsubstantiated." Valenti requested a leave of absence "in order to address this matter."Rochester, NYSource:
Democrat & Chronicle 06.06.18; Democrat & Chronicle 06.06.18; Rochester First 06.06.18; Star Gazette 06.06.18; Mount Pleasant Daily Voice 06.07.18; Spectrum Local News 06.10.18; WBNG 06.10.18; Press Connects 06.13.18; Rochester First 06.14.18; WHEC-TV 06.15.18
Leroy A.1977PSettledDiocesanWoman reported in 1982 that Valentine abused her 3 sons (ages 10,11 & 12). Police sent her to archdiocese. Lawsuit filed 1995; each youth received $20K settlement in 1998. Valentine sent for treatment & transferred. Name became public 3/02 but archdiocese refused to remove because allegations unsubstantiated. Retired 3/02 after another victim came forward with allegation of abuse in 1978. Review Board found allegations substantiated 5/1/13. Privileges removed. Lawsuit filed 10/15 accusing Valentine of repeated sexual abuse, including rape, of boy attending Immacolata school 1977-81, beginning when boy age 11. Plaintiff said priest told him the abuse was "special training" to become altar boy.St. Louis, MOSource:
St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.02.02; NY Times 03.03.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.03.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.04.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.06.02; NY Times 03.28.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 03.28.02; Associated Press 04.30.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Riverfront Times 10.21.10; Statement by Archdiocese of St Louis 05.01.13; SNAP Statement 05.08.13; St Louis Post-Dispatch 05.08.13; Riverfront Times 05.10.13; St Louis Post -Dispatch 05.10.13; Vatican Crimes 05.12.13; KMOV Missouri 10.20.15; Riverfront Times 10.20.15; St Louis Post-Dispatch 10.20.15; St Louis Post-Dispatch 04.20.18
James P.1949PSuedDiocesanOrdained OR 1949; moved to ME 1950. At least five allegations of abuse of boys rec'd per docs released by ME AG's office 5/05. Four were said to be in Portland between 1956-1962. Privileges removed and abuse publicly acknowledged in 1993 after one accusation. A woman told pastor of St. Michael's church in 1994 (and later) that she had been abused at age 11. She settled for $200K 12/09 re 1976 abuse. Vallely retired 1988; died 12/12/97. Three more accusers emerged 12/09. Two men filed suits 5/13. On 11/23/15 six men filed civil suits vs the Portland ME diocese alleging abuse by Vallely 1958-1977. All were altar boys, ages ranging 8-15 during alleged abuse. The diocese settled with the six men 8/15/16 for $1.2 million.Portland, MESource:
Orlando Sentinel 03.05.93; Portland Press Herald 02.12.02; Portland Press Herald 02.24.02; Maine AG Memo 08.06.03; Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Bangor Daily News 05.28.05; Portland Press Herald (AP) 07.04.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05; NSACoalition 01.04.09; WBZ 12.02.09; WMTW 12.02.09; Bangor Daily News 12.03.09; Catholic Culture 12.03.09; Portland Press Herald 05.21.13; SNAP Statement 05.21.13; The Republic (AP) 05.21.13; Portland Press Herald 05.23.13; Bangor Daily News 06.03.13; Portland Press Herald 04.07.15; Bangor Daily News 01.05.16; Daily Mail 01.05.16; Maine Public Broadcasting 01.05.16; Portland Press Herald 01.05.16; WHDH 03.30.16; WLBZ 08.15.16; Morning News USA 08.16.16; Portland Press Herald 08.16.16; Church Militant 08.18.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
ValliereRomeo J.1963PAccusedDiocesanAdmitted abusing two boys. Diocese settled one claim 4/05 for undisclosed amount. Man said that as a child Valliere would give him beer, marijuana, at the rectory. 1976 letter in his file from parent complaining about drunked youths at rectory. Placed on sick leave in 1989 after complaints by 3 women in his parish. On sick leave 4/1/89 - 6/20/90 for therapy, assigned to another parish, and placed on sick leave again from 01/26/96 until he retired in June, 2001. Privileges removed in 2002.Manchester, NHSource:
Documents fron NH Atty General Report 3.3.03; Union Leader 02.16.02; Union Leader 02.16.02; Manchester Report by NH Attorney General 03.03.03; Union Leader 03.04.03; Concord Monitor 04.28.05; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
VallimontPatrick B.1974PAccusedDiocesanVallimont's name was added to the diocese's list 5/18/18. Hospitalized for severe depression in 9/76. Wrote to the Vatican 7/77, requesting laicization and disclosing a brief sexual relationship he had had with a 13-year-old girl, who was a parishioner. Laicized, last known to be living in Union City, PA.Erie, PASource:
BishopAccountability 05.18.18; Diocese of Erie 05.18.18; PennLiv 05.23.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
ValverdeWilliam1962PSuedDiocesanNamed in 12/03 civil suit filed by 2 men who alleged that in mid-1970s Valverde exposed them (and others) to "alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and deviant sex." Included on list of priests with credible allegations released by San Diego diocese 3/30/07. Also worked in San Bernardino diocese. Left active priesthood in 1983. Through clerical errors, these 2 plaintiffs were NOT included in 2007 San Diego settlement and their lawsuit still existed until settlement reached 4/08.San Diego, CASource:
Lompoc Record 03.30.07; Union Tribune 03.31.07; Union Tribune 11.12.07; Union Tribune 04.20.08
Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
Van AckerMichael R.1981PAccusedDiocesanVan Acker, a medical center chaplain and former chaplain at several high schools, was placed on leave 6/02 when diocese received allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor in early 1980s. One article notes a leave of absence in 1992 prior to his assignment to the medical center. Peoria, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 6.8.02; Copely News Service 6.7.02; Pantagraph 6.8.02; Peoria Journal Star 6.8.02
Copely News Service 6.7.02
Van de VenKenneth A.1971PAccusedDicoesanAccused of sexual harassment of a young male and placed on leave in 6/05. Congregation initially told he left for health reasons. Later statment clarified situation. In 1/07, Diocese would have reinstated him but he declined.Phoenix, AZSource:
Arizona Republic 07.10.05; 07.10.05; Arizona Republic 01.26.07
Van der Linden
