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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
HaasJoseph1959PAccusedDiocesanHaas placed on leave Feb. 2004 after allegations that he molested a young girl in 1977. Haas originally told parish that he was taking leave on doctor's orders but Archbishop sent letter clarifying the situation. DA ruled that 1977 incident was too old to prosecute. Previous allegation of less serious inappropriate behavior was received in 2000 but nothing done. Officially retired Sept. 2004 even though Review Board concluded accusations not substantiated.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.19.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09.13.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
Paul Frederick1959PSettledDiocesanAt least 100 people have alleged abuse by Haas while he was assigned to Fr. Ryan High School in TN. Assigned 1964-65 to Catholic High School in Little Rock, AR. Transferred to KY around 1967 "for treatment." Died 6/7/79.. One man told the diocese in 1996 that he had been abused at age 15 in 1961 by Haas. Diocese gave him $5700 in exchange for a release and a confidentiality agreement. Another came forward in 1999 alleging abuse in 1963. On Little Rock AR list 9/10/18. On Nashville list 11/2/18.Nashville, TNSource:
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HaberthierJohn1948PAccusedDiocesanDiocese of KS-Dodge City announced in 12/06 that Haberthier, who was retired, had been accused of sexual misconduct. Allegations deemed credible. He was part of the diocese 8/50-12/73. On San Bernardino CA diocese's list 10/9/18. Worked there 1979-80 and 1982-87. List noted abuse occurred in 1973 in Whittier CA, and that the diocese was made aware in 10/06. Died 12/28/09 at age 87, in Great Bend KS.Dodge City, KSSource:
Hutchinson News 01.17.10; Catholic Diocese of Dodge City Update Charter for Protection of Children and Young People 04.30.10; Lawrence Journal-World 06.23.10; Diocese of San Bernardino list 11.19.18
FindaGrave 12.00.2009
HackettJohn Joseph PSuedDiocesanDied 12/7/88. Accused of abuse of 1 person in 1969 per a (2003??) civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Errata Notice # 1
LA Times Database 4.20.06
HackettThomas E.1943PAccusedDiocesanHackett is shown on the Davenport Diocese's Creditors Committee website (in 2007) as having credible allegations against him. Name also appears on Diocese's list of "credibly accused" abusers 7.10.08. Accused of abuse of 3 minor males beginning in 1940s. Died in 1951.Davenport, IASource:
Davenport Creditors Committee Website 08.27.07; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Hawk Eye 07.12.08
Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment Record
HackmanDonald DConvictedDiocesanDeacon. Convicted in federal court of sending child pornography. Assigned to St. James in Lititz 1983-2000. Name included on diocese's list released 8/1/18.Harrisburg, PASource:
Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
Bernard1960PSettledDiocesanOne man claimed abuse by Haddican when he was a teen. Settled in 2000 for $44K. Haddican died in 1996. In 2002 the original plaintiff and a man abused by another priest filed suit against the diocese and Cardinal Law (former VG of Diocese) alleging the diocese covered up their abuse and lied to them about other cases. Plaintiff's mother had asked Law for his help back in 1970s but he did nothing. Suit dismissed on Def. Motion for Summary Judgment 9/03.Jackson, MSSource:
Boston Herald 06.10.02; Associated Press 06.11.02; Associated Press 06.14.02; Associated Press 07.18.02; Boston Globe 07.18.02; Boston Herald 08.21.02; Boston Herald 08.26.02; GoMemphis 03.26.03; Opinion in Belencia v St Mary's Catholic Church et al, 251-02-915, Hines Co MS Circuit Court 09.29.03; Associated Press 05.08.05; AL website 11.19.18
HaegelinWilliam M.1976PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 9/02 after man accused him of inappropriate sexual relations in 1980s. Haegelin denied but later admitted to having a sexual relationship with the man but only when the man was an adult. In 11/02 Archdiocesan review board cleared him of allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. No criminal investigation because the man did not want one. Review board recommended that he be returned to duty after spiritual counseling.Kansas City, KSSource:
Kansas City Star 09.11.02; Kansas City Star 09.17.02; Kansas City Star 11.27.02
Edmund H.1940PAccusedDiocesanPer 4/02 article, Haen had abused at least three men when they were youths. One man says at least two priests failed to report the molestations when they occurred in 1940s. He finally told Archbishop Weakland in 1989. Haen was forced to retire in 1990 and Aux. Bishop Richard Sklba told victim in 1992 that Haen had admitted the abuse and had been placed on severe restrictions. Died in 1997. Several other victims known.Milwaukee, WISource:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 7.9.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10.25.97; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.20.02; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.24.02; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.28.02; Milwuakee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Robert W.1957PAccusedDiocesanAccused of psychologically and sexually abusing numerous boys at two parishes and two Catholic schools in 1960s and early 1970s. During investigation at one school in late 1960s several unknown priests came to school and questioned about 30 boys. Nothing else done for many years. Removed from parish 1992 and then worked as hospital chaplain. Removed in 2002. Permanently removed from ministry by Vatican in 2005.Detroit, MISource:
Detroit Free Press 8.2.02; Detroit Free Press 06.22.02; Detroit News 07.14.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Michigan Catholic 05.27.05
Alvin Marie (Sister) NSuedSchool Sisters of Notre DameAccused of abuse of boys living at Madonna Manor in 1950s and 1960s in suits filed August, 2005 and March, 2006. Worked in Dallas Province for many years. Died.Oct. 2006 (?) At least one claim included in almost $5.2M settlement with Archdiocese in Fall, 2009New Orleans, LASource:
School Sisters of Notre Dame, Dallas Province Website 2007(?); Times Picayune 08.25.05; Times Picayune 03.14.06; Times Picayune 03.11.10
HaganArthur J.1933PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Died 3/22/63. 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.Boston, MASource:
BA.Org List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
HaganDavid I.1966PSuedOblateDied in 2005. Accused in 6/06 RICO class action civil suit of abusing 2 brothers for 3 years ,beginning in 1977 or 1978. RICO suit dismissed 11/06 on grounds that RICO's standard of injury to business or property had not been met. Appeal rejected by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07.Philadelphia, PASource:
Magnum et al v Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.03.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.16.06; Philadelphia Daily News 06.17.06; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.25.06; Philadelphia Daily News 11.21.06; Law com 11.07.07
James Craig1974PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of several youths 1981-1986 and in 1970. First allegations reported 1988. Placed on leave 1996. Resigned from priesthood 4/97. Two claims settled 10/03. One claim included in 10/05 settlement with Archdiocese. Sued 4/06 re abuse 1994-1996 at St. Denis parish. At least 1 claim included in 8/08 $12.7M settlement involving 11 priests and 16 plaintiffs. Laicized 4/10. Personnel file released 01/21/14.Chicago, ILSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Hagan Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
HaganJames E.1956PSuedDiocesanAccused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of 11-year-old girl in 1956 at St. Leo the Great. The girl told her pastor shortly thereafter and he said he would take care of it. Girl told mother, who did not believe her. Hagan left priesthood in 1973.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier Journal 9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier-Journal 05.10.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Clement A.1930PSuedDiocesanIdentified by Gallup diocese as abuser in 8/05. At least 16 alleged victims in Winslow, AZ. At least one man settled with Diocese in 2004. 70- yr- old man sued Gallup 11/10 alleging abuse by Hageman in 1950s. Assigned to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Holbrook 1942-52 and Madre de Dios in Winslow 1965-75. Suit also named Corpus Christi Diocese and said there were allegations about him there in 1930s. Died 1975. Gallup diocese's personnel file released 4/11 show multiple settlements. Corpus Christi & Santa Fe dismissed from suit 2012. New suits 5/13 & 6/13. Gallup diocese filed for bankruptcy in 2013 after lawsuit claiming 57 victims. Diocese released names of 30 "credibly accused" priests and one lay teacher in 12/14.Corpus Christi, TXSource:
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HagenbachClinton Vincent1961PSettledDiocesan1 civil suit settled 2002 for $1.5M. Also accused of abuse of 2 other people. Died 1987. Abuse ranged from 1960s to 1980s. Per 2007 article, he molested more than a dozen victims at two parishes between late 1960s-early 1970s. There are 16 plaintiffs intrial set for mid-2007. Massive LA archdiocese settlement for $660 mil for 500+ cases 7/14/07 just prior to this trial.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; LA Times 7.15.07 (2nd); LA Times 08.18.02; LA Times 12.11.02; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 10.30.04; LA Times 10.16.05; San Luis Obispo Tribune 06.17.06; LA Times 07.09.07; California Catholic Daily 07.13.07; Guardian 07.14.07; LA Times 07.15.07; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Joseph1934PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Pastor of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Lebanon PA. for 36 years. Retired 1976. Died 4/6/92. Name was included on the diocese's list released 8/1/18. Accused after his death of having sexually abused a child.Harrisburg, PASource:
Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; Lebanon Daily News 08.02.18
HahnJude Clarence Francis1958PAccusedOFM Cap CapuchinAccused of sexually abusing a minor boy in 1976. Civil suit filed Feb. 1994. In depo in this case Hahn admitted to having sexual contact with 4 young males (including Plaintiff) in 1970s and 80s. Teacher at St. Lawrence Seminary told the Order in 1981-1982 that Hahn, a dormitory supervisor, was having inappropriate contact with students. Left priesthood in 1993 and requested laicization. Pope approved the request..Madison, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.19.02; Associated Press 04.20.02; SNAP--Wisconsin 11.14.10
HaightMark1976PSettledDiocesan6/02 article says Diocese settled with at least 2 men (in 1989 & 1997) who alleged abuse by Haight years before. After treatment, Haight was assigned as hospital chaplain in 1990; removed in 1996 after hospital learned of history. 1997 settlement was $997,500. Haight abused a youth in Baltimore in mid-1970s while still a seminarian. Civil suit filed in Boston in 10/04 alleging abuse by Haight & 2nd priest at church in Colonie, NY & during trips to Massachusetts. May be at least 6 more victims. Suit filed 1/18 in Vermont by man alleging sexual abuse there as a boy by Haight.Albany, NYSource:
Times Union (NY) 06.05.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; New York Times 06.27.02; Times Union 06.27.02; Times Union 06.28.02; Baltimore Sun 08.21.02; Washington Post 08.22.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Albany Times Union 05.18.03; Albany Times Union 10.06.04; Bennington Banner 01.19.18
John P1976PAccusedDiocesanFirst revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as working at Holy Family church in Buffalo NY.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Post-Journal 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Post-Journal 03.25.18; Buffalo News 04.29.18; Buffalo News 05.27.18
Post-Journal 03.21.18; Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
HalleeRenald C. PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 3/10 against Hallee and Diocese alleging he abused her in early 1970s when she was a minor and he was at St. John Catholic Church in Bangor. Court granted summary judgment in favor of Diocese & Hallee on SOL. Plaintiff settled with Diocese but appealed re Hallee. Decision reversed 1/12. Hallee left priesthood in 1977 & was laicized 5/4/09. Later a church volunteer in MA, he was allowed to chaperone teens on church trip in 2010 even after telling his priest about the suit. Woman's suit against Hallee was dismissed by Maine Supreme Court on SOL, even though he left the state in 1977. Court said she had not tried hard enough to locate him and serve him with a lawsuit..Portland, MESource:
Bangor Daily News 09.03.11; WMTW 09.05.11; Portland Press Herald 09.14.11; Boston Globe 10.10.11; Boston Herald 10.10.11; Nashoba Publishing 10.27.11; Angell v Hallee in The Leagle 01.31.12; SNAP Statement 02.01.12; Bangor Daily News 04.09.14; Bangor Daily News 05.29.14; Portland Press Herald 05.29.14; SNAP Statement 06.02.14
James W.1962PAccusedDiocesanWoman notified Diocese 11/02 that Haller had had an inappropriate relationship with her more than 20 years before when she was a minor. Haller admitted to the relationship, saying that he had loved the girl and wanted to leave the priesthood and marry her. Instead, he was unable to leave the priesthood and the relationship ended. Diocese said that the report was the "first and only" report about Haller. He resigned from his posting. Not listed in 3/03 Atty General Report on Manchester Diocese.Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 11.24.02; Union Leader 11.25.02; Boston Globe 11.27.02
HalseyLawrence M. BSuedMaristKnown as Brother Cronin, Halsey is accused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of teenage girl from 1968-1972 at Marist high school in Eugene. Another woman also alleged molestation when she was in high school but later withdrew her claim. Halsey left the order, married, and lives in Oregon as of 2002.Portland, ORSource:
Associated Press 05.11.02; Archdiocese of Portland News Release 05.13.02; Sunday Oregonian 07.07.02; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
HambrockEugene BAccusedCrosier Fathers and BrothersWorked in IN, NY, MN, & NE. Name is included on 3/8/14 updated list of current, former and deceased Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors. Died 1/30/99. No indication of which diocese he was working in at time of alleged abuse or when allegation was received..St. Cloud, MNSource:
FindAGrave 01.30.99; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; Duluth News Tribune 03.09.14; St Cloud Times 03.09.14; Gallup Independent 03.17.14
Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
Kenneth1982PSettledSociety of the Divine Word (SVD)Archdiocese announced settlement in 12/18 of a lawsuit file in 2015 which claimed Hamilton and Deacon Lloyd Glapion sexually abused a boy at St. Augustine's in Treme in the 1980s. Both men denied wrongdoing. Listed in 1/19 as on staff at St. Columba's in Oakland CA.New Orleans, LASource:
New Orleans Advocate 12.20.18
HamiltonWilliam PAccusedDiocesanIn 2003 the Archdiocese settled a sex abuse claim against Hamilton for $675,000. Further facts and Hamilton's current status are unknown.Portland, ORSource:
Oregonian Table 11.12.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
HammerJohn E.1979PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2002 after admitting to abuse of an altar boy 1980-1983. Sent for treatment in 1985 then worked in MD. Returned to Youngstown area in 1990; Bishop Malone persuaded Saginaw MI diocese to take him; worked there for the next 12 years. Lawsuit filed 9/02 by three plaintiffs from the Youngstown diocese and one youth from the Saginaw diocese. On the Youngstown diocese's list 10/29/18.Youngstown, OHSource:
Associated Press 04.21.02; Grand Rapid Press 04.22.02; Akron Beacon Journal 04.23.02; Columbus Dispatch 04.23.02; Associated Press 04.28.02; Associated Press 06.12.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Akron Beacon Journal 09.20.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Saginaw News 05.21.05; Saginaw News 04.11.06; Ohio--SNAP Statement 08.29.13; SNAP Letter to Bishop Murry 08.29.13; Diocese of Saginaw 04.14.18; MLive 04.14.18; WYTV 10.29.18; Diocese of Youngstown List 10.30.18