Peter J.1955PAccusedDiocesanPublicly named for first time in Archdiocesean press release 10/02. He was removed in 1993 after "serious and substantive allegation of sexual misconduct dating back to the early years of his ministry." He had been on medical leave of absence since 1991 but had begun working part time at Cardinal Mooney High School, Marine City, in 1993 per his assignment record. Permanently removed from ministry 5/05. Died Feb. 2007.Detroit, MISource:
Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 10.09; Detroit Archdiocese Release 11.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Associated Press 05.27.05; Michigan Catholic 05.27.05; Detroit Free Press 02.11.07
Archdiocese of Detroit Press Release 10.22.02
Van der Putten
Benedict1992PAccusedSociety of St. Pius XMember of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, which is not recognized by Roman Catholic Church nor overseen by the San Jose diocese. Retreat master at St. Aloysius Retreat House in Los Gatos 1995- 2000. Accused of molesting a teen girl there in 2000, and attempting to molest another. Sent by Society to its Switzerland headquarters. Worked briefly in the Diocese of Scranton in 2001, applied to be a priest of the diocese; denied after Vatican alerted the diocese to the Los Gatos allegations. Sent to Southdown Institute in Canada for treatment; admitted to molesting a teen girl in 2001 in Europe. Laicization announced 8/05. Last known to be living in Hawaii.San Jose, CASource:
Letter by Fr Benedict Van der Putten 08.25.01; San Francisco Faith 01.31.04; Diocesan Communicator 08.08.05; San Fransico Faith 10.31.05; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; Mercury News 09.03.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Van der Schueren
Bernard 1954PAccusedS.J.Originally from Belgium. Died in 2009. Diocese of Marquette announced 11/15/13 that it had received a credible accusation of abuse of a minor by Fr. Ben in 1989 while he filled in at St. Michael Parish in Marquette. Allegation was reported to the Jesuit Order and to county prosecutor's office.Marquette, MISource:
ABC 10 11.15.13; SNAP Statement 11.15.13; Statement by Diocese of Marquette 11.15.13; Upper Michigan Source 11.15.13; The Mining Journal 11.19.13
Van Duren
Charles1952PAccusedDiocesanWorked in MA, PA, St. Joseph Indian School in SD, and MS before coming to Joliet Diocese in 1970. Worked in several parishes, retired in 1995, and died 8/97. Credible accusation was received after his death. Name appeared on Diocese's 6/08 list of accused priests with a credible/ substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of a minor.Joliet, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 09.01.97; Diocese of Joliet list of credibly accused priests 06.18.08; History of St Mary Immaculate Parish 08.24.08; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 03.12.13; My Suburban Life 03.12.13; Statement by the Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet 03.12.13; WGN 03.12.13; The Patch 03.14.13; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 04.30.14
Van Handel
Robert M.1975PConvictedFranciscanFounding director of Santa Barbara Boys' Choir and principal of St. Anthony's Seminary High School. Charged 1994 with abuse of students. Sentenced 8/94 to 8 yrs prison for abuse of 1. Released in 2002. Named in several civil suits. Archdiocesan reportsays abuse of 6 between 1970-1982. 4 claims settled 2006. See add'l info in 2 suits filed fall, 2009. Registered sex offender. Personnel File released 5/12. Per file he was laicized 7/23/97. On sex offender register 1/12.San Francisco, CASource:
Daily Mail (UK) 6.2.12; KVOR 6.2.12; San Antonio Express News 6.1.12; The Patch 6.1.12; Link to additional articles prior to 12.31.11; Fox News 05.22.12; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; LA Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on 05.23.12; San Antonio Express News 05.23.12; Christian Post 05.24.12; LA Times 01.15.13; Get Religion 01.16.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van Liefde
Christopher1973PSuedDiocesanIn 1992 woman reports inappropriate sexual conduct by Van Liefde in 1973 and 1974. Placed on leave 2002. Another allegation 2003. Sued 2003. 2 accusers per LA Report with incidents from 1971-1975.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; The Wander 1.8.04; LA Daily News 06.20.02; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van ter ToolenVincent PAccusedCarmeliteAccused of abuse between 1962-1964. Left archdiocese 1970. Accuser came forward in 2002 to allege abuse in approx 1961 (when he was aged 3-5). Deceased. Named in archdiocesan report. Named in 1 civil suit. At least one claim included in 11/06 $10M settlement with Order, LA Archdiocese and 7 people alleging abuse by 5 priests and religious.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; Catholic Key 11.10.06
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Van TriesteMartin1945PSuedTrinitarianVan Trieste is accused in 6/02 lawsuit of abusing 2 boys who were members of the Little Martins, a touring singing group of Hispanic boys. As of 2002, Van Trieste, 87, was in a Maryland nursing home with dementia. Three additional men joined in thesuit 9/02.Cleveland, OHSource:
Plain Dealer 06.25.02; Plain Dealer 09.19.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
VanderfordMorris Dale DConvictedDiocesanVanderford, a deacon, was convicted in 1993 of abusing two boys in 1989. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison. He died in prison. Two civil suits were also filed. One settled in 1993 for $750K and another settled in 1995 for $44K.Tulsa, OKSource:
Tulsa World 8.7.02; Daily Oklahoman 04.23.93; Tulsa World 02.18.04
Julian B.1955PSuedDiocesanAccused by Bob Deacon in 2004 of abusing him in the 1960s. Diocesan investigation found insufficient information to determine guilt, though the board found Deacon's testimony credible, per his canon lawyer, Rev. Kenneth Lasch. Deacon appealed to the Vatican. In 2/05 the Paterson diocese settled with Deacon and other victims for $5M. Bishop Serratelli informed Lasch that "the Vatican upheld [Serratelli's] decision to exonerate Varettoni," who continued as pastor of Sacred Heart in Clifton. Retired 2007(?)Paterson, NJSource: 1.9.06; Statement by Diocese of Paterson 2007; Daily Record (NJ) 10.20.04; Herald News 10.20.04; Newsday 02.10.05; Herald News 02.16.05; Record 02.16.05
VargaStephen V.1956PAccusedDiocesanFirst named as accused on Gary list released 8/29/18. Noted to have one allegation against him and to have been laicized 1970. Went on to marry and have children. Longtime resident of Cedar Lake, IN. Died at age 82 7/12/06.Gary, INSource:
Post-Tribune Obituary 07.15.06; Diocese of Gary 08.27.18; Post-Tribune 08.29.18
Lawrence F.1960PAccusedDiocesanDiocese announced 10/08 that Varney, who retired in 2002, had been placed on leave and barred from public ministry after Review Board found allegations that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor "almost 30 years ago" (late 1970s) to be credible. Accuser had just recently come forward. Varney was instructor at Toledo Central Catholic High School at the time of the alleged abuse. Permanently removed from public ministry. Matter referred to Rome.Toledo, OHSource:
My Fox Toledo 10.10.08; Sandusky Register 10.11.08; Toledo Blade 10.11.08; Toledo Blade 10.12.08; WFIN 10.13.08; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 12.31.10
VasJohnn/aBAccusedSalesianWoman came forward in 2/08 to accuse Vas of molesting her for nearly 7 years, beginning in 1960s when she was age 7. Vas, then a brother in the Salesian order, was the band instructor at Salesian High School, where her brother was a student. Vas is last known to have in Florida with his wife. Per a 2/28/08 article, this is second public accusation against Vas.Oakland, CASource:
City of Angels 09.25.07; San Jose Mercury News 02.28.08; Inside Bay Area 03.03.08; California Catholic Daily 03.04.08; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; San Jose Mercury News 04.01.08; joeypiscatelli website 11.25.18
VasaturoAnthony J.1955PAccusedDiocesanPer personnel records released 1/04, Vasaturo allegedly admitted to sexual activity with 16-yr-old old girl beginning in 1969. Per Archdiocese website accessed 9/30/10 Vasaturo had senior priest status and resides at Regina Cleri Residence. Per 8/11 Boston AD database, review board found accusations unsubstantiated or he was acquitted by canonical process. Died 6/22/13.Boston, MASource:
Boston Herald 01.15.04; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Legacy Obituary 07.26.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Enrique PChargedDiocesanCharged in Costa Rica with abuse of a child in 1994. Fled to Connecticut. Worked in both New York and Hartford. Has been a fugitive since 1998. Costa Rican court convicted him in 2005 in absentia and sentenced him to 12 yrs in prison. He was finally arrested 4/07 in Honduras under a warrant from Interpol.Hartford, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 10.14.02; Hartford Courant 10.15.02; Hartford Courant 10.18.02; Dallas Morning News (Major Account) 06.20.04; Dallas Morning News (Major Account) 06.21.04; Journal News 06.24.04; Associated Press 06.29.04; Associated Press 07.13.04; Associated Press 07.15.04; International Traffic in Catholic Priests Who Abuse 04.17.07; International Herald Tribune (AP) 04.19.07; SNAP Statement 03.12.14
VasquezPedro BAccusedFranciscanOne of several religious assigned to Santa Barbara who were named as abusers in civil suit filed 8/08 which alleged that the Franciscans constituted "an ongoing public nuisance as a result of their practice of shuttling pedophile priests among communities without warning members of the public that a sexual predator might be in their midst." Abuse allegedly took place in 2000s.Los Angeles, CASource:
First Amended Complaint in Cunningham v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1265207, Santa Barbara Superior Court, CA 08.06.08; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1338070, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 11.03.09
VathAloysius H.1940PAccusedDiocesanConfirmed as abuser of young boys over a period of 18 yrs per secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor. Died prior to 1994.Philadelphia, PASource:
1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12; The Patch 03.23.12
William2003PAccusedDiocesanFirst assignment was at Holy Infant Church in Ballwin. Removed from assignment at St. Cecilia Parish 6/11 after allegations that he engaged in "inappropriate electronic exchanges" with two teenagers (at least one was a female. Also accused of being involved with underage drinking and other inappropriate behavior. Indicted 4/13 on federal charges of possession of child porn between 2010 and 2011. Pled guilty 8/30/13 to possession of porn and sexting with minor boy. Sentenced to 3 yrs prison.St. Louis, MOSource:
KSDK 07.01.11; St Louis Review - Statement by Archdiocese 07.01.11; St Louis Today 07.01.11; The Patch 07.01.11; KMOV 07.02.11; KSDK 04.24.13; St Louis Post Dispatch 04.24.13; International Business Times 04.25.13; KELO 04.25.13; Riverfront Times 04.25.13; SNAP Statement 04.25.13; Statement by Archdiocese of St Louis 04.25.13; ConnectMidMissouri 08.30.13; KSDK 08.30.13; KTVI 08.30.13; MO-SNAP Statement 08.30.13; St Louis Post-Dispatch 08.30.13
Frederick J.1937PAccusedDiocesanThe diocese acknowledged in 2016 that, after Vaughn's death, it had received allegations of child sex abuse against him. He was assigned 1966-70 to St. Peter's in Elizabethtown; St. Mark the Evangelist in Franklin County 1970-86 ; St. James in Dauphin County 1987- 88. Retired 1989. He died 12/29/92. Name included on the diocese's list released 8/1/18.Harrisburg, PASource:
York Daily Record 08.09.16; Lancaster Online 08.11.16; Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
Roger1977PSuedO.S.C. CrosierDismissed from Order 9/27/01. As part of 2/09 settlement, Order admitted that it had received credible allegations of child sex abuse committed by him. Note that none of the plaintiffs in the 2/09 settlement was an alleged victim of Vaughn. As of 3/10 he was at an Orthodox-Catholic Church of America Parish in New York. Name on list of priests released by Archdiocese 12/5/13 but AD denied any claims of abuse of minor within Archdiocese. Name on St Cloud list of 1/3/14 and Crosier list of 3/8/14.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Star Tribune 05.04.06; Forest Lake Times 02.05.09; Pioneer Press 02.05.09; Shoreview Press 02.06.09; Saint John of Kronstadt 03.29.10; Catholic Spirit 12.05.13; St Paul & Minneapolis List of Credibly Accused Priests released 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.06.13; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; St Cloud Times 03.08.14; Duluth News Tribune 03.09.14; Legal Examiner 03.09.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16
Assignments: Assignment Record; Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