HammondJoseph T.1931PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. In 6/16 a man testified that when he was in high school in 1961, Hammond masturbated in front of him and tried to fondle him in the rectory of St. Leo's in Ashley. He said other boys saw Hammond masturbating that night, too. The man said, in part, that he drove to the police station and that the officer on duty, who was a St. Leo's parishioner, told him he didn't want to hear it and to leave. He said he told his girlfriend, then his mother, who contacted the diocese, and that the diocese told her it would be taken care of. Hammond was kept in ministry and made Monsignor in 1968. He died in 1985. Hammond's diocesan file had no record of the allegation, and the Ashley police had no record of the report. The GJ was able to corroborate the man's story via another person who was there that night and from the man's his wife, who was his girlfriend in 1961.Scranton, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HammondRobert W.1967PAccusedDiocesan2/03 suit claims man was sexually abused by Hammond, director of the Catholic youth summer program at his church, in 1979. Same man and and 3 others also allege that they were abused by another priest, Albert Cason. Per 2002 Catholic Directory, Hammond was "unassigned." Bishop placed Hammond under restrictions pending investigation. Resigned from his last post in 2000 for "personal reasons not related to any criminal activity." Prayer & Penance per Diocese 6/12 announcement.Rochester, NYSource:
Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; Democrat and Chronicle 01.31.03
Michael R.1993PConvictedDiocesanArrested 5/01 and charged with sexual abuse of a 13-yr-old boy over a year and a half period. Another allegation surfaced involving a 22-yr-old man abused about 10 yrs previously. Pled guilty in 2002-03 on two separate charges. Sentenced 2003 to 2 yrs jail and to 6 mo jail and 5 yrs probation. Released 4/04; requested laicization. Identified as Priest W in Suffolk Co. Grand Jury report of 1/03. On NY Sex Offender Registry. Arrested in 7/17 related to report of abuse 7/24/17 of a teen boy in Charlton. Charges included sodomy, sex abuse and using a child in a sexual performance. Also accused of possession and distribution of child porn Had been living at Easton Mountain Retreat, a center "created by gay men as a gift to the world," per its website. Guilty plea 1/18. Died in apparent suicide in jail 2/27/18.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 03.08.02; Newsday 01.03.03; Newsday 01.03.03; Newsday 01.09.03; Newsday 01.14.03; Suffolk County Grand Jury Report 01.17.03; Newsday 02.05.03; NY Times 03.02.03; Newsday 03.04.03; Statement by Michael Hands 03.04.03; Newsday 03.12.03; Newsday 03.13.03; Newsday 05.01.04; Newsday 04.12.05; Newsday 09.05.17; Post-Star (Glen Falls NY) 09.05.17; Associated Press via 12 News WBNG 09.06.17; CBS 6 News WRGB 09.06.17; Post-Star 09.06.17; Times Union 09.06.17; Post Star 01.05.18; The Times-Union 01.05.18; Newsday 02.27.18; Times Union 02.27.18
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Charles T. 1983PArrestedDiocesanAssigned to Queen of Apostles in Pewaukee when arrested 10/18, charged with second degree sexual assault of a child. Accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl during confession, 12/17/17. He denied the allegation. Case to go to trial, per news 11/30/18.Milwaukee, WISource:
Fox 6 10.15.18; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10.16.18; SNAP 11.30.18; WISN 11.30.18
Thomas Ronald 1958PAccusedDiocesanAccused of inappropriate touching and comments toward a child. Died 6/16/12. Accused after his death of having sexually abused a child. Per obit, was a "prolific writer, homilist, educator." Principal of Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School in Coal Township beginning in 1967. Edited the diocesan paper 1975-2006. Parish assignments in Lancaster, Columbia, Steelton Shamokin and Ranshaw. Pastor 1976-1981 in Palmyra,and 1981-1985 in Steelton. Was also at Harrisburg and New Cumberland parishes. Retired 2006. Name included on the diocese's list released 8/1/18.Harrisburg, PASource:
Diocese of Harrisburg Obit 06.25.12; Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; Lebanon Daily News 08.02.18
Diocese of Harrisburg Obit 06.25.12
HanleyBernard Brian1958PSuedDiocesanOrdained in Ireland and came to LA in 1958 to work. Returned to Ireland in 1965 and is still active priest. Allegations made in 2002 or 2003 by one woman alleging abuse when she was 4. Named in 2004 suit alleging he abused 2 victims in 1965. Church did not believe allegations. Personnelfile released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California 08.27.04; New Times 03.28.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
James T.1962PSettledDiocesanAdmitted in 10/4/03 deposition to abusing about 12 boys 1968-82; abuse included oral sex. Also stated that he had admitted the abuse to Bp. Rodimer in 9/85. Removed from ministry by Rodimer in 1986. Serrano case was settled by diocese in 1987 for $350Kwith a confidentiality agrmnt. Hanley admitted abusing Mark Serrano 1974-81 starting at age 9. Serrano went public 3/18/02. Request for laicization granted in 2003. Diocese settled with 21 accusers in 2005. Served 1 yr jail on weapons charge.Paterson, NJSource:
NY Times 03.17.02; Daily Record 04.21.02; HealingTogether 06.12.02; Rolling Stone 06.20.02; The Record 03.14.03; Hanley Sworn Statement 10.04.03; NY Times 10.14.03; Pat Serrano Statement 08.21.04; Daily Record 08.27.04; Newsday 02.10.05; Herald News 01.30.06; Transcript of WCBS-TV 01.30.06; Daily Record 02.04.06; Star Ledger 03.22.06; Daily Record 03.23.06; The Observer-Tribune 02.24.16
Star Ledger 4.21.07 (add'l article); Intelligencer Journal 4.27.07 (add'l article); Star-Ledger 6.1.07 (add'l article); Star-Ledger 10.25.07 (add'l article; Daily Record 10.28.07 (add'l article); Star-Ledger 12.14.07 (add'l article)
HanlonJames Bernard1981PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of a 16 yr old boy in late 1982 or early 1983. Accuser rec'd $12.5K in 1997 settlement. Hanlon died 2/90 at age 38. He was HIV positive but death certificate says years of alcoholism contributed to his death. Diocese ordered to producepersonnel files. Allegations are that the diocese shielded Hanlon and other abusers. Personnel files produced 11.28.06. Named in new suit 4/07. Suit against Hanlon and Teczar settled 2/08. Another claim settled 3/09.Fort Worth, TXSource:
Documents from the Secret Archives of the Ft. Worth Diocese; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 06.11.05; Star Telegram 06.26.05; Star Telegram 08.10.05; Star Telegram 08.18.05; Star Telegram 02.16.06; WFAA and Dallas Morning News 02.21.06; Star Telegram (AP) 02.24.06; Star Telegram 11.28.06; Dallas Morning News 11.29.06; Star Telegram 11.29.06; Houston Chroncile (AP) 04.04.07; Star Telegram 04.04.07; Houston Chronicle (AP) 12.19.07; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 12.20.07
Fr. Worth Star Telegram 2.15.08 (add'l article); Dallas Morning News 3.4.09 (add'l article); DFW Catholic 3.19.09 (add'l article); Fort Worth Diocese 6.10.05; Diocese of Fort Worth List of Accused Priests accessed 1.12
John R.1955PConvictedDiocesanAccused of sexually abusing at least 10 boys during a 14 yr period. Convicted of raping one youth and sentenced to 3 concurrent life sentences as of 3/94. Also abused victim's brother. Would take boys to nude beaches to desensitize them. Civil suit filed by the 2 brothers settled in 1994 for undisclosed sum. Still shown as Senior Priest/Retired as of 3/05. Voluntary laicization announced 6/10/05. Still in prison 5/11.Boston, MASource:
Documents released by NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03; Boston Globe 06.26.92; Boston Globe 10.31.92; Boston Globe 06.14.93; Boston Globe 09.22.93; Boston Globe 09.23.93; Boston Globe 09.24.93; Boston Globe 10.08.93; Boston Globe 03.12.94; Atlanta Journal & Constitution 04.26.94; USA Today 11.11.02; Boston Globe 07.24.03; Times-Picayune 07.24.03; Boston Globe 06.10.05
Patriot Ledger 10.20.08 (add'l article); Metrowest Daily News 8.26.11 (add'l article); National Catholic Register 8.25.11 (add'l article); Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
HannanRogers BConvictedSociety of the Divine Word (SVD)Named publicly as accused on the Wheeling-Charleston dioceses' list in late 2018. Accusation reported to Order 8/23/12 of solicitation of a minor in 2012. WV Dept. of Health and Human Resources notified 8/24/12. Hannan withdrew from Order 10/12. Case sent to Prosecutor's Office in 2014. Convicted, sentenced to 2-10 years in jail in McDowell County, WV.Wheeling-Charleston, WVSource:
Diocee of Wheeling-Charleston Updated List 12.05.18
James V BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Hanney was listed as a 'former' brother as of 6/11/14. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Hanney in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested. The 1982 yearbook for All Hallows High School in the Bronx, NYC, shows Hanney was there as a science teacher.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
HannonRobert E.1954PAccusedDiocesanName included on Erie diocese's list 4/6/18 and in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Transferred to Hawaii 6/79. Honolulu diocese knew in at least 1986 that Hannon admitted in treatment at Paracletes in NM to abuse of at least twenty youths, ages 12-19. One accuser was female; she said Hannon fondled her at ages 6-8, in the 1970s, in HI. Erie diocese revealed in 2003 it knew of eight Hannon victims. Died in Hawaii 1/16/06, age 79.Erie, PASource:
Star Bulletin Obituary 01.18.06; Diocese of Erie 04.06.18; GoErie 04.06.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HanrahanMichael F.1971PConvictedDiocesanResigned 1993. Pleaded guilty in 1994 to molesting a boy in 1983-1984 and served 3 yrs in prison. Avoided prosecution in cases involving boy's 2 older brothers. Civil suit filed by at least one man and Court ordered diocese to produce Hanrahan's secret archive file. Diocese settled and file never produced. Court ruled in 1998 that procedural error meant Hanrahan no longer had to register as sexual predator. Laicized early 1990s.Columbus, OHSource:
Columbus Dispatch 3.6.98; Columbus Dispatch 4.6.02; Columbus Dispatch 7.9.94; Columbus Dispatch 05.19.94; Columbus Dispatch 04.27.02; Dayton Daily News 05.12.02
HansenUnknown PAccusedDiocesanIn 1999 Archdiocese paid a $22,500 settlement to one claimant. No information provided on when abuse occurred, who the victim was, or the current status of Hansen.Portland, ORSource:
Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
David J.1958PSettledDiocesanPer 2002 article, 4 brothers came forward in 1988 to say that Hanser abused them approx. 30 years before. Hanser, who "retired" 4/02, had worked at Milwaukee hospital system since 1991. One of the men who reached $65K settlement with Archdiocese in 1990 also sued Hanser in 2002. Settled 2003. Accused of abusing perhaps a dozen victims between 1960s-1980s. Retired without privileges in 2002. Laicized in 2005 New suit filed 9/09 by 2. See Decision in Bankruptcy Court 2/17/12 re different case.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.21.02; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.23.02; Milwaukee Catholic Journal 06.13.02; Milwaukee Catholic Herald 09.19.02; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List updated 11.26.07; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List updated after 11.26.07; WTMJ 04.17.08; WTMJ 09.06.09; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09.08.09; Living Lake Country 09.09.09; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10.13.10; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 02.09.12; In Re Archdiocese of Milwaukee in The Leagle 02.17.12; WTMJ 07.01.13; Brookfield Patch 07.03.13; Waukesha Patch 07.03.13; Fox 6 07.04.13; The Republic 07.05.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.06.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.04.14; Noaker Law Firm 10.10.16
In re Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Cause No. 12-C-580, 10.29.12 at p. 13,; Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12 (add'l article)
HaranMichael Joseph1945PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse. Died 1973. One victim alleged abuse in 1948. 2003 civil suit alleges abuse of 1 from 1949-1957. Archdiocese released only one page from Haran's personnel file 1/13 when it released personal files from over 200 accused priests.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; Personnel File from Archdiocese of Los Angeles 01.31.13; MediaReport 04.11.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
HarbertWilliam1962PAccusedDiocesanHarbert admitted abusing a 14-year-old in 1982.Also accused of abusing 3 siblings. Chaplain at nursing home when charges surfaced. Resigned from public ministry in 1993 after admitting he abused another youth. Suit filed 2/04. Plaintiff claims Diocese knew of abuse in 1970s. Settled in 2005. Another suit filed 1/07. Harbert died in 2003. On diocese's list in 12/18.Peoria, ILSource:
Pantagraph 08.24.93; Pantagraph 08.30.93; Star-Ledger 06.13.02; Copely News Service 02.03.04; Pantagraph 02.04.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 12.11.04; Associated Press 04.04.05; Journal Star 04.20.05; WJBC 01.16.07; Northwest Herald 01.17.07; The Southern 01.18.07; Diocese of Peoria List 12.21.18
HardinRoy T.1964PAccusedDiocesanMan alleged to Diocese in 1994 that Hardin abused him in 1976 after the teenager went to him for counseling. Diocese found allegations credible and permanently suspended Hardin. SOL stopped legal action. Hardin still receiving church-paid therapy as of 2005.Camden, NJSource:
Associated Press 09.19.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05
HardmanJohn  ?PAccusedNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese of Mobile on its list 12/6/18. "Misconduct" noted to have occurred 1972-78. List says he was an Order priest or brother, but doesn't name the Order, when he worked in the diocese or where the misconduct occurred. Worked at some point at Most Pure Heart of Mary parish in Mobile. Deceased.Mobile, ALSource:
Archdiocese of Mobile List 12.06.18
HardyPaschal1956PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list updated 12/6/18. Allegations reported in 2008 of incidents 1958-1961. Hardy died in 1989.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
James E.1955PConvictedDiocesanFour civil suits filed in 2002 by men accusing him of abuse when they were altar boys. Privileges were removed in 2002 after suits filed. Twice convicted of abuse in 2004. Received separate eight-yr sentences in two counties. Died 5/05 after one yr in prison. In 10/05 Vatican ordered him (already dead) to life of prayer & penance. One man who lived in Texas said he reported the abuse to Bishop Tschoepe of Dallas in about 1990. Apparently nothing done.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 05.17.02; Courier-Journal 05.18.02; Courier-Journal 05.24.02; Courier-Journal 06.01.02; Courier-Journal 06.27.02; Courier Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 10.11.02; Courier-Journal 10.20.02; Courier Journal 04.20.04; Courier-Journal 05.19.04; Courier-Journal 06.14.04; Courier-Journal 06.23.04; Courier-Journal 05.18.05; Courier-Journal 10.25.05; El Paso Times 07.28.13; WDRB News 09.27.17
SNAP Statement 5.23.13 (add'l article); Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Henry G.1947PAccusedJesuitNever sued. Name included in 11/07 settlement between Jesuits & 110 plaintiffs. In 2003 he was accused by a woman in her 60s of making improper advances. The bishop publicly apologized. Hargreaves was removed from parish & sent for evaluation. In 1/0943 plaintiffs in AK sued Order & Seattle Univ. Pres. the Rev. S. Sundborg alleging Sundborg knew about abuse by Hargreaves & others and did nothing. Two or more pending claims shown in bankru. reorg. docs for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Died 02/22/13.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Associated Press 05.20.03; Alaskan Shepherd June-July 2003, 07.31.03; Associated Press 08.06.03; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Anchorage Daily News 01.14.09; James Doe 59 et al v Society of Jesus, Oregon Province et al, Alaska Superior Court, 4th Judicial District at Bethel, 01.14.09; KGW (AP) 01.14.09; KIRO 01.14.09; Seattle Times 01.14.09; The Spectator 01.14.09; Seattle Times 01.15.09; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Second Rape 11.17.09; Alakanuk - Saint Ignatius Catholic Church Web site 01.25.10; Emmonak - Sacred Heart Catholic Church Web Site 01.25.10; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10; Spokesman-Review 02.27.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas M.1971PSuedDiocesanNamed in 1994 RICO civil suit filed in Camden. Allegation of abuse of girl in 1979-80. Sent for therapy. 2nd allegation. Both settled for total of $195K. Church did not report allegation to police per state law. Sent for treatment on other occasions. Active until 2002 when permanently removed. Woman filed suit 5/16/12 alleging abuse on multiple occasions in 1980 and 1981 at St. Anthony of Padua in Hammonton. In 2012 held security post at Philadelphia Inter. Airport. Suit settled 6/27/14 under undisclosed terms.Camden, NJSource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05; Courier Post 05.17.12; CBS Philly 05.24.12; SNAP Statement 05.25.12; New York Daily News 05.26.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 08.20.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.01.12; ABC News 10.02.12; Courier Post 07.05.13; Courthouse News Service 07.09.13; Courier-Post 07.14.13; South Jersey Times 07.19.13; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.29.13; Courier-Post 03.26.14; SNAP Statement 03.26.14; Courier-Post 06.27.14; Courier-Post 03.28.16