Hayden1994PAccusedDiocesanPrivileges removed 3/13 after allegations of sexual misconduct involving a minor more than 15 yrs before when he was pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in Greenwood SC. In 1/11, with permission of Bishop, he began working for Catholic Near East Welfare Assoc., a papal agency based in NY City. Apparently in Rome when allegations were made public. As of 4/23/13 Accuser waived further criminal investigation, saying church punishment enough. Diocese continues their investigation.Charleston, SCSource:
Catholic Miscellany 08.18.11; Fox Carolina 03.10.13; Greenville Online 03.10.13; GWD Today 03.10.13; Independent Mail 03.10.13; Simpsonville Patch 03.10.13; WMBF 03.10.13; WSPA 03.10.13; WYFF 03.10.13; Myrtle Beach Online 03.11.13; West Ashley Patch 03.11.13; Index-Journal 04.23.13; The Item (AP) 04.23.13; WYFF 04.23.13; Fox Carolina 04.24.13
Clarence J.1965PnoneDiocesanPer admission by ABp Nienstedt of St. Paul-Minneapolis on 11/11/13, Vavra admitted in 1995 that he sexually abused young boys and a teen in 1975 while assigned to Rosebud Indian Reservation in SD. Also admitted sex with adult men. Received in-patient and out-patient treatment 1996-1997 but was allowed to return to ministry 1998-2003 before he was finally removed but not laicized. He received extra stipend every month until 2012. No publicity at all until 11/13. Lives in New Prague, MN.Rapid City, SDSource:
Minnesota Public Radio 11.11.13; Minnesota Public Radio (with documents) 11.11.13; Open Letter from Archbishop Nienstedt 11.11.13; Pioneer Press 11.11.13; SD SNAP Statement 11.11.13; SNAP Statement 11.11.13; Star Tribune 11.11.13; ValleyNewsLive 11.11.13; Faribault County Register 11.12.13; KARE 11.12.13; Minnesota Public Radio 11.12.13; SNAP Statement 11.12.13; MinnPost 11.15.13; SNAP Statement 11.18.13; Star Tribune 12.02.13; My Fox 9 12.04.13; Catholic Spirit 12.05.13; Hastings Star Gazette 12.05.13; Shakopee Valley News 12.05.13; St Paul & Minneapolis List of Credibly Accused Priests released 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.05.13; Le Center Leader 12.06.13; Star Tribune 12.06.13; Waseca County News 12.06.13; Post Review 12.11.13; Union-Bulletin 01.25.14; Minnesota Public Radio 07.21.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Jose2008PSentencedDiocesanArrested 9/9/15 at home of 12-year-old boy whose father called police after walking in on Vazquez engaged in sex act with boy. Charged with two counts sexual battery against a minor. Admitted behavior and to abuse of other children. Mexico native. Attended St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana. Pastor since 1/15/14 of St. Francis Xavier in Wiggins and St. Lucy Mission in Lucedale. Associate pastor 2009-2011 Immaculate Conception in Laurel and Sacred Heart in Hattiesburg 2011-2014. Pled guilty. Sentenced 5/16 to 10 years in prison and ordered deported upon his release.Biloxi, MSSource:
Clarion-Ledger 09.10.15; Gulf Pine Catholic 09.10.15; Sun Herald 09.10.15; WDAM 09.10.15; Sun Herald 05.16.16; WDAM 05.16.16; Washington Times 05.17.16
Sun Herald 09.10.15
VazquezJose (Y)1989PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly on the Youngstown diocese's list updated 11/9/18. Noted to have worked St. Aloysius in East Liverpool, St. Joseph's in Canton and St. Charles in Boardman.Youngstown, OHSource:
Diocese of Youngstown List updated 11.09.18
Urbano2014PArrestedCapuchin FranciscanAccused of molesting a 13-year-old girl at Sacred Heart Shrine in Columbia Heights in 5/15. The girl's mother reportedly informed Rev. Mosis Villalta, OFM.Cap. in 2015, but police were not notified until 10/26/18, after Villalta told a visiting priest about the situation.Vazquez was arrested 11/7/18, charged with second-degree child abuse. Also accused of kissing a 16-year-old girl in 2015, and of rubbing a 15-year-old girl's leg during confession the same year. Archdiocese suspended Vazquez after notified by Order of allegations 10/26/18. Villalta removed as pastor, and parish's child protection coordinator placed on leave.Washington, DCSource:
NBC News 4 TV 11.07.18; Washington Post 11.07.18; Washington post 11.09.18; WTOP 11.10.18
VeceraJames DAccusedDiocesanDeacon. Died 1987. Name included on diocese's list released 8/1/18. Accused after his death of the sexual abuse of a child.Harrisburg, PASource:
Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
Vincent J.1971PSettledDiocesanVeich was placed on leave 4/02 because of claims he abused children. He admitted sexual misconduct with a 17 year old girl in late 1970s. The woman came forward 3/02 and this instigated Veich's dismissal. Claim(s) against Veich settled by Diocese as part of massive $21M settlement in 10/03 involving 40 plaintiffs and 16 priests.Bridgeport, CTSource:
Greenwich Times 6.8.03; Hartford Courant 04.22.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 12.01.09
Assignment Records Compiled by Law Firm
VeiletteRoland W PAccusedDiocesanVeilette died in 1983. Veilette is named in 5/02 lawsuit by man who alleged abuse in 1973. Personnel file contains 2/02 memo where the plaintiff alleged he was assaulted by Veilette and by another priest in 1973 shortly after his father passed away. Both priests befriended him and would take him camping and give him gifts. Second man filed suit 6/02 alleging that he was assaulted by Veilette from 1956 to 1958 with assaults taking place in the priest's car.Manchester, NHSource:
Associated Press 05.15.02; Union Leader 05.16.02; Union Leader 06.20.02; Documents from NH AG Report 03.03.03; NH AG Report 03.03.03; NH AG Audit Documents 03.26.09
Velan (Christudas)Marukudiyil (Chris) PSuedOSB--BenedictineAlso known as Rev. V.J.Christudas.Native of India. Has served as visiting priest at Church of the Visitation in Brick since 2001. Arrested 7/14/12 and charged with criminal sexual contact (improper touching) of both an adult woman and her minor child and with endangering the welfareof the child. The woman complained to police on 7/13/12 after the priest paid a visit to her home. Detectives found probable cause to file charges. Privileges have been removed by Diocese. Woman filed civil suit 7/3/14 on behalf of herself and her two children. Criminal charges set for trial 9/14.Trenton, NJSource:
NBC New York 07.16.12; The Patch 07.16.12; CBS Philly 07.17.12; Daily Record 07.17.12; New Jersey 101 07.17.12; The Patch 07.18.12; Asbury Park Press 07.19.12; The Patch 07.19.12; Asbury Park Press 07.04.14