Harman/HarmonCharles1954PAccusedDiocesanSpelled 'Harmon' in the 1988 Official Catholic Directory.Named publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list updated 12/6/18. Allegations reported 2009 of incidents 1967-1974. Harman died in 2006.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
H. Robert1982PReinstatedDiocesanTemporarily removed by diocese 4/22/13 pending investigation by County Attorney and diocese of allegations that he had inappropriately touched a minor in approx. 1990 while at St. Mary's in Keota, Sts. Peter and Paul in Clear Creek and St. Elizabeth in Harper. He was pastor of Holy Family in Davenport when he was removed. Allegation was received approx. 4-5 days before he was removed. Reinstated by diocese 5/23/13 after investigator did not substantiate the allegation.Davenport, IASource:
CBS 4 04.22.13; Quad-City Times 04.22.13; Statement by Diocese of Davenport 04.22.13; WQAD 04.22.13; WSOC TV 04.22.13; AP 05.23.13; Quad-City Times 05.23.13; WQAD 05.23.13
Peter P.1953PAccusedDiocesanHarney, a native of Ireland, graduated from St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore and worked in MD and DE during his entire career. He retired 12/74. Died 04/16/00. Apparently he was named in civil suit filed in DE in 2009 as his personnel file was to be released 11/09 byWilmington Diocese as part of diocese's bankruptcy filing. File finally released 2/12.Wilmington, DESource:
News Journal 04.18.00; News Journal 11.07.09; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel Files 02.16.12
BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
HarnishLionel A.1954PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 11/10/18. Removed from ministry in 1986. Died 2007.Gaylord, MISource:
Diocese of Gaylord Internal Memo 11.09.18; Diocese of Gaylord List 11.10.18; 9 and 10 News 11.14.18; Michigan Live 11.15.18
HaroldBrother BAccusedSalesiansAccused in a lawsuit 11/18 by two men of sexually abusing them as teens at Hope Haven in the 1970s. Both said Brother Harold fondled them. One plaintiff said the brother forced oral sex on him during tutoring, and that a counselor at the facility paid him for oral sex. The suit was filed by four men alleging physical and sexual abuse when they were teenage residents of Hope Haven and Madonna Manor in the 1970s and 1980s.New Orleans, LASource:
New Orleans Advocate 11.13.18; WVUE 11.13.18
HaroldJames  ?PAccusedSociety of African MissionsNamed publicly as accused on the Savannah diocese's list 11/8/18. Noted to have worked in the diocse 1948-56. Deceased.Savannah, GASource:
Diocese of Savannah List 11.08.18
HarringtonDaniel B. 1932PSettledDiocesanAccused of sexual abuse of at least one minor. Included on the Helena diocese's list posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement. Died 11/23/97.Helena, MTSource:
Helena Diocese Bankruptcy Settlement 03.04.15; Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
HarringtonJohn1945PSettledDiocesanMonsignor. Longtime director of Family Services for New York Catholic Charities. Also parish priest and chaplain for a Children's Home. Per obit, "always taught religion to children in both the parish and public schools." Died 8/22/09. Named publicly for the first time in 2017 settlement from the archdiocese's Reconciliation and Compensation Program for Victim-Survivors of Abuse.New York, NYSource:
Journal News via Legacycom 08.27.09; New York Tmies 10.29.17
Journal News via Legacycom 08.27.09
HarringtonJohn1948PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators ofsexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Harrington's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Died 3/05/04.Portland, ORSource:
Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael J1942PAccusedDiocesanFirst revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Listed as having died in 1989; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as a retired monsignor. Listed in 1985 Directory as working at Immaculate Conception church in Buffalo NY.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
Harrington (Bp)
Timothy J.1946PSuedDiocesanAccused in 3/29/05 suit of sexually abusing a boy from age 11 to 15 three times; abuse consisted of genital fondling, anal penetration, and oral copulation. The diocese examined diocesan records and stated that it "found no basis of credibility to the claims." Retired 1994 and died 1997. Claim NOT settled in 11/08 $4.5M settlement w/ Diocese. .Worcester, MASource:
Burnett v. Bishop of Springfield, MA Superior Court No. 05-0331(B); Telegram & Gazette 03.31.05; list of U.S. Bishops Accused of Abuse 04.14.08; Examiner 04.14.08; The Republican 12.03.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
Bernard A. PSuedJesuitA/K/A Father Harry. Accused in 1/06 suit of raping 4 of 8 siblings in 1968-72 in OR. Brother of Rev. James Harris, also accused of abusing same family. B. Harris was incardinated in Helena MT at time of alleged abuse, teaching at Loyola HS in Missoula and working at St. Francis Xavier parish there. Died 9/7/72. In 3/11 20 claims settled as part of Jesuit settlement. Named as abuser of at least one native American child at St. Ignatius Mission in MT in 9/11 civil suit. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor. Worked at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma 1949-52.Helena, MTSource:
Oregonian 01.12.06; Statesman Journal (Salem OR) 01.12.06; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; Missoulian 09.03.09; Missoulian 09.14.09; Missoulian 09.26.09; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Missoulian 01.07.10; PCVA Law Firm Press Release 03.25.11; KXLH 09.21.11; NBC Montana 09.22.11; The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11; Press Release from Kosnoff Fasy 01.31.14; Archdiocese of Seattle list 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
HarrisBrennan1969PAccusedFranciscan OFM ConvFirst named publicly as accused on Indianapolis archdiocese's list 10/12/18. Noted to have one victim, abuse allegedly occurring in 1971. Removed from ministry by Order. Died 1985.Indianapolis, INSource:
Archdiocese of Indianapolis list 10.12.18; Indianapolis Star 10.12.18
HarrisJames M.1948PSuedDiocesanAccused in 2006 civil suit of abusing 3 of 8 siblings, ages of 5-14, beginning in 1968. He had befriended the family after their house burned down. Brother of Bernard M. Harris who is alleged to also have abused the children. Died 1999. New lawsuit to be filed 8/07 alleging abuse of 1 youth in early 1950s. Another suit filed by 2 brothers in 2/17 claiming abuse by Harris and Rev. Maurice Grammond when they were ages 9-13 and 11-12, while their step-father suffered from leukemia.Portland, ORSource:
Statesman Journal (Salem OR) 01.12.06; The Oregonian 01.12.06; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; The Oregonian 08.02.07; Statesman Journal 08.03.07; Catholic Sentinel 08.09.07; KATU 02.01.17; KOIN 02.01.17; OregonLive 02.01.17
John E.1984PAccusedDiocesanDisciplined in 1999 for launching a sexually explicit website. Then placed on leave in 2003 after accusation of nude swimming and boating with youths 20 years previously.Portland, MESource:
Portland Press Herald 4.5.00; Portland Press Herald 9.4.03; St. Sebastian's Angels 6.00; Portland Press Herald (AP) 03.17.00; Portland Press Herald 03.18.00; Portland Press Herald 03.26.00; Portland Press Herald 04.21.00; Portland Press Herald 09.10.03; The Day 09.11.03; Portland Press Herald 09.19.03; WMTW 01.28.07; Bangor Daily News 01.29.07; Bishop's statement in keepMEcurrent 01.29.07
HarrisKenneth L.< 1943PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the Diocese of Steubenville's list 10/31/18. Noted to have been suspended frmo ministry in 1963. Per the 1943 Official Catholic Directory, Harris was a priest of the the Natchez MS diocese. By 1950 he was Absent On Leave from Natchez, in San Bernardino, CA., back in MS by 1951, then Absent on Leave again in the 1952 Directory. By 1953 he was still on leave from Natchez, in the Diocese of Steubenville. He died 6/22/64.Steubenville, OHSource:
Diocese of Steubenville List 10.31.18; WTOV 10.31.18
HarrisL. Yates1977PSuedDiocesanMan filed suit in March 2003 alleging that he had been abused by Harris 20 years ago when he was 17. Harris was working as high school counselor and chaplain at the time. Man says the counseling office at the school was lined with pictures Harris had taken of shirtless male students. All had hand-written notes on the back on them. Died 1996.Miami, FLSource:
Associated Press 03.13.03; Miami Herald 03.14.03; Sun-Sentinel 03.14.03
Michael A.1972PSettledDiocesanRemoved 1/94 after Mother of one youth who died of AIDS made allegations against Harris to diocese. Accused of abuse of another male student at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana in 1991 per 1994 civil suit which was later dropped. 3rd accuser settled for $5.2M in 2001. Laicized 11/13/01. Several other victims filed suits filed in 2003. Harris served in both Orange & Los Angeles and is on lists released by both. Personnel file released 5/12. Civil suit settled with Orange for $2M just before trial 6/12.Orange, CASource:
Orange County Register 03.05.94; LA Times 10.16.94; OC Register 10.17.94; OC Register 10.18.94; OC Register 08.22.01; OC Register 12.07.01; LA Times 01.11.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; City of Angels 11.03.07; Orange County Register 05.23.12; Worthy Adversary 06.04.12; Orange County Register 06.06.12; Digital Hairshirt 06.07.12; Orange County Weekly 06.19.12; Worthy Advisor 06.19.12; Diocese of Orange 08.12.16
Orange County Register 6.19.12 (add'l article); The Patch 6.19.12 (add'l article); KYPost 6.26.12 (add'l article); LA Times Database 4.20.06
Steven1980PAccusedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as pastor at St. Isaac Jogues in Wayne. Had served as chancellor for archdiocese. Found suitable for ministry 7/6/12 after Review Board determined misconduct claims were unsubstantiated. Assigned to Tribunal and Chancery. Pastor of St. Bridget's in East Falls since 6/15; placed again on leave 12/15 due to "concerns regarding his suitability for ministry at this time," and not due to allegations of a crime.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 03.08.11; NY Times 03.08.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.08.11; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 03.08.11; Daily Local News 03.09.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.09.11; Mt Airy Patch 03.10.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11; NBC 10 07.06.12; Newsworks 07.06.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.06.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 07.06.12; The Republic 07.06.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.09.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.21.15
Background Information on Priest by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 7.6.12
Wallace A.1972PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Placed on leave 8/08 from Saint Charles Borromeo Parish after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor in late 1980s surfaced. Second allegation was reported to the DA's office as it conducted initial investigation. By 9/20/08, 8 more accusers had come forward. No criminal charges due to SOL. Harris denied all allegations. In 9/10, he resigned from parish and was permanently removed from active priesthood. Sentenced to life of prayer & penance 1/12 by Vatican.New York, NYSource:
Statement by Archdiocese of New York 08.03.08; WCBStv 08.03.08; Daily News 08.04.08; Daily News 08.04.08; NY Post 08.04.08; WABC 08.04.08; Daily News 08.05.08; eFluxMedia 08.05.08; NY Post 08.05.08; NY Times 08.05.08; NY Times 08.09.08; Edge 08.12.08; NY Times 08.14.08; Daily News 08.15.08; NY Times 09.20.08; NBC NY 09.16.10; NY Daily News 09.16.10; NY Times 09.16.10; SNAP Statement 09.16.10; NY Post 02.01.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Arthur1956PSettledDiocesanCharged in 2003 in a Marin County for sex abuse of 10-year-old girl in 1961 at Our Lady of Loretto parish. Case dismissed 7/03 after ruling by US Supreme Court. Accused in 1988 of molesting two San Jose girls, and having affair with their mother. Not charged. Retired in 1992. Two claims settled in 6/05 as part of $21.2 mil settlement with SF Archdiocese involving 5 priests. Died 11/06. On San Jose diocese's list 10/18/18.San Jose, CASource:
Marin Independent Journal (CA) 05.10.03; Marin Independent Journal 07.02.03; Mercury News 02.15.04; San Jose Mercury News 06.11.05; SF Chronicle 06.11.05; Valley Catholic 12.19.06; Diocese of San Jose list 10.18.18
Robert 1964PunknownCapuchin FranciscanCardinal Hayes High School teacher since around 1989; also basketball coach, assistant principal. Admitted 12/22/14 to sexual abuse of 10 minors in 1970s and '80s in NYC and WI. Was borrowing money from staff members; when asked why Harrison said he needed it to pay a victim. Removed from ministry, sent to a "facility" and district attorneys notified, per Order.New York, NYSource:
JRN 01.05.15; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 01.05.15; NBC New York 01.05.15; New York Times 01.05.15; New York Daily News 01.06.15; News One 01.06.15; WABC 01.06.15; Jeff Anderson & Associates 01.07.15; Jeff Anderson & Associates 01.07.15; Road to Recovery 01.09.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
HarroldJohn F.1973PArrestedDiocesanArrested 1983 for sending child porn through the mail. Charges dropped when he entered a treatment center in New Mexico. Worked in England at a Paraclete home for recovering alcoholics and at a retreat house in CA. In 1997 the Diocese requested that he resign as a priest but he was still listed in 2002 Catholic Directory. On diocese's list 12/3/18.Syracuse, NYSource:
Post-Standard 04.14.02; Watertown Daily Times 03.14.18; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.10.18
Ellis N.1968PSettledDiocesanOne 1993 article says that Harsham reportedly had oral sex with two high school students in the 1970s. Accused of abuse of several boys. Said to have plied boys with alcohol, marijuana and pornography. Civil suit named Harsham and Cardinal Joseph Bernardin as abusers. Case withdrawn but plaintiff settled claims re Harsham in 1994. Placed on administrative leave in 1994, resigned from active ministry a few months later. Maintained "administrative leave" status until he was laicized in 2006.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Chicago Tribune 11.13.93; Chicago Sun Times 11.15.93; Chicago Sun Times 11.17.93; Chicago Tribune 11.20.93; Chicago Sun Times 11.21.93; Chicago Sun Times 11.21.93; Associated Press 12.18.93; Chicago Tribune 01.16.94; Dayton Daily News 03.01.94; Legal Intelligencer 03.16.94; Reuters 04.18.94; Chicago Sun Times 04.19.94; Dayton Daily News 04.19.94; Dayton Daily News 06.27.94; Dayton Daily News 06.29.94; Dayton Daily News 10.14.94; Cincinnati Enquirer 03.16.02; Dayton Daily News 03.12.04; Archdiocese of Cincinnati Status Report 02.07.06; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07; National Catholic Reporter 05.18.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Hart (Bp)
Joseph1956PSuedDiocesanKC-St. Joseph priest, Cheyenne WY bishop 1976-2001. Resigned. KC-St. Joseph diocese received two allegations in 1989 and 1992 that Hart abused boys in the late 1960s-early 1970s. After psych eval, returned to ministry in WY. Accused in 2002 of abuse of a boy in WY in 1976; accuser said abuse occurred during confession and on outings when Hart was bishop. Cleared by D.A. - alleged victim discredited. Named in 2004 civil suit by three men alleging abuse as boys. Other suits filed in 2005. Claims settled 8/08 as part of $10M settlement re 12 priests. Named in new suit 11/03/11. Settlements 2014. By 7/18 named by ten claimants in lawsuits. Investigation in 2018 after another man alleged abuse as a child in WY. Outside investigator found claims credible and said 2002 investigation was flawed and that the claims then were also credible. Report sent to Vatican in 5/18. Ministry restrictions, in place for years, to continue. Hart denied all accusations. Investigation reopened in 8/18.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Kansas City Star 04.25.02; Wyoming Tribune Eagle 04.25.02; Associated Press 04.26.02; Kansas City Star 05.15.02; Wyoming Tribune Eagle 05.15.02; Denver Post 05.16.02; Wyoming Tribune Eagle 07.30.02; Kansas City Star 07.31.02; Kansas City Star 01.22.04; The Examiner 01.22.04; Casper Star Tribune 01.24.04; National Catholic Reporter 02.06.04; Irish Examiner 03.03.04; Star Tribune 08.28.05; National Catholic Reporter 09.16.05; Catholic Scouters & Sexual Abuse 11.30.07; BA list of US Bishops Accused of Abuse 04.14.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Casper Star-Tribune 08.21.08; KTUU 10.06.16; Casper Star-Tribune 07.02.18; Kansas City Star 07.02.18; WTWO 07.02.18; National Catholic Reporter 07.03.18; Casper Star-Tribune 07.11.18; KNEP 08.21.18; Wyoming Tribune Eagle via Wyoming News Exchange 08.22.18; Kansas City Star 08.23.18; Kansas City Star 08.30.18; CNN 09.12.18; FOX 11 WLUK 09.24.18; NPR 09.27.18; World Religion News 10.06.18; Kansas City Star 10.21.18; Kansas City Star 10.21.18; Kansas City Star 10.22.18
; Assignment Record
HarteAl F.1964PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 1/31/14 alleging that Harte and 2 other priests (Fr. Bob and Fr. Allen) abused her on multiple occasions over 3 year period from 1978-1980 while she was a student at Holy Family Catholic School. Harte was at the parish from 1976-1989.Suit claims diocese know of his behavior before her abuse. He died 08/24/02.Rockford, ILSource:
FindAGrave 08.24.02; Chicago Tribune 08.28.02; Journal-Standard 01.31.14; Rockford Register-Star 02.07.14
Edward T.1962PAccusedDiocesanAccusation to archdiocese in 1995 that he sexually abused an altar boy on one occasion sometime between 1975 and 1978. Admitted to the abuse. Arrested. Three other priests were accused of abuse of the same youth. Hartel was acquitted on another allegation because of identification problems. Diocese said he would not be reassigned. At least one claim included in $1.3M settlement with the archdiocese in 12/06. On archdiocese's list 10/15/18. Died in 2013. On archdiocese's lsit 10/15/18.Washington, DCSource:
see also Schaefer articles; Washington Post 02.09.95; Washington Post 11.23.95; Washington Post 12.16.06; Washington Post 12.02.10; Archdiocese of Washington DC list 11.09.18
Washington Post 02.11.95
HartigJulian1926PAccusedFranciscanOriginally from Franciscan Province of St. John the Baptist in Cincinnati. Worked in TX, MO, KS, KY and NM. Assigned to China missions 1929-36. In NM worked in Gallup and Lumberton and its missions. Assignments included St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Gallup NM (1955), St. Francis of Assisi Mission, Lumberton NM (1961-1964). Died 10/14/87 in Albuquerque. Accused of abusing a young girl near the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Accuser was given counseling and matter referred to Review Board. Allegation found to be credible by Diocese and Order. Included on Gallup diocese's 12/14 list of clerics credibly accused of sexual abuse of minor(s).Gallup, NMSource:
Necrology of Friars p 254 1999; Arizona Republic 08.14.03; Gallup Independent 08.02.05; Gallup Independent 05.28.11; Gallup Independent 11.11.13; Gallup Bankruptcy Motion 10.30.14; Diocese of Gallup [downloaded 02.28.15
Necrology of Friars 1999
Bernard Joseph BConvictedMarianistJoined Marianists in 1958; worked many years in Australia.Taught 1986-97 at North Catholic High in Pittsburgh. US Marianists learned of Australian allegations in 1997; removed him from school. Sent to treatment; reassigned to internal ministry under safety plan. In 1999 accused by woman in Australia of sexual abuse when she was age 8. He apologized to her by letter. In US in 2008 when he celebrated his 50th anniversary. Lived in Dayton OH area in 2009. New accusers in Australia. Returned to Australia 9/13. Convicted there of sustained sexual abuse, including penetration, of a boy and 2 girls as young as age 8. Two more allegations of abuse at North Catholic. Released from jail in Australia 7/23/17 after 3 yrs, 1 year suspended. To return to US. Per his order, he was to live in a non-Marianist facility with direct supervision of men with "significant personal issues and/or legal convictions" for the rest of his life, with no external ministry.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Dayton Daily News 12.17.09; The Age 12.02.11; Dayton Daily News 12.05.11; Cathnews 12.06.11; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 12.06.11; Statement by Archdiocese of Melbourne 12.06.11; The Age 12.06.11; Berger's Beat 10.09.12; 7 News 09.04.13; 9 News 09.04.13; ABC News (Australia) 09.04.13; Herald Sun (Australia) 09.04.13; The Age (Australia) 09.04.13; ABC News (Australia) 09.05.13; Dayton Daily News 09.12.13; Australian Teacher 11.28.13; ABC News 03.19.14; Age 03.19.14; Australian Teacher Magazine 03.19.14; Berger's Beat 03.19.14; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 03.22.14; Tribune-Review 04.02.14; CBS Pittsburgh 04.04.14; Observer-Reporter 04.04.14; Maribymong and Hobsons Bay Weekly 04.22.14; CBS Pittsburgh 05.06.14; WPXI 05.06.14; WTAE 05.06.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.07.14; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 05.07.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.14.14; SF Gate 05.15.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.30.14; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 05.30.14; SNAP Media Statement 06.17.14; Tribune-Review 06.18.14; Tribune-Review 09.06.14; Star Weekly 07.25.17
HartmanDonald1950PAccusedDiocesanIn 2/11, man picketed Saint Peter's Cathedral in Marquette saying he was abused on multiple occasions by Hartman in Champion in approx. 1960. Hartman was forced to leave the parish but surfaced again as an active priest in Caspian in 1980s. Hartman died in 1999.Marquette, MISource:
TV 6--Upper Michigan's Source 2.8.11
HartmanRichard A. PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse in 1958-1959. At least 1 civil suit filed. Deceased. On Los Angeles list of abusers and on Orange Co. Diocese list. Personnel file released by LA 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
Orange County Weekly 5.4.03; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; New Times 03.28.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06; Orange County Weekly 3.04.05
HartmanRobert J.1947PSettledDiocesanAccused of sexually abusing at least one minor. Included on the Helena diocese's list posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non- monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement. Died 8/12/96.Helena, MTSource:
Helena Diocese Bankruptcy Settlement 03.04.15; Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
HartwigLawrence1967PAccusedDiocesan5/02 article says that Grand Rapids diocese had substantiated allegations against Hartwig and 7 other priests. Hartwig, who is deceased, was named in single allegation which took place in Muskegon in 1982. No other information is available. Per the 1998 and 1990 Catholic Directories, Hartwig was on duty outside the Diocese. He seems to be in the Springfield, MA diocese per 1990 Directory and back in Grand Rapids per the 1995 Catholic Directory.Grand Rapids, MISource:
Grand Rapids Press 05.17.02
HartzGerald1959PAccusedDiocesanFormer superintendent of Sioux City Catholic schools. Charged 9/95 with indecent contact w/ 13 yr old girl. Took leave. Charges dropped 12/95 when girl would not testify and Hartz agreed to resign from assignment. In 9/96 woman filed suit alleging Hartzgrabbed her, kissed her neck and touched her while in his Church. Incident happened 12/94. Case later dismissed from federal court. "On special assignment" per 2002 Catholic Directory. Living in Bakersfield, CA 12/08 per diocese website.Sioux City, IASource:
Des Moines Register 3.8.02; Telegraph Herald 9.7.96; Des Moines Register 09.20.95; Des Moines Register 10.10.95; USA Today 12.28.95; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Des Moines Register 01.17.04
John X.1957PSuedOblates of St. Francis de SalesOblates in DE and PA announced settlement 8/4/11 with 40 victims of sexual abuse who filed suits in Delaware. Plaintiffs will share in $24.8M settlement as will 150 victims who settled earlier with Wilmington Diocese. One of terms was that Order releasenames of 12 Oblates with substantiated allegations of abuse. Harvey was one of the 12. He died in 1971. One of his assignments was at Salesianum School.Wilmington, DESource:
Middletown Transcript 8.5.11; News Journal 8.4.11; News Journal 8.5.11
Aloysius J.1949PAccusedDiocesanAfter 9/08 accusation that he abused a male minor, 86-yr-old Hasenberg was removed from ministry in Watersmeet and out of his residence at rectory 10/08. He had officially retired in 1990s. Diocese conduced preliminary investigation and said allegation had a "semblance of truth." No information on dates of abuse or age of victim. Matter will be referred to the Vatican. Died 1/24/16, age 92.Marquette, MISource:
AHN 10.27.08; Diocese of Marquette Press Release 10.27.08; Mining Journal 10.27.08; NBC 25 10.27.08; WLUC 10.27.08; Iron Country Reporter 10.28.08; Your Daily Globe 01.26.16
Diocese of Marquette Press Release 11.7.08
HaskinsEdward  ?PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the Monterey diocese's list 1/17/19. Report to diocese in 1996 of abuse in the 1950s and 1960s. Haskins died 2/22/81.Monterey, CASource:
KSBW TV 01.02.19
Kenneth C.1966PConvictedDiocesanHasselbach permanently removed in 1994 after accusations he abused 2 boys some 20 yrs previously. Allegations surfaced shortly after Hasselbach was sent for therapy because another priest had found pornography in his room. He admitted abusing a 12 yr old youth in 1974 but said the youth's version was exaggerated and he thought the youth was older than 12 or 13. Arrested 1/09 in Ft. Lauderdale FL for possession of internet child pornography. Pleaded guilty; sentenced to 2 yrs prison 1/10.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Miami Herald 2.1.09; Miami Herald 2.4.10; Newsday 2.3.09; Newsday 2.3.10; Orlando Sentinel 2.3.10; Newsday 02.24.94; Newsday 03.13.02; Sun Sentinel 01.30.09; Newsday 03.15.09; CBS4 02.03.10
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Richard H.1954PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a court order, on 12/16/13 Bishop Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests with "credible" allegations. First public accusation against Hatch. Diocese updated its list 06/23/14. Hatch voluntarily ceased ministry and permanently left Diocese in 1963 after being removed for personal financial mismanagement and ignoring Bishop's directives on same. Died 10/15/05. Diocese updated list 6/23/14, saying that it received complaint in 1996 that Hatch molested two boys and taken pornographic pictures of a third. In 5/13, Diocese also received a complaint of child sex abuse 1959-1962. Accused in 12/15 lawsuit of sex abuse of 13-14 yr old boy in 1962.Winona, MNSource:
Winona Daily News 06.23.13; Anderson & Assoc Press Release 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Statement and List of Accused Priests with Assignments 12.16.13; Star Tribune 12.16.13; Winona Daily News 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Updated List & Media Statement 06.23.14; KEYC 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.23.14; WXOW 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.24.14; Winona Daily News 12.11.15; KSTP 01.05.16; Noaka Law Firm 01.05.16; Post Bulletin 09.24.18
Diocese of Winona Assignment Record
HatrelThomas PSuedJesuitIn 10/07 Hatrel was added as a defendant in existing litigation in Fairbanks. The abuse is alleged to have occurred between 1985-87 while Hatrel served at St. Ignatius parish in Alakanuk, Alaska. Died 05/07/88.. Claims included in 11/07 settlementwiththe Jesuits.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Fairbanks News-Miner 11.03.07; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Brian M.1979PAccusedDiocesanFirst accused publicly on 3/20/18 diocesan list. In the early 1980s a woman told the diocese Hatrick molested her altar-boy son, age 14. They were Blessed Sacrament in Depew parishioners, where Hatrick was assigned. He was moved to another parish in West Seneca, allowed to work with youth. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as working at St. Vincent's pairsh in North Evans NY. The woman complained in 2003 to the diocese when she learned Hatrick was still in ministry. He continued in parish ministry until 2007, when he was "quietly removed."Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Buffalo News 10.01.18; Buffalo News 10.03.18
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
HattalaFerdinand A.1934PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 12/3/18. Noted to have had one claim against him after his death. Retired 1973. Died 7/8/88.Syracuse, NYSource:
The Post-Standard Obituary 07.11.88; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18
The Post-Standard Obituary 07.11.88
HauPhan Huu< 1978PAccusedDiocesanFrom Vietnam diocese. Worked at Holy Family in Seattle 1978-88. Name included on the archdiocese's 1/15/16 list of clergy and religious with established, admitted or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Seattle, WASource:
The [Marquette] Diocesan Communicator 12.10.03; Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16
HausfeldBruce1962PAccusedFranciscanPlaced on leave 5/02 while order continues investigation of a single allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor. Allegation could not be corroborated when it was first reported 4/01 and Hausfeld was allowed to continue in parish at the time. Diocese again cleared and reinstated him as of 10/02. Still active in 2008.Las Cruces, NMSource:
Albuquerque Journal 5.3.02; Alamogordo Daily News 11.08.02
HavelThomas E.1963PSuedMarianistOrdained into LA Archdiocese. Became Marianist priest in 1972. Continued in LA until 1980. Requested laicization and became doctor/psychiatrist. 1989 Civil suit dismissed due to SOL. Accused by woman in 2002 of abuse from 1968-1973. Order settled withvictim. Another suit filed 2003. LA says laicized prior to 7/5/02. Personnel file released by Order 7/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
San Jose Mercury News 04.19.89; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; City of Angels 12.07.07; Contra Costa Times 07.31.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
James A.1979PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from St. Vincent de Paul church as of 5/8/13 and placed on administrative leave after woman accused him of sexual abusing her at age 10 in 1989 at her family's home. He was assigned to St. John's parish in Butler at the time. District Attorney's office notified. Allegation deemed credible. Died 2/27/18. On archdiocese's list 12/6/18. It notes misconduct in 1986.Mobile, ALSource:
Press-Register 05.13.13; ALcom 05.14.13; Fox 10 05.14.13; SNAP Statement 05.14.13; Fox 10 05.15.13; WPMI 05.15.13; WALA 05.16.13; Mobile Register and Baldwin County 03.04.18; Lagniappe Mobile 09.12.18; Archdiocese of Mobile List 12.06.18
HaveyJoseph1971PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 5 boys in 1970s-1980s. Sued 1993. They and others say he provided pornography, drugs and alcohol. Suit dismissed in 1995 on SOL and dismissal upheld by appeals court. Two other claims were pending at that time. Havey left priesthood and married. At least some claims settled as part of 2004 $3M mass settlement. Laicized in 4/06. On diocese's list released 11/29/18.Springfield, ILSource:
Chicago Sun-Times 11.10.93; Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 05.25.95; Springfield State Journal-Register 12.13.95; State Journal-Register 12.19.95; Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 01.22.96; Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 03.18.98; Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 05.06.98; State Journal-Register 10.31.99; State Journal-Register 03.13.05; State Journal-Register 04.29.06; Journal-Register 11.17.07; Springfield Journal Register 12.05.18
William T.1962PAccusedDiocesanAssisted in York, McSheerystown, Leanon, Harrisburg, Dauphin, Shamokin parishes. Chaplain at South Mountain Geriatric Rehab, Geisinger Med Center in Danville and Mt. Alto College, Pastor in Gettysburg, Lancaster, Steelton, Sunbury, Northumberland and administrator in Enhaut and Lewisburg. Retired 2010, lived at Elysburg parish, then a Bishop Datillo Retirement Center for priests. Died 2/22/17. Name included on the diocese's list released 8/1/18, noted to have been accused of the sexual abuse of a child.Harrisburg, PASource:
The Daily Item Obit 02.24.17; Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; Lebanon Daily News 08.02.18; Daily Item 08.06.18; Lebanon Daily News 08.07.18
Benjamin1950PSettledDiocesanServed as administrative officer and treasurer for Archdiocese until Mahoney became Archbishop in 1985. Died 9/85. Accused in 1995 of abuse of 2 boys from 1973 to 1985. Claims settled. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files. Personnel files on 25 priests, including Hawkes released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