VelezJohn1988PSuedMaristLeft El Paso TX diocese in 1990 under a cloud. In 1991 Monterey Diocese learned of the abuse of 1 youth by Velez and another priest & met with the victim and his family. Diocese expelled Velez and notified his order of the reasons. The society recalled Velez to Mexico and sent an escort to ensure his return. Diocese says civil authorities were notified in 1991. Sued 2003 by this plaintiff. Accused of abuse in Monterey and Tucson. Monterey case settled 5/09 for $1.2M just before trial.Monterey, CASource:
Arizona Daily Star 6.3.09; Yuma Sun 6.1.09; Monterey County Herald 06.06.03; Monterey County Herald 01.28.04; Bishop Ryan's February Pastoral Letter 02.04.04; 04.17.07; OC Weekly 12.07.07; Monterey Herald 05.17.09; KSBW 05.26.09; KSBW 05.29.09; Salinas Californian 05.29.09; Monterey Herald 05.30.09; Monterey Herald 07.19.09; Monterey Herald 07.19.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Antonio Jorge  ?PAccusedCapuchinTertiary Capuchin. Colombian. Worked in Colombia and U.S. Suspended from ministry in Diocese of Alexandria VA 2/16 pending investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct with a female minor during 8-yr period he was assigned to Baltimore archdiocese. Left Baltimore 2010. Admiited the allegations.Baltimore, MDSource:
KALB 02.11.16; SNAP 02.11.16; Town Talk 02.11.16; Archdiocese of Baltimore 02.12.16; The Catholic Review 02.12.16; CBS Baltimore 02.25.16; ABC 2 02.26.16
Jacob  ?PAccusedPriest of the Archeparchy of Kottayam, India, of the Syro-Malabar Church. Per USCCB Advisory, Vellian was working in Kalamazoo on temporary basis in 1973-1974. Diocese said in Fall 2010 it had recently received an allegation of sexual abuse of a female minor by Vellian. Review Board concluded the charges had merit. Vellian had been in active ministry in various dioceses in the US in the recent past. In 9/11 he was said to be living in Kerala India's Kottayam district, in a Kaduthuruthi seminary.Kalamazoo, MISource:
Catholic Diocese of Youngstown Communique 01.01.11; Times of India 09.11.11
VenetoJoseph P.1946PAccusedDiocesanSupervised accused abuser Denis Conte while at St. Anthony's in Revere, MA. Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Retired in 1988. Died 1/98 before completion of investigation. See Boston AD database released 8/11.Boston, MASource:
Patriot Ledger 01.27.98; Boston Herald 12.10.02; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; Wicked Local Somerville 08.30.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Samuel J.1978PAccusedDiocesanRetired, in residence at St. Stephen's on Grand Island when placed on leave in 4/18 due to allegations of past child sexual abuse, dating to 1980 at Our Lady of Pompei in Depew. Other assignments included parishes in Buffalo, Batavia, South Buffalo, Niagara Falls, a Pendleton nursing home and Boy Scouts chaplain and scoutmaster. Per the diocese in 6/18, the allegations against Venne were substantiated. To remain on leave pending determination by Vatican. Venne denied the allegations.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 04.23.18; Diocese of Buffalo 04.23.18; WGRZ 04.23.18; WKBW 04.23.18; Daily News 05.01.18; Buffalo News 06.28.18; Diocese of Buffalo 06.28.18; Spectrum News 06.28.18; WBFO 06.29.18; WIVB 07.17.18
Armand1957PAcquittedDiocesanVentre served at our Lady of Good Help Parish from 1980-1985. He was indicted 8/85 for sexually molesting 2 altar boys and 1 mentally handicapped youth between 1981-1984. In 1986 the Judge dismissed charges re the 2 altar boys and next day the Judge found him not guilty of abuse of the 3rd boy in non-jury trial. He was returned to active assignment as chaplain at VA Hospital and then another hospital. He retired in Jan. 1999 and died in Dec. 1999.Providence, RISource:
United Press International 7.6.85; United Press International 07.31.85; Galveston Daily News 08.21.85; United Press International 01.16.86; United Press International 01.25.86; Associated Press 02.12.86; United Press International 08.13.86; United Press International 08.15.86; Providence Journal Bulletin 12.29.99
VerhartJohn BSuedSalesian1 person accused him of abuse from 1957-1958 per archdiocesan report. Named in at least 1 civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 7; 01.28.08; City of Angels 03.19.08
LA Times Database 4.20.06
VeriAlberta NSuedSisters of Saint JosephAccused in a 1997 lawsuit of sexually abusing a high school senior in 1972. Veri denies the charge. Complainant states that when she first came forward in 1994, the order and diocese asked her to keep silent. They deny this. Suit was dismissed on SOL grounds. Order offered to settle in exchange for a confidentiality agreement; complainant refused. Order paid for therapy. Veri was called Sister Bernadine; she took a leave of absence in 1980 and left the order some time thereafter.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10.18.97; WTAE 04.26.02
VerngrenFrancis BSuedBrothers of Christian SchoolsMan filed suit 5/03 which alleged that he was abused by Verngren from 1966 - 1970 when Verngren was principal and head dorm resident at a Catholic school in Berkeley. Man told another staff member in 1969 and Verngren was temporarily removed. He was later returned to his position. Died in Dec. 2003. Civil suit had settled 9/03.Oakland, CASource:
Napa Valley Register 05.13.03; Napa Valley Register 12.04.03; Napa Valley Register 01.06.04; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; San Jose Mercury News 04.01.08
Gerald John1968PConvictedDiocesanForced from priesthood 1975 after molesting children. COnviction 1979 with suspended sentence & 2 yrs probation. Law license suspended in 1980 and revoked in 1982. Charged again in 1981 with 3 counts of sexual assault and wound up serving 2 1/2 years of a 5- to 15- year sentence. Released from prison. Moved to OK in 1996; offended & arrested. Fled to Canada. Abused 2 boys and arrested. Sentenced to 3 yrs prison 1996.Detroit, MISource:
Michigan Bar Association 02.21.80; Michigan Bar Association 04.07.82; Windsor Star 10.30.96; Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 10.31.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 09.30.09
VesselsHenry G.1950PSuedDiocesanLawsuit filed 10/02 named Vessels as an abuser. Suit said Vessels abused a 12 yr old boy in 1969-1970 in Mount Washington. Vessels would take him to pornographic movies and on one occasion forcibly sexually molested him. Vessels spent several years asteacher and administrator at church schools. Died 1980 at age 55. No other known complaints per diocese.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 10.24.02