Chicago Tribune (AP) 09.29.85; LA Times 12.24.88; LA Times 12.24.88; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Addendum to LA Archdiocesan Report 10.12.05; LA Daily News 10.12.12; LA Times 05.12.13; LA Times 05.12.13; LA Times 05.13.13; Courthouse News Service 06.06.16
LA Times Database 4.20.06
HayJames B. PSuedDiocesanDeceased. He became part of Las Cruces Diocese when it was formed. Man filed suit 2006 alleging that Hay raped him and another youth in 1964 while assigned to Our Lady of the Light parish. Suit named El Paso Diocese and Hay's supervising priest becausePlaintiff said that priest ignored his requests for help. Judge dismissed on SOL 1/09; Plaintiff filed motion to recuse judge since he contributed to Church during the pendency of the case. Judge withdrew 4/28/09. New judge will reopen the case 5/09.El Paso, TXSource:
El Paso Times 5.4.09; Motion to Recuse in Doe v. Catholic Diocese of El Paso, 2006-2747, CC at Law # 3, El Paso Co. TX; Newspaper Tree 5.4.09; Newspaper Tree 04.23.09; El Paso Times 04.28.09
HaydenRobert E. "Paul" BConvictedLittle Brothers of the Good Shepherd (LBGS)Br. Robert (or "Paul") Hayden (also known as Brother Declan) sentenced to one year in prison in 1986 for sexually abusing mentally retarded men at a group home. One resident contracted AIDS and died. Civil suit filed 1993 accused Hayden and Br. Fintan Shaffer of abuse. Also named was Order which ran the home and other religious. Suit settled fall, 1997. Mother of victim will donate proceeds to charity to help other victims.Columbus, OHSource:
Columbus Dispatch 4.6.02; Telegraph Herald 3.3.96; Columbus Dispatch 05.22.93; U.S. News & World Report 03.11.96; Cincinnati Enquirer 09.14.00
HayesJ. Ernest/Ernest J.1961PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 10/9/18. It notes diocese aware in 6/87 of alleged abuse 1978-83, 1981 and 1987. Hayes died in 1990.San Bernardino, CASource:
Diocese of San Bernardino list 10.09.18
Diocese of San Bernardino list 10.09.18
HayesJames C.1965PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from his assignment in 6/02 after allegations resurfaced about "inappropriate behavior" years previously. Incident was first reported in 1990 and Hayes was sent to St. Luke's for treatment. He had been serving as hospital chaplain since 1991. Per 6/03 article, Hayes had been permanently removed from ministry. On diocese's list 12/3/18.Syracuse, NYSource:
Post-Standard 06.06.02; Post-Standard (NY) 06.18.03; Watertown Daily Times 03.14.18; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18
HayesJames P1929PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. First revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. First erroneously id'd as James F. Hayes. Died 11/30/88; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; WGRZ 03.22.18; WIVB 03.22.18
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
HayesJoseph B.1946PSuedDiocesanMan filed civil suit 11/02 claiming he was abused by Hayes for 3 years, beginning in 1980 when he was 10. Hayes died in 1995.Baker, ORSource:
Associated Press 11.05.02
Mark J.1985PConvictedDiocesanArrested 10/14, charged with felony counts of Sexual Abuse of Children -- Child Pornography and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility for posting two photos on Instagram of girl younger than 14, one nude, one close-up of vaginal area. His user name for Instagram was of a young female; traced by investigators to his parish, SS Simon and Jude, West Chester PA. Also found to have posted many other child porn images and lewd emails with the young girl in the two photos; her identity unknown at time of arrest. Arrested 2/15 by FBI for the child porn. Three women 2/15 alleged sex abuse as children in 1990s by Haynes; one said he forced her to perform oral sex on him during confession. Worked since '85 at 8 parishes, Office for Youth and Young adults; also high school chaplain. Pled guilty 6/15 to distributing child porn. Sentenced 2/16 to 20 yrs in prison.Philadelphia, PASource:
6 ABC; Fox Philly 10.24.14; Daily Mail UK 03.14.15; Fox 29 02.17.16; Houston Chronicle 02.17.16; Mercury 02.17.16; Metro 02.17.16; PhillyVoice 02.17.16
Fox Philly 10.24.14
HaysMichael1976PAccusedDiocesanLaicized. Hays' name was included on the archdiocese's 1/15/16 list of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor. Worked in archdiocese 1976-89, in Bremerton, Olympia, Sedro Woolley, Burlington, Seattle and Des Moines.Seattle, WASource:
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; KIRO 01.15.16; KUOW 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16
Robert L.1966PAccusedDiocesanWoman filed police report in 2003 stating that Hazel sexually assaulted her in 1986 when she was about 8. County attorney found insufficient evidence to prosecute and case was closed in 2004. He denied ever sexually abusing anyone. Retired 05/06. Name included on MN Public Radio database released 02/19/14 but not on Archdiocese's list of clergy accused of child abuse 12/13, revised 02/17/14.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Archdiocese of St Paul Statement Regarding MPR Report on Accused Clergy 02.19.14; Minnesota Public Radio Database 02.19.14
HazenDavid1956PSettledDiocesanOne suit settled in 1997 for small sum. 18 individuals participated in suit filed 12/01 which alleged abuse in late 1950s and late 1970s. Baker Bishop allowed Hazen to serve in multiple parishes, including some in Portland Archdiocese, even after Hazen admitted to abuse in 1959. This permitted him to abuse at least 16 of the plaintiffs. All 18 settled with Baker Diocese 4/04 for $3.6M. Hazen died in 1983.Baker, ORSource: 2.3.03; Statesman Journal 5.8.03; Sunday Oregonian 7.7.02; The Bulletin 2.4.03; The Oregonian 5.3.03; The Oregonian 6.6.07 (Documents); Associated Press 12.12.01; Associated Press 02.26.02; The Oregonian 06.25.02; 01.22.03; The Oregonian 05.21.03; (AP) 11.11.03; Associated Press 05.18.04; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
HazzouriAlex J1957PAccusedSociety of St. JohnWoman filed suit against diocese in 2002 alleging that a retired 'Fr. Hazzouri' touched her in an inappropriate sexual fashion in 1996-1997 when she was 14 and working as dining room/kitchen server at Villa St Joseph. Suit dismissed on summary judgment 2005.Scranton, PASource:
Wilkes Barre Times Leader 02.27.02; Employment and Labor Law Alert 05.11.05
HealyPatrick J.1986PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as credibly accused by diocese in 10/18. Abuse reported after his death.Erie, PASource:
Erie News Now 10.29.18
HealyTerrence  ?PConvictedDiocesanHealy pled no contest in Livingston County to molestation charges 12/87 and spent 4 1/2 yrs in prison. May have abused in earlier assignment. Per 2/04 article, allgations were made (in 2002 or 2003??) in Lansing Diocese against Healy who served in Grand Blanc at one time.Lansing, MISource:
Lansing State Journal 3.8.02; St. John the Baptist Church website, accessed 1.12; United Press International 1.3.88; Lansing State Journal 04.25.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
John P.1953PIndictedDiocesanHeaney, who was retired, was placed on leave 8/02 when allegations arose that he abused 2 brothers in early 1960s. In 2003 Heaney, a former senior chaplain for the San Francisco Police Department, was charged with molesting one of the brothers; charges dropped 7/03 after Supreme Court Ruling that statute was unconstitutional. Died 1/29/10.San Francisco, CASource:
San Francisco Chronicle 08.16.02; Marin Independent Journal 08.22.02; San Francisco Chronicle 08.29.02; San Francisco Chronicle 01.24.03; San Francisco Chronicle 01.30.03; San Francisco Chronicle 02.01.03; San Francisco Chronicle 03.31.03; SF Weekly 05.21.03; SF Weekly 06.25.03; SFGate 06.28.03; San Francisco Chronicle 11.12.04; San Francisco Chronicle 01.31.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
HeatherGerald BSuedFranciscanAccused with Rev. Robert Van Handel in 2004 suit of abusing 2 choir boys at St. Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara in 1989-94. Called a priest in the article we cite but not listed in Directory. Provisionally listed here as a brother.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 12.30.04
John Laurence BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersEntered Order 1943, took first vows 1947, and final vows 9/5/54. Educator. Assignments included Holy Cross School and St. Bonaventure College in Newfoundland, Canada, All Hallows, Cardinal Hayes and Bishop Kearney High Schools, Iona College, Bishop Henricksen High School, Guadalupe Regional Middle School, Los Hermanos Community and Centro Juan Diego- St. Leo Parish, Christian Brothers Central Harlem Community and St. Joseph Residence. Removed as a teacher and drama director at Bishop Kearney High School in Rochester, New York for sexually abusing a teenage girl in the 1970's. Civil suit filed prior to 1994. Dismissed by Court and appealed to NY Supreme Court, Appellate Division. Dismissed. Died 12/7/16.Rochester, NYSource:
Maher v Brother John Laurence Heathwood, et al; Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, No 07-102959; Daily Freeman Obituary 12.10.01
HebertDonald J.1981PAccusedDiocesanHebert was coordinator for religious activities for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. In 1990 a 14-year-old boy accused Hebert of sexually abusing him during a camping trip. Police did not charge Hebert. He did admit the abuse and was sent for treatment. He was a hospital chaplain 1991-1995, then assigned to a parish. In 4/02 he was reassigned to an administrative position. Diocese permanently removed him from active ministry 6/03. On diocese's list 12/3/18.Syracuse, NYSource:
Post-Standard 09.14.90; Post Standard 09.16.90; Post Standard 04.11.02; Post-Standard 06.18.03; Watertown Daily Times 03.14.18; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18
HebertLloyd PAccusedDiocesanLloyd Hebert was originally mentioned in 1980s-1990s as a priest who resigned after being accused of molesting an adolescent in Opelousas. Man complained about him and wanted him removed from parish. Plaintiff's attorney subpoenaed him for deposition but when that happened defense attorney stipulated to liability in open court at the end of June, ending discovery once and for all and saving the priest from being deposed. Hebert left Opelousas to live with relatives. Former Bishop Frey in a 1988 deposition characterized him as a child molester who was suspended by the diocese.Lafayette, LASource:
Times of Arcadia 01.30.86; Advertiser 08.23.14; The Advocate 09.07.14; Daily Advertiser 08.09.17; KATC News 10.17.18
HebertRaymond P.1952PSuit WithdrawnDiocesanSued 2005. Accused of abuse. Diocese believes this is a case of mistaken idenity. More suits 3/06. Involves Madonna Manor.Total of four accusers. Hebert continued to maintain his innocence and sued the four for defamation. He was retired and never removed from ministry. By 3/10 all claims by plaintiffs had been dismissed: one plaintiff had died one was deemed too emotionally disabled to continue the suit and last two claims had been withdrawn by the plaintiffs, Attorneys for the accusers filed an acknowledgment in court that Monsignor Ray Hebert did not molest their clients when they were children at Madonna Manor Msgr. Hebert then withdrew his counter-suit. He died 01/16/14.New Orleans, LASource:
Clarion Herald 01/27/14; Times Picayune 08.25.05; Times Picayune 03.14.06; Times Picayune 06.28.06; Times Picayune 03.18.10; WWL 03.19.10; Times Picayune 01.19.14; ClariHerald - Archdiocese of New Orleans 01.27.14
Hebert, Jr.Paul L.1959PSuedDiocesanHebert placed on leave 7/04 following allegations he sexually abused a boy in the 1970s. He denied allegations. Diocese referred matter to police and to Dept of Children and Family. Pastor of St. Michael's in Pawcatuck (where abuse is alleged to have occurred) 12/71 until 10/81 and pastor of Most Holy Trinity in Pomfret for the next 23 years. Civil suit filed. Settled 10/07 for $170,000. Another suit filed 12/08 alleged later abuse. Died 5/5/10. New suit 8/16, alleging abuse of Pomfret altar boy hundreds of times 1990-96, beginning when boy age 11.Norwich, CTSource:
Norwich Bulletin 07.03.04; Associated Press 07.10.04; The Day 05.13.07; The Day 08.01.07; The Day 10.24.07; The Day 10.29.07; Newsday 12.19.08; The Day 12.19.08; Journal Inquirer 05.07.10; The Day 08.29.16; The Patch 08.29.16; NBC Connecticut 08.31.16; Norwich Bulletin 08.31.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
Gerald1996PArrestedDiocesanArrested 1/08/18. Charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography, and possession of methamphetamine. Associate pastor of Holy Childhood parish and school in Mascoutah, St. Pancratius in Fayetteville and St. Liborius in St. Libory. Had taken leave in 2011 for "very serious personal, pastoral and legal challenges." In 2004 pled guilty to trespassing at a truck stop "holding his pants in his hand and [with] no shirt on." Charged in 1983 and 1989 with DUIs. Trial set for 10/8/18.Belleville, ILSource:
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Donald Henry1963PConvictedDiocesanHeck abused boy in 1990 and was sent to treatment (supposedly for stress) for one year. He was already working in another parish when he was indicted in 1991. In 1992 he entered Alford Plea (defendant does not admit guilt but concedes that the state has enough evidence to win a conviction) and was sentenced to 4 years jail. He also abused at least one other boy in 1990. On sex offender registry in MO as of 5/11.St. Louis, MOSource:
St. Louis Post Dispatch 12.17.91; St. Louis Post Dispatch 05.30.92; St. Louis Post Dispatch 08.01.92; St. Louis Post Dispatch 08.14.92; St. Louis Post Dispatch 08.30.92
John F.1944PSuedOblates of St. Franis de SalesWorked at St. Anthony of Padua in Wilmington between 1960-61. Accused of abuse by 1 at Salesianum High School in 1969 in suit filed 6/15/09. Died 6/21/02. Oblates in DE and PA announced settlement 8/4/11 with 40 victims of who filed suits in DE. Plaintiffs will share in $24.8M settlement as will 150 victims who settled earlier with Wilmington Diocese. One of terms was that Order release names of 12 Oblates with substantiated allegations of abuse. Heckel (spelled Heckle) was on the list.Wilmington, DESource:
BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests; Middletown Transcript 8.5.11; News Journal 8.4.11; News Journal 8.5.11; The Dialogue 9.1.11; John Roe 5 v. Oblates of St. Francis de Sales et al,, Superior Court New Castle County, Delaware, 09C-06-122 CLS 06.15.09; Burial Information from accessed 01.26.11
Lawrence1958PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list 11/2/18. Allegation received in 1996 of abuse in the late 1960s and 1970s. Removed from ministry 2002.New Orleans, LASource:
Advocate 11.02.18; Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Kevin F.1975PSuedDiocesanJoined the Latin America Apostolate in 1998 and began working in Belize, Central America. Removed from position in Belize after 5/09 civil suit filed by 1 man accused him of abuse in early 1990s when the man was a 17 yr old student at Christian Brothers College high school and Hederman was assigned to North American Martyrs Church in Florissant. A similar suit filed in 1990s. Both settled. He denied the allegation.St. Louis, MOSource:
KMOX 05.26.09; St. Louis Post Dispatch 05.27.09; News 7 Belize 05.29.09; SNAP Press Release 04.18.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
John Edward1956PAccusedDiocesanNewly identified as abuser on Chicago Archdiocesan Report released 3/20/06. Removed from Public Ministry 10/03. No further information found as of 7/19/09. Per documents released by archdiocese 11/14, Herreran was accused in 3/93 of sexual abuse of 12-year-old girl in late 1970s at St. John Vianney in Northlake. Restricted from being alone with minors for 4 months. Two more allegations surfaced in 2002 and 2003: a person claimed sexual exploitation by Hefferon 1964-67 at St. Anastasia's in Waukegan, and a woman filed a formal complaint that Hefferan fondled her breasts in the late 1960s, when she was in junior high school in Flossmore. Died 1/29/28, per archdiocese's updated list 11/28/18.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Chicago Sun-Times 03.21.06; Chicago Tribune 03.21.06; Daily Herald 11.06.14; Suburban Life 11.07.14; Archdiocese of Chicago Documents 11.11.14; Archdiocese of Chicago Updated List 11.28.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Hefferan Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
HeilNorman L.1963PSuedDiocesanIn a lawsuit filed in 2004, a woman claimed sexual abuse by Heil in 1965 when she was 16 years-old, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. She alleged in the lawsuit that Heil and a nun pressured her to give up the baby. Heil transferred to a Bismarck ND parish in around 1966, and left the priesthood around 1967. At some point he moved to CA. He died 7/31/88, at age 51. The lawsuit was dismissed on SOL by the OH Supreme Court 1/08.Cincinnati, OHSource:
WCPO 12.01.04; Cincinnati Enquirer 12.02.04; Cincinnati Inquirer 05.06.06; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.05.07; Cincinnati Enquirer 01.17.08; Heil Death Record accessed 11.30.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
William J.< 1968PConvictedDiocesanHeim, a former priest working as a school guidance counselor, was arrested 3/02 on recent charges of inappropriately touching (sexual contact) on an 11 year old boy for over a year. His last church assignment was 1972. In 8/02 he was sentenced to two years in state prison. In 5/02 he pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his home computer and received a sentence of 5 years probation (this was in another county). In 5/04 Heim was released on parole from prison.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 3.6.02; Albany Times Union 3.7.02; Albany Times Union 5.2.02; Associated Press 7.2.02; Albany Times Union 08.20.02
HeimannDavid1958PAccusedDiocesanHeimann was on staff at Pontifical College Josephinum Seminary in Columbus Ohio from ordination in 1958 through 5/61. He was dismissed when he was found to be running a sex ring with high school boys. He had people take off their clothes and look at their bodies in mirrors, to tell them how good their bodies were and that Jesus loved them and their bodies. 1961 is when Cardinal Law graduated from this seminary.Columbus, OHSource:
Boston Herald 08.21.02
Louis J. (Joseph)1942PAccusedDiocesanNative of Germany. Heitzer died in 1969 while in alcoholism treatment in Twin Cities. At least three men have told Archdiocese that Heitzer abused them. Current vicar general says that there was "some indication" that leaders of the archdiocese knew about allegations at the time. One of the victims testified at the 6/02 Dallas Bishops' conference. Has been termed "perhaps the most abusive priest" in the Archdiocese. Personnel files released 09/16/14. Revealed 9/17/14 that he was assigned as a chaplain at a nursing home in 1969 in the New Ulm diocese after assault allegations. Lawsuit filed 5/16 alleging abuse of 12-yr-old boy in 1965 at St. Scholiastica in Heidelberg. Heitzer was said to have targeted the boy after the boy's father died in a car wreck.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record
HeizmanLeo J.1969PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 12/3/18. Parish priest. Principal of St. Lucy's in Syracuse and of Immaculate Conception in Fayetteville. Faculty member then principal of Bishop Grimes High School in Oswego. Dewitt Police Department chaplain, Crouse Hospital chaplain. Died 9/21/04.Syracuse, NYSource:
Syracuse Post Standard Obituary 09.23.04; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18
Syracuse Post Standard Obituary 09.23.04
HellmerMichael D.1970PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. First named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 10/31/18. Noted to have been suspended from ministry in 1989. Deceased.Steubenville, OHSource:
Diocese of Steubenville List 10.31.18; WTOV 10.31.18
Marion Francis1974PConvictedDiocesanPleaded guilty in 1988 to abusing a learning-disabled teenage boy for 18 months (7/82 - 2/84) and was sentenced to 6 mo. jail, suspended for 2 years, and 200 hrs community service. Privileges were removed. In 2/90 a civil suit was settled out of court and terms not revealed. Between 1990 and 1993 two other individuals came forward to allege abuse in early 1980s. Named on Baltimore's 9/26/02 list.Baltimore, MDSource:
Washington Post 10.05.88; Washington Post 12.28.88; United Press International 02.02.90; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
Raymond Joseph1967PConvictedDiocesanMan told archdiocese 9/01 Hemmerle molested him in mid-1970s at a summer camp when man was age 11. He wanted Hemmerle to get counseling & not work with youths. Man went to police 1/02 when church did not act. Police began investigation; Hemmerle placed on leave. In mid- 2002 church reinstated Hemmerle saying police had completed investigation & closed case. Later article said police had not completed investigation. No other accusers came forward. Remained active until 5/14 when removed after a new allegation of abuse in 1970s. Had been serving as pastor of Saint Francis and Holy Cross parishes in Marion County KY. Indicted 9/18/14 on six counts of sodomy and three charges of sexual abuse on claims made 5/14. Found guilty in 11/16 in the first case. Sentenced 2/17 to 7 yrs prison. Pled guilty to reduced charges re second case 5/17 in plea deal; sentenced 6/29/17 to 2 yrs in prison, in addition to the 7 yrs already serving. Denied parole 12/17. Appealed 3/20, said "no intent to abuse."Louisville, KYSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
HemstreetJohn1964PConvictedDiocesanHemstreet left active ministry in 1987 and in 1992 was arrested for sexually abusing a 10 yr old boy. Diocese paid for his treatment at St. Luke's. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail in 1993. Diocese says he left ministry without requesting laicization. Hemstreet, an "admitted alcoholic, convicted child molester and former boy scout leader", was active in protesting the Boy Scouts' policy of not accepting homosexual leaders. Absent on leave per 1988, 1990 and 1995 Catholic Directories. Died 2007.Toledo, OHSource:
WorldNetDaily 08.24.00; Toledo Blade 12.01.02; Toledo Blade 03.30.04; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 02.17.05; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 04.08.08
HenaoLuis E.1974PAccusedDiocesanHenao, a native of Colombia, was placed on leave in 5/02 after allegations that he engaged in sex with a minor in 1981 were found to be "credible" by the Archdiocese. Returned to duty 11/02 because the Review Board could not find sufficient evidence tokeep Henao on administrative leave,New Orleans, LASource:
Times-Picayune 05.20.02; Times-Picayune 11.23.02; Times-Picayune 11.25.02
HendersonThomas PAccusedDiocesan2005 Maine AG report includes one claim that Henderson attempted to rape one youth in Richmond in 1945 or 1946 when he was 13 or 14. Henderson got him drunk on other occasions so there may have been more than one assault. Henderson is reported to be deceased.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05
Kenneth Bernard1986?PChargedDiocesanTook vows in 1962 as a Franciscan brother (Brother Pius) in Cincinnati. Assistant Director of the Over-the Rhine Youth Club in 1966. Left the Franciscans in 1986. Moved to the Philippines, ordained a priest, worked there 37 years. Would return to Cincinnati in the summers. Arrested in Naval, Biliran Province, Philippines in 12/10. Accused of abuse of 10 boys there, as young a age 7. Some lived with him and were allegedly abused during baths with Hendricks. The Cincinnati archdiocese denies authority over Hendricks, but says it did raise money for his Philippines mission.Cincinnati, OHSource:
AP via WCOP 12.06.18; Cincinnati Enquirer 12.06.18; Cincinnati Enquirer 12.06.18; New York Times 12.06.18; WKRC TV 12.06.18; WLWT 12.06.18; Preston Business Review 12.07.18
Louis J1963PAccusedDiocesanFirst revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Died in 1990 at age 53; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as working at St Patrick's church in Randolph NY.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
Joseph John1978PIndictedSalvatorianCivil suit filed 6/03 by one accuser. Indicted by grand jury 7/03 on 13 counts of child molestation of 3 boys between 1979-1981. Found working in Rome and arrested 7/05. Officials refused to make him return to states. He fought extradition while living under house arrest in Rome. Official extradition ordered 7/06 but Henn fled just prior to announcement and current whereabouts unknown. 1 civil suit settled for $50,000 in 2006.Phoenix, AZSource:
Arizona Republic 06.26.03; Arizona Republic 08.06.03; Arizona Republic 11.15.03; Dallas Morning News 09.12.04; Dallas Morning News 09.12.04; LA Times 04.16.05; Catholic News Service 07.18.05; East Valley Tribune 07.19.05; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.20.05; Reuters 11.11.05; Arizona Republic 01.26.06; Reuters 02.02.06; Arizona Republic 07.29.06; KVOA 07.29.06; WFAA (Dallas Morning News) 08.01.06
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HennesseyJames  ?PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 10/29/18. Assignments included St. Nicholas in Struthers, Immaculate Conception in Wellsville, Mother of Sorrows in Ashtabula and St. Therese in Brewster. Allegations noted to have been received after Hennessey's death.Youngstown, OHSource:
WYTV 10.29.18; Diocese of Youngstown List 10.30.18
Linus< 1949PAccusedOFM FranciscanBorn Michael P. 6/28/1918 in Ireland and ordained there. Taught at St. Bernardine College in England until 1951, then retreat ministry in Australia. Is first indexed in1955 U.S.Official Catholic Directory, so may have arrived in U.S. (Buffalo NY) 1954. Had radio ministry, "Comfort My People" on Christian Broadcasting Network per 1979 news article. Accused publicly in 2015 of sexual abuse of boy beginning 1973 when boy was 10-years-old and lasting 5 years. Abuse said to have included oral sex, masturbation and attempted intercourse. Accuser said Hennessy was father figure who stepped in to help his single mom with her 3 children. Reportedly lawsuit vs Buffalo diocese rejected due to statute of limitations and man rejected 50k settlement offer. Accuser asked Pope Francis to investigate his case. Hennessy died 5/9/83 in Buffalo.Buffalo, NYSource:
Findagrave 05.05.14; WBFO 01.27.15; WSAV 09.18.15; Buffalo News 12.07.18
Paul Kevin BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersNamed in 2005 civil suit. Accused of abuse of 1 plaintiff when plaintiff first joined the Congregation of Christian Brothers. Hennessy was his first superior when he entered the order. Abuse alleged against other defendants as well as claims of sexual harassment and other issues. Plaintiff's appeal was dismissed by the NY Supreme Court 10/09. Affiliated with Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province in Venice FL Diocese as of 5/10, and living in Arcadia, FLNew York, NYSource:
Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, No 07-102959; US District Court, Southern District New York, No 05-CV-10467; Renew America 05.17.06; Hoatson v Archdiocese of New York, 102958/07, NY Supreme Court 10.26.09
William A BSettledC.F.C. Congregation of Christian BrothersAccused in a 2011 letter of repeated sexual abuse of a girl in 1962-1964, beginning when the child was age 8. Her family had befriended Hennessy, who was a senior administrator at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury MA. Hennessy often visited the girl's mother and grandmother. Listed on the website of Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian on 10/31/14 after a settlement had been reached in the year previous. Hennessy had entered the Christian Brothers' St Joseph's Juniorate in Dublin in 1915. He worked in Ireland and England, and then in the Newark, Chicago, Seattle, New York, and Boston archdioceses as a teacher and school administrator. He died on 9/22/78.Boston, MASource:
AP 10.31.14; BA Information Page 10.31.14; Garabedian Law 10.31.14
Boston Globe Obituary 09.26.78
Rudolph M.1933PSuedDiocesanOrdained for St. Paul archdiocese. Man told Archdiocese in 2010 that he had been abused as a child by Henrich in 1950s and 1960s at St. Margaret Mary parish in Golden Valley. Archdiocese did not reply to letter until 8/11. Response did admit that the Archdiocese had spoken to several other individuals who had been abused by Henrich but name was never publicly released. Permanently removed from ministry 1976. Died in 1992. Name on list of priests with credible allegations of minors released 12/5/13. Suit filed 12/16/13. Included on New Ulm list released 3/29/16. At least 13 alleged victims.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
KARE 10.07.13; MN SNAP 10.07.13; Plymouth Patch 10.07.13; Pioneer Press 10.08.13; Star Tribune 10.08.13; Catholic Spirit 12.05.13; Shakopee Patch 12.05.13; Shakopee Valley News 12.05.13; St Paul & Minneapolis List of Credibly Accused Priests released 12.05.13; Star Tribune 12.05.13; Le Center Leader 12.06.13; Star Tribune 12.06.13; Pioneer Press 12.16.13; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14; Bemidji Pioneer 03.29.16; BishopAccountability Lists 03.29.16; CBS Minnesota 03.29.16; Diocese of New Ulm List 03.29.16; KEYC 03.29.16; Mankato Free Press 03.29.16; Minnesota Public Radio 03.29.16; Star Tribune 03.29.16; Hutchinson Leader 03.31.16
Assignments: Assignment Record; Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record
HenriettaMother NSuedUrsulineOne woman alleged abuse by Mother Henrietta, Mother Camellia and Sister John at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation. Allegations are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against multiple nuns, 6 priests and 2 brother.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11; Missoula Independent 03.27.14
HenriquesEdward PSuedFranciscanNamed in 2008 civil suit as possible abuser of a 6 yr old girl in Santa Barbara in 1964. Accuser said a Franciscan brother would force her to strip in front of him and he would fondle her repeatedly. Suit also says another Franciscan, possibly Henriques, also present. Henriques left the priesthood in 1960s and has since died.Los Angeles, CASource:
First Amended Complaint in Cunningham v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1265207, Santa Barbara Superior Court, CA 08.06.08; Santa Barbara Independent 08.15.08; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1338070, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 11.03.09
HenryBrother BAccusedSons of the Sacred HeartOne man notified Diocese 7/03 that he had been sexually abused by a Br. Henry (no last name known) at Bishop Bradley High School in Manchester in 1961. Deceased.Manchester, NHSource:
NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
James T.1964PAccusedDiocesanDiocese learned in 1987 of abuse of 15 yr old girl. He was transferred, sent for treatment, and then reassigned. In 2004 his ministry was permanently restricted and he is living a supervised life. Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused of sexual misconduct with a minor with no conclusive evidence.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadephila Inquirer 02.06.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.18.05; Local Catholic 09.29.05; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (rev)
HenryJoseph  ?PAccusedAugustinianNamed publicly as accused on the Omaha archdiocese's list 11/30/18. Sexual abuse in 1961-62 reported to the archdiocese in 2012. Henry was an extern priest. Deceased.Omaha, NESource:
Omaha World-Herald 12.01.18; The Catholic Voice 12.03.18
Joseph M /J Michael1933PSuedMaryknoll MissionaryNative of Ireland. Assigned to Bedford MA, Manchuria, Cincinnati OH, Hawaii 1949. Arrived in Hawaii in 1949, for one year at a Honolulu parish, then named pastor of St. Anthony's in Oahu in 1950, where he remained until his death 11/13/74. In a 1991 petition against Bishop Joseph Ferrario, a man named Fr. Henry as the priest who first sexually abused him as a child, during 1964 -1972. Allegedly, the boy told later told Ferrario, (Henry's successor) of his abuse by Henry, then Ferrario began abusing him, too. Henry was named as abuser in a 2012 civil suit by another man who alleged abuse by both Henry and Ferrario. Also named in 2013 suit re abuse in 1950s. At least six allege abuse at St. Anthony's from 1952 to 1974. Two more complaints vs Henry filed 4/13/16.Honolulu, HISource:
Figueroa v Bishop Cause No 91-00453 District of Hawaii 1991; Vanity Fair Dec 1991; Renew America 06.27.06; The Republic 06.13.12; Worthy Adversary 06.13.12; KHON 08.23.12; Hawaii News Now 08.24.12; Worthy Adversary 08.25.12; Worthy Adversary 08.26.12; Hawaii News Now 02.21.13; Honolulu City Beat 02.21.13; KITV 02.21.13; Pacific Business News 02.22.13; SNAP Statement 06.12.13; Hawaii News Now 06.13.13; SNAP Press Statement 09.25.13; Hawaii News Now 02.04.16; Worthy Adversary 02.14.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 03.15.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 04.13.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 04.26.16; Courthouse News Service 05.02.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 06.15.17; Maryknoll Missionary Archives, obituary, accessed 06.21.17
Patrick1981PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 6/07 after recent complaint that he sexually abused a minor in the 1970s (prior to ordination). Review board found allegation to be credible. Matter has been forwarded to the Vatican for review. Worked at Boy's Town prior to ordination and at least one man says Henry abused him when he was a resident at Boys Town. Henry also worked in Omaha Diocese from 1981-1984, in Bolivia from 1984-1989, in Omaha 1990-1992, and then in Peru. He transferred to Ohio in 1994.Cleveland, OHSource:
Plain Dealer 3.6.95; News-Herald 06.13.07; Plain Dealer 06.13.07; Beacon Journal 06.15.07; KETV 01.18.08; Akron Beacon Journal 01.19.08; Omaha World Herald 01.19.08; KCAU-TV 01.20.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
HenryRichard Allen1972PConvictedDiocesanArchbishop Mahony warned in writing in 1988 about his behaviour around young bosy. Removed 1991. Pled guilty 12/91 to abuse of 4 boys between 1985-1991. Received treatment. Sentenced 1993 to 8 years in prison. Removed from active ministry 1993. New accusations in 2002. Civil suit 2003 by 3 plaintiffs. A total of 13 accusers per archdiocese list. Included in 12/06 $60M settlement re 22 priests. Personnel file released 1/13. .Los Angeles, CASource:
KTVN 2.1.13; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; LA Times 06.25.92; LA Times 04.29.93; LA Times 06.17.02; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Pasadena Star News 11.24.03; LA Times 02.18.04; LA Times 04.20.06; LA Times 12.02.06; LA Daily News 10.12.12
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Gilbert Leroy1962BSuedDominicanAccused in civil suit filed 10/26/07 of sodomizing a boy at least four times in the 4th and 5th grade in the late 1970s at St Vincent Ferrer parish in River Forest IL, where Hensley worked 1971-1986, after assignment at nearby St Thomas Aquinas Priory 1962-1971. To show prior notice, suit alleged Hensley's jaw was broken by a minor male in a gay bar in the mid-1970s. A 3rd boy was allegedly fondled once by Hensley at the parish school in the late 1970s and a 4th minor male was reportedly willing to testify. Rev Vincent Bryce, Hensley's pastor at St Vincent's, admitted abusing a boy there. In 1986-2005 Hensley lived at Blessed Sacrament priory and parish in the Madison WI diocese while working at Edgewood Elementary School. After the attorney for the man who filed suit contacted the Dominicans in 2005, Hensley was moved to the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters in Sinsinawa WI, where he lived and worked 2005-2014. Hensley, whose religious name was Bro Angelus, died on 5/31/14.Chicago, ILSource:
WBBM 10.27.07; Chicago Sun-Times 10.28.07; Journal of Oak Park and Forest River 11.12.07; Dominican Central Province 05.31.14; DomCentral Quarterly 06.01.14
HensonJerome M.1977PAccusedDominicanCaught in compromising position in 1981 in graveyard at night with 13-yr-old boy in Sacramento. Immediately shipped to Reno under Bishop McFarland who sent him to Orange in 1984. (McFarland became bishop of Orange in 1986.) Placed on leave in 2002. Two separate suits filed 2002. Also worked in Oakland Diocese. Claims included in 2005 $35M settlement to 33 victims. Order's insurance company did not want to pay $1.5M to reimburse Diocese for settlement. Status per Orange diocese in 8/16 was "Life of Prayer and Penance".Sacramento, CASource:
Contra Costa Times 04.24.02; LA Times 05.07.02; USA Today 11.11.02; OC Weekly 12.10.03; Diocese of Orange Press Release 01.01.04; OC Weekly 07.09.04; OC Weekly 11.18.04; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; Sacramento Bee 09.17.08; California Catholic Daily 09.25.08; Diocese of Orange 08.12.16
Herber, C.PP.S.John1968PAccusedPriest of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Shown in the Toledo OH diocese in the 1989 Catholic Directory. Name on Harrisburg diocese's list released 8/1/18, noted to have "multiple allegations of sexual abuse of children." Deceased. Last shown the in 2012 Directory, at a Carthagena OH parish, Archdiocese of Cincinnati.Harrisburg, PASource:
Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
Roy1968PReinstatedDiocesanRetired 2017. Placed on leave in 6/18 after an allegation that he had sexually assaulted a boy in the 1980s. Herberger strongly denied the allegation, saying he knew the boy because he would help the boy's alcoholic and, at times, homeless, father. He said he was never alone with the boy. Returned to ministry in 12/18 after the diocese determined the allegations "have not been substantiated."Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 06.28.18; Buffalo News 06.28.18; Diocese of Buffalo 06.28.18; WBFO 06.29.18; WKBW 12.14.18; Buffalo News 12.15.18
Harold1941PAccusedDiocesanHerbst's name appears on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. Herbst retired in 1971 and died in 1979. At least two settlements totaling $150K in 2004 and 2005 with various accusers.Milwaukee, WISource:
Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal 07.10.04; List of Names from Archdiocese of Milwaukee 11.26.07; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Kenosha News 10.19.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Anthony G.1946PSuedDiocesanSued 12/03. Accused of abuse of two brothers from ages 5-19 and 10-15 in 1960s and 1970s. Retired 1995. No criminal charges filed in 1985 because of statute of limitations. Appeals Court ruled 5/08 that lawsuit could go forward because Mahony's testimony indicated the church was or should have been aware that Herdegen might have been an abuser. Cal. Sup. Ct. declined to hear appeal on decision to go forward. Trial began 3/09. Jury found for Diocese on SOL 4/3/09. One plaintiff to get new trial.Fresno, CASource:
Deposition of Cardinal Roger Mahony 11.23.04 (part 2); Ruling by Cal. Court of Appeals 5.21.08 in Santillan v. Roman Catholic Bishop of Fresno, 08 S.O.S. 2977; Fresno Bee 12.17.03; LA Weekly 12.15.04; LA Weekly 12.17.04; Central Valley Business Times 05.22.08; Metropolitan News-Enterprise 05.22.08; San Jose Mercury News (AP) 05.22.08; California Catholic Daily 05.27.08; Metropolitan News-Enterprise 08.14.08; Fresno Bee 03.12.09; LA Times 03.17.09; SF Chronicle 03.17.09; CBS 47 03.18.09; ABC 30 03.20.09
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Daniel P.1971PConvictedDiocesanPled no contest 1998 to allegations of sexl abuse of a youth. Served 2 1/2 years in jail. Named by eight in subsequent civil suits. A 2002 jury award of $800K to one. Other suits then settled. Convicted of exposing himself in mall parking lot in 9/05. Request for new trial denied. Sentenced 120 days in jail. Verdict appealed. Sent to jail in 7/08. He had requested house arrest. Judge also added four months for probation violation when caught masturbating in public. On archdiocese's list 11/30/18. It notes multiple reports to diocese and law enforcement, of child porn and sex abuse 1970s through 1990s. Laicized 2006.Omaha, NESource:
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HeretickJoseph S.1947PSettledDioceseA female plaintiff in a civil suit filed by 10 accusers 2/12 alleged abuse by Heretick in mid-1980s when he was assigned to St. Michael's in Absarokee, MT and she was a minor. Also named by man who claimed abuse by Heretick and a Fr. Cawley 1974-1980 beginning when man was age 8. Sent to treatment 1980s; bishop alleged to have ignored recommendation that Heretick not be placed back in ministry. Heretick died 1/16/99. In 4/18 diocese agreed to settle 86 claims of abuse from 1940s-1990s, including those against Heretick, for $20M. Diocese filed for bankruptcy in 3/17, just before jury trials were to begin.Great Falls-Billings, MTSource:
Great Falls Tribune 02.08.12; KRTV 02.08.12; Market Watch 02.08.12; Great Falls Tribune 02.09.12; Great Falls Tribune 02.12.18; Associated Press 02.13.18; Findagrave accessed 02.19.18; Great Falls Tribune 04.27.18; KTVQ 04.27.18; Tamaki Law Offices 04.27.18
HermannsMel W.1964PAccusedofm capPastor of Our Lady Gate of Heaven in Chicago 3/18/12. Removed 9/12; living under supervision. Identified in 6/18/13 Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph as current friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. First incident in 1969 involved St. Lawrence Seminary student. Reported in 1993. Order paid for student's counseling. Hermanns sent to Paracletes. Also reported in 1990 for suspect conduct involving physical activities with minor males.Milwaukee, WISource:
Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 06.26.13
Harold1957PSuedOblates of St. Francis de SalesNamed in 4/09 civil suit by one man re abuse between 1970-1972 while a student at Salesianum School and during visits to NJ and Philadelphia. Previously taught in Alexandria, VA (Bishop Ireton 1964-1967--removed after possible allegations). Transferred to Philadelphia in 1972. Oblates in DE and PA announced $24.8M settlement 8/4/11 with 40 victims who filed suits in DE. One of terms was release of names of 12 Oblates with substantiated allegations of abuse. Hermley was on list. Died 1983.Wilmington, DESource:
Middletown Transcript 8.5.11; News Journal 8.4.11; News Journal 8.5.11; News Journal 04.25.09; John Roe 5 v. Oblates of St. Francis de Sales et al,, Superior Court New Castle County, Delaware, 09C-06-122 CLS 06.15.09
Robert J.1955PConvictedOblates of St. Francis de SalesAccused in 2003 of abuse of boy in Philly between 1976-1980. In 1987 he was reported to Oblates for having abused a youth during early 1980s in NJ. Convicted 1982 in PA of indecent assult of boys age 13 and 14 during Wilmington assignment. 3 yrs probation. Reinstated to ministry same year in VA. Retired 2003. Named in Philadelphia Grand Jury report. Died 8/30/09. Name released as part of 8/11 Oblate $24.8M settlement with 40 individuals.Philadelphia, PASource: accessed 2.8.11; Middletown Transcript 8.5.11; News Journal 11.20.05 (Major Account); News Journal 8.4.11; News Journal 8.5.11; Philly Grand Jury Report; News Journal 09.30.05; News Journal 10.01.05; News Journal 11.18.06
Alfred1955PSettledDiocesanMonsignor. Work included chaplaincies at juvenile detention facilities. Accused in lawsuit filed 10/14 of repeatedly sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy, who was first grader at his parish school, in 1993. Hernandez was pastor of St. Ignatius in Highland Park at the time, having been there for 18 years when he retired in 1996. The suit claimed the boy's teacher would send him to the rectory, where the abuse occurred. Plaintiff said the priest made him read bible passages while sodomizing him. Settled in 3/17. Hernandez died 5/26/14.Los Angeles, CASource:
Angelus News 06.05.14; MyNewsLA 03.21.17; NBC Los Angeles 03.22.17
HernandezGabriel2008DAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused in the diocese's 9/18/18 list. One known credible allegation. Deacon. Dismissed from seminary 4/22/09. Laicized 2/25/10.Fort Wayne-South Bend, INSource:
Diocese of Ft Wayne-South Bend list 09.18.18
Diocese of Ft Wayne-South Bend list 09.18.18
HernandezLarry1978PAccusedDiocesanMan came forward in 2008 to allege that Hernandez, L. White and D. Zumaya had all molested him between 1978-1982 when he was a minor and they were assigned to San Fernando Cathedral. Hernandez left the Archdiocese and joined Order of the Most Holy Trinity in 1982. Faculties were suspended by order when allegation first became known in 2008. Public was not notified until 3/09.San Antonio, TXSource:
KSAT 3.9.09; Statement by Archdiocese of San Antonio 3.8.09; 3.9.09; Houston Chronicle 03.10.09; San Antonio Express News 03.10.09; WOAI 03.13.09; LA Time 04.10.10; Statement by SNAP 01.10.13
HernandezRamon1959 ?PAccusedDiocesanHernandez. originally a priest in Cuba, moved to US in 1980. He removed himself from ministry 2/06 after man accused him of abuse in 1999 when the man was 16 and Hernandez was assigned to St. Rita's in Dade City. Hernandez denied all the allegations. Police investigated but did not file charges. Diocese conducted an investigation and submitted matter to Review Board. Diocese announced it would him to active ministry as of 8/30/06. Unable to locate him on diocesan website as of 7/19/08.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
St. Petersburg Times 02.18.06; Tampa Tribune 02.18.06; Bulletin of St. Rita Parish 09.24.06
Stephen C.1982PConvictedDiocesanRetired 1997. Placed on leave 4/02. Multiple victims before 1985. One suit filed 10/03 alleged he abused a girl at Santa Clara Parish in 1970s. Another suit filed 12/03 accused him of abuse from 1998-2002 at Eastlake Juvenile Hall. Arrested 6/04. Sentenced to 3 yrs probation 1/25/06 for misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2; LA Archdiocesan Report Errata Notice # 1; LA Times 08.18.02; Los Angeles Times 01.25.06; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Hernandez-TovarFrancisco1980PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on permanent leave 1/08 after diocesan review board determined that allegations of abuse against him were credible. Man went to Diocese in 7/07 to allege that Hernandez had molested him between 1986-1988 when he was 13. Hernandez was working atOur Lady of Lourdes Church in Colusa at the time.Sacramento, CASource:
Appeal Democrat 01.29.08; Sacramento Bee 01.29.08; California Catholic Daily 02.01.08
Joseph T.1973PSuedDiocesanSued 2002 & 2003 by 4 men alleging abuse in 1970s-1980s. In 5/02, Archdiocese admitted that there had been other concerns expressed about Herp in the 1970s. Police had investigated in 1988 and 1990 (while he was a police chaplain). In 10/02, his privileges were permanently removed. In 2003, diocesan review board substantiated the allegations against Herp. Laicization announced 10/05. Died 10/25/13.Louisville, KYSource:
Associated Press 05.11.02; Courier-Journal 05.17.02; Courier-Journal 05.18.02; Courier Journal (Major account) 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 10.06.02; Courier-Journal 10.11.02; Courier-Journal 10.20.02; Courier-Journal 04.10.03; Courier-Journal 05.31.03; Courier-Journal 03.09.04; Courier-Journal 10.25.05; Courier-Journal 01.31.10; BA Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 04.22.11; Courier Journal 11.01.13
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
HerpinL. Michael1966PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from his post as vicar of the central region and pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Broussard and sent for medical treatment 7/02 after admitting that he had engaged in sexual impropriety with a minor about 30 yrs ago. Review committee agreed. No other info on victimLafayette, LASource:
State Times/Morning Advocate 07.13.02; The Advocate 07.23.02; The Advocate 09.07.14
HerreraHenry1942PAccusedC.M.F. Claretian MissionariesHerrera is listed on the Fort Worth Diocese list of priests who had "allegations with a semblance of truth made against them regarding sexual misconduct with minors." Name was added to the list in late 2011 or early 2012 but was not publicized to the public in any way. He worked in the diocese between 1975-1979. Transferred to AZ parish. Died 11/29/96 in AZ. Spent several years in Philippines early in his career. Also taught in CA & worked in El Paso Diocese.Fort Worth, TXSource:
Fort Worth Diocese List of Accused Priests, accessed 1.12; Prescott Courier 12.09.79; Prescott Courier 12.02.96; Fort Worth Star Telegram 01.31.12
HerreraHernando1998PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave from Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 8/03 after allegations of "inappropriate conduct" with two minors. No info on gender, location or time of incidents. Had been serving as executive director of youth ministries for the Diocese (since 2002) as well as parochial vicar at a parish. He had also served as part-time chaplain at a high school in Taunton from 1999 to 2002.Fall River, MASource:
Providence Journal-Bulletin 4.1.07; Providence Journal-Bulletin 9.3.03; Providence Journal-Bulletin 06.11.98; Providence Journal-Bulletin 08.22.03; Standard-Times 08.22.03; Providence Journal-Bulletin 08.25.03; Providence Journal-Bulletin 10.17.03; Providence Journal-Bulletin 12.26.03
HerreraRosendo1996PSettledDiocesan2002 civil suit alleges Herrera impregnated a 17 yr old girl in Amarillo and also molested 2 of her sisters. Suit says Herrera was removed earlier from Mexican seminary for having sexual relations with young girl. Removed from ministerial duties in the Amarillo Diocese in 2000. Suit settled 2/03. He was granted lay status in 3/01. Second suit filed by adult accuser 10/03 and settled 11/04.Amarillo, TXSource:
Amarillo Globe-News 8.9.02; Dallas Morning News 9.1.02; Amarillo Globe-News 07.11.02; Associated Press 07.11.02; NY Times 08.24.02; Amarillo Globe-News 02.27.03; Associated Press 02.27.03; Amarillo Globe-News 10.17.03; Amarillo Globe-News 11.14.03; Amarillo Globe-News 11.25.04; Associated Press 11.29.04
HeschJohn1982PAccusedDiocesanIn 1985 Church investigated allegations that Hesch abused several youths in his role as a sex education teacher. Teachers complained about Hesch's physical handling of children. Church said they would sent to counseling but didn't. In 1994 a 21 yr old man committed suicide in 1994. Parents asked church to keep Hesch away from funeral. Weeks later Hesch killed himself after confrontation by church officials re abuse. He claimed he was innocent. Bishop also ignored info on other victims in 1994.Richmond, VASource:
Daily Press 7.9.03; Richmond Times Dispatch 6.7.94; Richmond Times Dispatch 07.13.94; Washington Post 07.14.94; San Diego Union Tribune 07.15.94; Richmond Times Dispatch 07.30.94; America 10.29.94; Richmond Times Dispatch 04.28.02; Plain Dealer 05.25.02; Richmond Times Dispatch 08.25.02; Richmond Times Dispatch 08.30.02