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
VetterHenry Xavier1938PSuedPassionistAccused in 1993 of abuse in early 1960s. Several other accusations later received of abuse in 1960s and early 1970s. Deceased. May have worked in Mexico after leaving archdiocese. Archdiocesan report says 7 accusers with incidents from 1953-1973. Named in at least 1 suit in 2003.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; 04.17.07; CityofAngels 07.05.07
LA Times Database 4.20.06
VevikPaul1977PAccusedDiocesanPer 5/07 article, Vevik, still an active priest with Spokane Diocese, was named in bankruptcy claims as having "assaulted a person in a restroom of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in 1978." Vevik has denied the claims and is fighting the accusations. Heremains at Mary Queen Parish in Spokane per diocesan website accessed 2/21/09 .Spokane, WASource:
Spokesman Review 5.4.07; Spokesman Review 5.5.07
Inland Register 4.11.02
James A.1954PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 7/02 for allegations of misconduct with minors. A former altar boy filed suit on 7/20/02. Another adult male came forward to allege abuse as an altar boy. One of the men said he was abused in mid-1950s; the other alleged abuse in the 1970s.As of 9/11/02, Child Protection Services found no evidence to support abuse allegations but Diocese continued its investigation. Retired 2005, still without privileges.On Leave of Absence until his death 7/18/18.Cleveland, OHSource:
Akron Beacon Journal 07.05.02; Plain Dealer 07.05.02; Plain Dealer 08.01.02; Plain Dealer 09.03.02; Plain Dealer 09.11.02; Diocese of Cleveland Obit 07.27.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Diocese of Cleveland Assignment Record
Walter A.1949PAccusedDiocesanAccused in a 11/18 lawsuit of the sex abuse of an altar boy, age 10 in 1979-80, at Blessed Sacrament in Waterbury. Vichas' assignments included St. Joseph's in Waterbury 1952-64, St. Casimir's in New Haven 1964-65, St. Patrick's in Enfield 1965-71, and Blessed Sacrament 1971-2001. Vichas retired in 2001 and died in 2008.Hartford, CTSource:
Republican American 11.07.18; WFSB 11.07.18; WTNH 11.09.18
VidnanskyMary Jane NSuedFranciscan Sisters of St. JosephAccused in 2004 suit of sexually abusing a boy 1974-76, starting when the boy was age 14 and attended Mater Dolorosa School in Holyoke. Abuse is alleged to have included intercourse. Plaintiff said Vidnansky told him she was pregnant by him and that she had had an abortion. Vidnansky left the order in mid 1970s.Springfield, MASource:
IObserve 1.7.05; Associated Press 12.30.04; Springfield Republican 12.30.04
VieagesHarold F.1964PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 2005 of fondling and raping a youth at St. Theresa's Elementary School in Carson City in approx. 1969. Vieages was placed on leave in 1991 and died 1/04. Plaintiff's claims were settled with the diocese prior to 8/07.Reno, NVSource:
Reno Gazette-Journal 01.27.04; Reno Gazette-Journal 10.09.05; Reno Gazette-Journal 08.19.07; Reno Gazette-Journal 10.22.10
Carmen D.1972PAccusedDiocesanCredible allegation of abuse. Name first released on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli 11/16/06. Died in 1989. Civil suit filed 10/08 alleged abuse of a 14 yr old boy, beginning in 1980s. Personnel records released 2/16/12 as part of bankruptcy processWilmington, DESource:
The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.17.06; WDEL 10.30.08; News Journal 10.31.08; News Journal 11.07.09; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel Files 02.16.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
Vilchez Parra
Clovis2012PConvictedDiocesenPeru native. Arrived in U.S. 2007, ordained in 2012. Assigned to Our Lady of Mercy in Chicago, then associate pastor of Mission San Juan Diego Catholic Church in Arlington Heights. Charged 2/24/15 with felony possession and reproduction of child pornography. Removed from ministry pending outcome. Pled guilty. Sentenced 4/17 to 4 yrs' prison and ordered to register as a sex offender. Given 460 days credit for time served on electric monitoring.Chicago, ILSource:
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago 02.25.15; WGEM 02.25.15; NBC Chicago 09.21.16; Chicago Tribune 04.27.17; Daily Herald 04.29.17
Villa GomezGillmero Nemoria1957PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 1 person from 1964-1965 per archdiocesan report. Name is also spelled "Gillmero Nemorio Villagomez" in certain Official Catholic Directories. Retired. Named in a civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
VillalobosFerdinand (Fernando) PSuedDiocesan2/03 civil RICO suit alleged that Villalobos abused one youth between ages of 12-15 while at at St. Mary of the Assumption and that then-Bishop Mahony and other diocese officials covered up the incident. Another suit filed 11/03 re abuse at same parish. Plaintiff said Villalobos also attempted to abuse his brother shortly before Villalobos died 12/31/85. [Note: this may be 2 suits by same plaintiff] Name included on list of claimed abusers attached to Stockton Diocese's 5/9/14 filing in bankruptcy court.Stockton, CASource:
Associated Press 02.07.03; SF Chronicle 02.09.03; Record 11.06.03; Record 11.15.03; Deposition of Cardional Roger Mahony 11.23.04; SNAP Statement with link to Stockton Diocese Notice of Deadline for Filing Claims in Bankruptcy Court 07.16.14; Mercury News 07.18.14
Diocese of Stockton Assignment Record, page 6
VillaroyaErnesto Corral PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse from 1981-1983. Extern priest from Philippines working in Archdiocese. Civil suit filed 2002 but dismissed later in year. He was working in Dallas TX diocese when suit filed. Bishop reassigned him to parish after suit dismissed but parishioners forced him to quit in 2003. 2010 Catholic Directory shows him to be retired in the Dallas Diocese.Los Angeles, CASource:
Amarillo Globe News 08.25.02; Dallas Morning News (in collection of articles) 05.14.03; Dallas Morning News 05.19.03; Dallas Morning News 05.25.03; Houston Chronicle (AP) 05.26.03; Dallas Morning News 06.02.03; Catholic World Report 07.02.03; LA Archdiocesan Report, page 4, 02.17.04
David P.1964PAccusedDiocesanIn 2004, one man alleged abuse in 1980s but he refused to cooperate with the Archdiocese and nothing done. Vincent finally placed on leave in 3/05 after he was accused of abuse of one student at Elder High in 1970. Vincent denied all allegations.Returned to duty 10/12/05 after archdiocese investigation.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 03.10.05; Dayton Daily News 03.10.05; Catholic Telegraph 03.16.05; Beacon Journal 03.19.05; Cincinnati Archdiocese Press Release 10.12.05; Cincinnati Enquirer 10.13.05; Dayton Daily News 10.13.05
VinyardBarry1975PSuedDiocesanOne man filed suit in 2003 alleging that he was abused by Vinyard in 1978 and 1979 at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Calexico. Vinyard denied the allegations. While not currently assigned to a parish, Vinyard was referred to as the first actively serving priest in diocese to be named in lawsuit. Bishop accepted Vinyard's request for retirement status effective Jan. 1, 2004. San Diego personnel file released 10/25/10.San Diego, CASource:
San Diego Union Tribune 12.24.03; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
ViramontesDavid E.1957PAccusedDiocesanName included on Gallup diocese's list of credibly accused clerics in 1/15. Gallup diocese filed for bankruptcy in 2013 after lawsuit claiming 57 victims. Viramontes assigned to Aragon NM, Flagstaff, Winslow and Holbrook AZ. Died in 1997. On Las Cruces diocese's list 11/8/18. It notes a report received in 2012 of an alleged incident in 1997.Gallup, NMSource:
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15; Arizona Journal 11.21.15; KVIA 11.08.18
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15
William D.1975PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse in Joliet Diocese in 1980-1981. Not included on Joliet Diocese list of confirmed abusers released 4/09/06. Civil suit filed 5/06. Virtue worked in Joliet, Rockford and Peoria dioceses. Diocese settled suit as to Virtue as of 9/07. Left Joliet and was iincardinated in Peoria. Peoria is acually the diocese that removed his privileges in 2006. Canonical process still pending 4/14. Joliet Diocese agreed to release of personnel files 3/13 as part of settlement in Rudofski v Joliet & Bennett. Files finally released 4/30/14.Joliet, ILSource:
Pantagraph 02.24.06; The Herald News 04.11.06; CBS2 Chicago 05.24.06; Chicago Tribune 05.25.06; Herald News 05.25.06; Daily Herald 09.25.07; Daily Southtown (AP) 09.26.07; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 03.12.13; My Suburban Life 03.12.13; Statement by the Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet 03.12.13; WGN 03.12.13; Chicago Tribune 04.07.13; Anderson Advocates Timeline 04.30.14; Diocese of Joliet List of Priests with Credible Allegations 04.30.14; Joliet Patch 04.30.14; SNAP Statement 04.30.14; Virtue Personnel Files from David Rudofski Archives 04.30.14; WLS 04.30.14; Daily Journal 05.01.14
Partial Assignment Record
VitaWilliam S. PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 1 from 1947-1953 per archdiocesan report addendum. Named in civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Joseph J.1933PAccusedDiocesanArmy Chaplain 1942-45. Pastor of St.Mary's in Strykersville and Annunciation in Elma. Estalbished Queen of Heaven parish in West Seneca in 1955. Monsignor. In 2018 a woman came forward to say that when she was age 12 in 1970 Vogel sexually abused her in the rectory of Queen of Heaven. She said she told a nun, who was the school principal and that her parents told the assistant pastor. She said nothing was done. Vogel died in 1/19/88.Buffalo, NYSource:
WKBW 07.12.18; WKBW 07.31.18; Findagrave accessed 08.01.18
VoglerJean F.1970PConvictedDiocesanCaught in a sting ordering hard-core child pornography for delivery to the Holy Rosary rectory, where he was pastor. Inspectors found 92 videos in a trunk in the rectory, many of them 'extremely graphic and explicit child porn.' Resigned 12/8/95; convicted and sent to prison for a year. As of 2008, Vogler was lead priest at Holy Trinity parish, director of diocese's deacon program, and member of the priests' council. Retired 9/2/11 per diocese website accessed 2/26/12.Evansville, INSource:
South Bend Tribune 03.13.96; National Catholic Reporter 05.03.96; South Bend Tribune 06.28.96; Evansville Courier & Press 10.13.99; ABC 04.03.02; Indianapolis Star 04.04.02; NY Times 04.15.02; Beliefnet 06.01.02; Associated Press 06.10.02; Evansville Courier & Press 06.15.02; Associated Press 06.20.02
Diocese of Evansville Website 2.26.12
VoglioJohn1987PAccusedSalesianAccused 3/02 during AG investigation of repeated sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy in 1982 at Camp Don Bosco in NH. Voglio was a counselor at the camp. Abuse included oral sex. Later in 1982, Voglio wrote to the alleged victim from OH, saying that he was going on to become a priest. A John Voglio was ordained a Salesian priest in 1987 and worked in a Salesian HS and a parish in NY archdiocese. Investigative memo does not confirm that brother and priest are the same person.Manchester, NHSource:
Documents from NY Atty General Report 3.3.03; Manchester Report by NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03
Emmerich1978PSuedDominicanDominican of Western Province. Former provincial. Prior of St. Albert's Priory, Chapel and Seminary in Oakland CA; Director Shrine of St. Jude in San Francisco.Taught high school in OR and in Los Angeles CA. Former pastor and prior of Holy Rosary parish in Portland OR. Accused in a 2/16 lawsuit of sexual abuse of a 10-yr-old boy altar boy in 1987. Plaintiff said he told other priests who told him he must obey Vogt. Vogt denied the abuse. The plaintiff dropped the suit in 5/17 after his brothers testified that they were altar boys with him, and that there was no abuse.Portland, ORSource:
KATU 02.26.16; KATU 03.19.16; 12 Step Review accessed 04.25.16; KRON 04.26.16; Catholic Sentinel 05.03.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
VogtFrancis H.1938PAccusedDiocesanIn 2002 Diocese revealed it had received two credible complaints against Vogt, one in 1993 and the other in 2002. Vogt, then 90, was living in Convent Infirmary, reportedly frail and unable to remember some events. He retired in 1982. Four other men have also made allegations. Reports say Vogt molested pre-teen boys in 1950s-1970s at St. Bridget Church. After canonical process, he was assigned to life of prayer & penance per 6/7/12 notice from diocese. Died 10/16/06.Rochester, NYSource:
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 08.24.02; Catholic Courier 06.07.12; SNAP statement 06.07.12; Rochester Homepage 0 12.07.16; Democrat and Chronicle 06.06.18
Michael1992PConvictedDiocesanCharged with possession of child porn on computer. Pleaded guilty 5/05. In 12/05 he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Scheduled to be released in early 2007. He will remain on administrative leave pending a decision by the diocesan review board and, if necessary, by Rome. Volino fought against having to register as a (low level) sex offender but court ruled 2/07 that he had to.This level is not published on list. Canonical proceedings are not complete as of 6/12.Rochester, NYSource:
Affidavit in Support of Federal Warrant; Democrat and Chronicle 3.14.05 (2nd); Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 03.10.05; WSTM 03.10.05; Democrat and Chronicle 03.14.05; Diocese of Rochester Statement 03.14.05; Democrat and Chronicle 03.15.05; Addition Statement by Archdiocese of Rochester 03.18.05; WSTM 03.19.05; Democrat and Chronicle 04.12.05; Democrat and Chronicle 05.25.05; WHEC 10.13.05; Democrat and Chronicle 12.14.05; Catholic Courier 12.24.05; Democrat and Chronicle 01.23.07
Democrat and Chronicle 2.16.07 (add'l article); Democrat & Chronicle 5.23.07 (add'l article); Catholic Courier 6.7.12 (add'l article); Rochester Homepage 6.7.12 (add'l article); SNAP Statement 6.7.12 (add'l article)
Eugene1978PSuedDiocesanTwo people made accusations 3/02 and said they had previously reported abuse to diocese but nothing done. One said he reported abuse when it occurred and again in 1991. Another said he reported it in 1994. Vollmer still active until 2002. He was identified as Priest D in the 1/03 Grand Jury report. He admited to abusing at least 12 victims according to the report. Vollmer would supply wine, marijuana and porno videos. Laicized 6/16/04. Died in 2016.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 03.26.02; Newsday 03.27.02; NY Post 03.29.02; NY Times 05.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Suffolk Co Grand Jury Report 01.17.03; Newsday 02.11.03; Newsday 02.12.03; Compasso v Vollmer et al Supreme Court of New York, Nassau Co 04.14.03; Newsday 04.15.03; Newsday 04.15.03; Long Island Press 02.24.05; Newsday 04.21.09; Newsday 11.14.17
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Robert J.1956PSettledDiocesanAccused of abusing boys and girls, spanning most of his career. Investigated by Diocese in 1983 or '84 but no action taken. Named in civil suits in 1993, 1994 & 1995. Removed from active ministry without privileges in 1993. Laicization announced 4/07. In 10/13 was in charge of San Damiano Shrine in southern IL and was running ads for the Shrine in the Archdiocesan newspaper. Named in new lawsuit 3/17/14 re abuse of one at summer camp in 1970 & 1971. Died in 5/8/16, at a Highland IL nursing home.Belleville, ILSource:
St Louis Post Dispatch 03.20.93; St Louis Post Dispatch 05.01.93; St Louis Post Dispatch 07.29.93; St Louis Post Dispatch 08.20.93; St Louis Post Dispatch 11.02.93; Chicago Tribune 02.07.94; Chicago Tribune 03.11.94; St Louis Post Dispatch 05.03.94; St Louis Post-Dispatch 05.22.94; St Louis Post Dispatch 06.22.94; St Louis Post Dispatch 03.03.95; Belleville News Democrat 05.08.02; Belleville News Democrat 01.26.03; Post Dispatch 01.08.06; Belleville News Democrat 04.24.07; Belleville News Democrat 04.24.07; Washington Post (AP) 04.24.07; Berger's Beat 10.16.13; Belleville News Democrat 04.01.14; SNAP Statement 04.02.14; SNAP 06.27.16; The Southern 07.24.16; The Southern 03.23.17; The Southern 04.25.17
VorlickPhillip BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersOne of 10 brothers and two laymen accused by more than 30 men in 5/13 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools run by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North American Province. Order agreed to massive $16.5M settlement w 400 plaintiffs re abuse by multiple order priests & brothers late May, 2013. Unclear if the order has substantiated any of the allegations against the eight newly-accused brothers, including Vorlick.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribue 05.24.13
VosenGerald P.1961PAccusedDiocesanAccused 9/18/03 by woman at state SOL hearing of sexually abusing her brother at age 14 in early 1970s. Brother denied allegation. Vosen removed. Review board assessed at least 3 allegations and unanimously recommended 2/15/04 leave. In 5/04 Vosen sued man who alleged fondling and anal rape at age 11-12 by Vosen in 1989-91. Jury rejected defamation claim 8/4/05; found abuse claim substantiated. Church tribunal of 3 judges ruled against Vosen in 8/07. Vosen appealed to Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of the F.aith. CDF upheld Madison diocese's tribunal's decision, as announced 7/16/15.Madison, WISource:
Links to Additional Articles; Capital Times 09.22.03; Wisconsin State Journal 09.24.03; Wisconsin State Journal 02.16.04; Capital Times 05.14.04; Janesville Gazette 08.02.05; Janesville Gazette 08.03.05; AP 08.04.05; Janesville Gazette 08.04.05; Baraboo News Republic 10.18.08; Diocese of Madison Official Announcement 12.06.08; Gazette 12.06.08; Baraboo News Republic 12.10.08; News Republic 12.13.08; Baraboo News Republic 09.12.09; Catholic Herald [Madison] 07.16.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
Ronald J.1967PAccusedDiocesanAccused of sexually abusing 8-9 male teenagers; resigned ministry in 1993 and moved to Haiti. May have functioned as priest there as late as 1997. One youth died of heart attack (drug induced?) after revealing abuse. In 2004 he was running Visitation House in Port au Prince--a guest facility for those who come to Haiti to aid the poor. As of 7/08 he was living on Abaco in the Bahamas. Laicized in 1998.Lafayette, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.17.97; Indianapolis Star 02.17.97; Haiti-Info com 02.19.04; Indianapolis Star 10.09.04; Indianapolis Star 10.19.04; Dallas Morning News 02.24.05; Miami Herald 02.24.05; Dallas Morning News 02.25.05; Indianapolis Star 02.25.05; Dallas Morning News 02.26.05; Dallas Morning News 02.26.05; Dallas Morning News 04.14.05; Lafayette Journal & Courier 10.01.18
John Willliam1968PConvictedDiocesanOrdained in Cleveland Diocese. Came to Arizona in approx. 1986. Served as teacher at Mesa High School. Convicted 1990 and sentenced to 1 yr in jail for trying to molest a boy, age 2. Lifetime probation. His teaching certificate was to have been revoked. He is shown as "absent on leave" from Cleveland per the 1988 Catholic Directory. Not in 1989, 1990 or 1993 editions.Phoenix, AZSource:
The Nation 08.12.91; Arizona Republic 11.10.02

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