HessEdward PSuedOblateHess was one of several accused in a 2010 civil suit against the diocese, Oblates and Sisters of the Divine Savior. The suit alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD, including sexual abuse by Hess in the late 1940s-early 1950s of a boy and girl, when they were ages 8-10.Sioux Falls, SDSource:
MWD et al v Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls et al, Minnehaha County Circuit Court 07.30.10; Argus Leader 08.06.10; Sioux City Journal 08.06.10
HessJohn P.1983PConvictedDiocesanHess pleaded guilty 5/02 to one felony count of possessing child pornography received over the Internet. Federal agents seized Hess' computer from rectory in March 2002 as part of Operation Candyman sting. Allowed to change guilty plea from possession of child pornography to lesser charge of possession of obscene materials because of problems with warrants. In 2003 he was sentenced to 3 months in halfway house, 5 yrs probation, and a fine of $5,000. Still priest but has no duties.St. Louis, MOSource:
St. Louis Post Dispatch 2.4.03; St. Louis Post Dispatch 3.8.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 5.9.02
Jerome "Jerry" BAccusedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersAccused of molesting one boy between 1963-1967 at Essex Catholic High School, Newark, New Jersey. The youth committed suicide in 1978. The boy's cousin later filed a civil suit re NY Archdiocese, Newark & and the Order alleging abuse by several brothersand brothers in the order. Heustis later served as principal at Palma High for 6 yrs in 1980s. Deceased.Newark, NJSource:
Renew America 05.17.06; Hoatson v NY Archdiocese et al, Cause No 07-102959, 08.14.07; KSBW 02.27.12; Monterey Herald 02.27.12; The Californian 02.27.12; Monterey Herald 02.28.12; The Californian 02.28.12; Monterey Herald 07.30.12; Santa Cruz Sentinel 03.28.13; Monterey Herald 09.06.13; Monterey Herald (AP) 10.12.13
HewittAndrew BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersAccused of abusing a freshman boy with emotional problems. Civil suit filed 8/88 and police conducted investigation. Hewitt sentenced to 5 years probation 4/89 and inpatient therapy in New Mexico. Order and archdiocese filed against insurance company. NJ Superior Court ruled 8/5/97 reversing lower court's order dismissing plaintiffs' claims and remanding. See 698 A.2d 543; 1997 N.J.Super. LEXIS 363.Newark, NJSource:
Bruni, Gospel of Shame, p. 186; McNally v. Providence Washington Insurance Co., 698 A.2d 543, 548 (N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. 1997)
HewittGregory DAccusedDiocesanServed as deacon at All Saints in Puyallup 1979-80. Laicized. Name included on the archdiocese's 1/15/16 list of clergy and religious with established, admitted or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Seattle, WASource:
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16
Donald J.1970PSettledDiocesanIn the early 1990s, the diocese substantiated four allegations of abuse involving young girls in the early 1970s. The diocese made out of court settlements in 1989 and 1994. Heydens remained active as a priest until he was removed from position as of 8/02. He was on restricted duty running the diocese's program for deacons.Grand Rapids, MISource:
Grand Rapids Press 4.6.02; (AP) 1.9.07; Grand Rapids Press 03.23.02; Grand Rapids Press 05.17.02; Grand Rapids Press 05.18.02; Grand Rapids Press 06.05.02; Grand Rapids Press 07.05.02; Holland Sentinel 07.06.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Grand Rapids Press 01.08.07
Eugene P.1981PConvictedDiocesanArrested in July 2002 in male prostitution sting allegedly involving minors. Placed on leave by archdiocese. Pleaded guilty 2003 and sentenced to 2 yrs probation with no unsupervised contact with minors. Archdiocese still investigating and he remaned onleave as of 5/03. Apparently lived without restrictions at St. John Vianney Residence for Retired Priests in Rutherford, NJ for several years until his death 12/24/07.Newark, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 07.27.02; Star-Ledger 07.28.02; The Record 07.28.02; The Record 07.30.02; the Record 10.03.02; USA Today 11.11.02; The Record 04.10.03; Star Ledger 05.02.03; The Record 05.02.03; Star-Ledger 11.03.13
Gerald J.1963PSuedDiocesanFormer chaplain for New England Patriots football team. Unassigned since 1994. Resumed parish work in 1998 on limited basis. Two nephews came forward 3/02 alleging abuse. One said he told Boston AD by letter in 1992 and filed suit which was dismissed. Boston paid for 2 yrs' counseling. Hickey placed on leave 2/02. Living in Scituate MA 10/08. Per 8/11 Boston AD database, review board found accusations unsubstantiated or he was acquitted by canonical process. Retired; privileges still restricted in 10/15.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 02.08.02; Boston Herald 02.08.02; Patriot Ledger 02.08.02; Boston Herald 02.09.02; Patriot Ledger 02.11.02; Patriot Ledger 03.12.02; Patriot Ledger 12.19.02; Boston Herald 12.20.02; Patriot Ledger 12.20.02; Boston Globe 03.05.03; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Boston Globe 10.29.12
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Other Boston Assignment Record
HiddingThomas J.1986PAccusedJesuitHidding was removed from his assignment at Miami parish 5/02 after "credible" accusation that he molested a student at Jesuit high school in Tampa some time between 1980-1982. After the alleged incident, Hidding was transferred to the Jesuit high school in Dallas, TX where he served from 1982-1983. This was while he was a Jesuit Brother and prior to ordination as priest. Died 10/12.05.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
St. Petersburg Times 05.10.02; Tampa Tribune 05.10.02; Tampa Tribune 05.11.02
Assignments: Assignment Record 4.21.13
J Grant1956PAccusedDiocesanFirst revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Listed as having died in 2016; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as working at Most Precious Blood church in Angola NY.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Buffalo News 04.29.18
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
HigginsMichael1964PAccusedDiocesanHiggins was removed from active priesthood after he was accused of soliciting sex in a confessional. He denied the allegations and appealed his case to the Vatican. In 1987 Higgins sued Bishop Maher and others alleging that he was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Higgins has said that Vatican reversed Bishop's decision and he is a "retired priest". Diocese denies this, saying that Pope affirmed decision to remove his privileges.San Diego, CASource:
LA Times 08.11.89; Press Enterprise (CA) 07.30.04
HigginsPhillip PAccusedDiocesanName appeared on list of 21 priests accused of abuse which District Attorney released 9/02. List says one alleged victim with claims beyond the SOL. No other information known. Not listed in 1989 or 2002 Catholic Directory.Fall River, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.27.02; Boston Herald 09.27.02
HightowerPaul  ?PAccusedDiocesanPersonnel file released 1/03 contained allegations that Hightower had been accused of repeatedly sexually abusing at least two minors at Nazareth, a Jamaica Plain children's home, in 1968 when he was a student at Cardinal O'Connell Seminary. Hightower left the priesthood and had a family prior to his death in 1994 at age 47. Five claims have been settled as of 5/10. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Excerpts from Personnel File from Arch of Boston; Boston Globe 03.27.94; Boston Globe 01.31.03; Boston Herald 01.31.03; Jamaica Plains Gazette 05.29.10; Jamaica Plains Gazette 09.09.11; Boston Globe 11.20.11; Boston Herald 01.18.14
HilandGeorge H.1958PAccusedDiocesanRetired 1994. Removed from public ministry in 11/18 due to allegations deemed credible of sexual misconduct with a minor about 50 years prior. Assignments inculded St. John the Baptist, in Fairbury, St. Patrick in Dwight and St. James, in Forrest, between 1976 and 1994. On diocese's list in 12/18.Peoria, ILSource:
Journal Star 11.01.18; Herald-Review 11.02.18; News Tribune 11.02.18; Diocese of Peoria List 12.21.18
Antony Muthu1970PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 1995 of getting drunk and molesting girls in his home diocese of Kottar, India. One allegation was investigated and "proved." Sent to the US by Bishop Tharmaraj, perhaps because of the allegations, where he was allowed to work despite his history. Accused 12/95 of using the confessional to scout victims and of mauling a woman during confession, rubbing his body against hers and attempting to kiss her. Manchester Bishop O'Neil deemed the claim credible. Hilary returned to Kottar 12/95.Manchester, NHSource:
Diocesan Documents and Narrative of the Case; Manchester Allegation 12.95; Union Leader 3.7.03; Kottar Allegations 06.13.95
William Charles BAccusedMarianistIn 2014, Br. Bernard Hartman was facing trial in Australia on child abuse allegations. When one individual came forward to allege abuse at North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. the Pittsburgh Diocese sought information on other possible victims. Four people came forward to allege abuse by Hildebrand, who was at North Catholic 1951-1961. He died in 1979. Diocese says it knew nothing of the allegations until 2014. Head of Marianist Order apologized in writing to Diocese and students. Named in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report.Pittsburgh, PASource:
CBS Pittsburgh 05.06.14; WPXI 05.06.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.07.14; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 05.07.14; SNAP Statement 05.07.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.30.14; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 05.30.14; SNAP Media Statement 06.17.14; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HillErnest Justin1951PAccusedMissionary Servants of Most Holy TrinitySuspended by his order in 1994 for refusing to undergo psychological testing. Accused in 1999 of sexual abuse in Maine in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Hill became an S.T. brother in 1944 and an S.T. priest in 1951.Portland, MESource:
Bangor Daily News 8.8.02; Portland Press Herald 8.9.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
HillPatrick J.1968PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse by 1 sometime between 1979-1981. Diocese investigated and found no reason to remove him. Still ActiveLos Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2
LA Times Database 4.20.06
HillRobert E.1957PConvictedDiocesanArrested and convicted in 1991 on charges of compelling prostitution by paying to perform sex acts on a 17-year-old boy. Served two years in prison. Suspended by the diocese and sent for treatment. Found in 2002 living at a retirement home for priests--in the same building as a pre-school. Retired, per 5/02 article. On diocese's list 10/29/18. Noted to be deceased.Youngstown, OHSource:
USA Today 06.21.91; Vindicator 05.18.02; Vindicator 02.14.04; Vindicator 04.05.05; The Cleveland Scene 04.27.05; WYTV 10.29.18; Diocese of Youngstown List 10.30.18
Daniel B.1969PSettledDiocesanAccused of sexually abusing at least one minor. Included on the Helena diocese's list posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement. Assignments included St. Patrick's, Butte: 1970­-71; St. Ann's, Butte: 1971­-74; Graduate studies 1974 and 1977­-79; Carroll College 1974­-2002; leave to begin art studio 2002. Died 7/19/03.Helena, MTSource:
Helena Diocese Bankruptcy Settlement 03.04.15; Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
HinesJoseph P.1945PAccusedDiocesanHines is shown on the Davenport Diocese's Creditors Committee website (in 2007) as having credible allegations against him. From 1970-1980 he served as Dean of Keokuk. Died 5/92. Name NOT on Diocese's 7/08 list of "credibly accused" abusers. In 11/08, a Review Board found him guilty of sexual abuse of children.Davenport, IASource:
Davenport Deans and Episcopal Vicars; Davenport Diocese Creditors Committee Website 08.27.07; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Quad-City Times 07.18.08; Des Moines Register 11.03.08; WCCO 11.03.08; Press-Citizen (AP) 11.04.08
Assignments: Concise Assignment Record; Assignment Record
HinojosaJuan Francisco DAccusedDiocesanOrdained Deacon studying at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein. Allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old youth. May have fled to Mexico.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Sun-Times 06.26.93
Assignments: Assignment Record
Ho Joseph Hiepvan1975PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the Omaha archdiocese's list 11/30/18. Extern priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney. Reports to Omaha in 1990 of boundary violations and in 2010 of sex abuse. Left Omaha in 1992. Omaha informed Sydney in 2010. Per list, Ho still active in Sydney.Omaha, NESource:
The Catholic Voice 12.03.18
Phillip1992PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 2/07 after allegation that he sexually abused a former student at St. Albert Schools. Law enforcement officials notified. Hobt began working at the school in 1995. In 4/07, diocese reported that the allegations were credible and that Hobt had begun the process to voluntarily ask the Vatican to be laicized.Des Moines, IASource:
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James Allen1975PAccusedDiocesanNewly identified as abuser on Chicago Archdiocesan Report in Fall 2009. Archdiocese received report in 7/85 of sexual abuse by Hoder of a teenage boy when Hoder was a seminarian. Housekeeper in 1990 reported male minors going to Hoder's room, porn everywhere, and a young man around age 18 staying with him in rectory. Suspected of theft same year and investigated for drugs. Reports to archdiocese in 11/92 of sex abuse of teen boy. Resigned from priesthood 1997. Allegation 2/04. Another in 7/07 of abuse by Hoder and Rev. James Flosi of boy age 17; alleged victim had called archdiocese re this in 1985. Laicization in 12/09 announced 1/2010.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report updated 12.01.09; Chicago Archdiocesan Report accessed 01.14.10; Archdiocese of Chicago Documents 11.11.14
Hoder Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
Francis F.1979PChargedBenedictine1992 suit alleged abuse by Hoefgen in 1982 when a 16 yr old youth lived with him as a foster son. He knew the boy was suicidal when he invited him to move into his home. He admitted sexual encounters to the church in 1984; it sent him for treatment & after 6 months returned him to a new parish. Suit dismissed 11/93 because of SOL. Apology by Hoefgen printed in newspaper 9/02 as part of group settlement re several living at St. John's Abbey. Permanently removed 2002. Laicized 12/11. Sued 11/18/13. St. Paul personnel file released 05/19/14. Arrested 05/21/14 and charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct from 1989-1991. Pled not guilty at 9/5/14. Trial set for 5/15. Acquitted. Files released 11/15 show pattern of predation toward boys, beginning 1980s and continuing for 2 decades/St. Cloud, MNSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Assignment Record from Archdiocese of St Paul
Raymond J.1963PAccusedDiocesanPermanently removed 5/02 after diocese received substantiated allegation he molested two minors approx. 25 yrs previously. Died 1.17.12.Marquette, MISource:
Associated Press 5.8.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Eagle Herald Extra 01.19.12
John 1963PSuedDiocesanPlaced on leave due to allegations and sent to Southdown in Canada for treatment in 1986. Reassigned. Allegedly abused boys, ages 9-18, including sodomy, 1960s-90s One alleged victim later died by suicide. Sexual assault alleged also of a female high schooler. Left active priesthood in 1988. Civil suits filed by 7-8 men in 2001 and 2003-04 alleging abuse by Hoehl in early 1980s Laicized 6/04. Per 2002 article, he was children's therapist in WV. Board of Counselors investigated and found allegations credible. Surrendered his license 3/07. In 10/07 32 alleged victims settled with the diocese. Named in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. New suit filed 8/18. Suit filed 10/18 by man alleging rape ages 14-17 by Hoehl when he was headmaster and counselor at Quigley Catholic High in Baden. Suit filed 11/18.Pittsburgh, PASource:
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Gerard J.1973PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 7/08 after allegation that he had sexually abused a minor in 1970s. He was serving as parochial vicar at Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish in Doylestown at time of his suspension. Archdiocese reported this was first allegation against Hoffman. As of 3/09, Diocese said Review Board could not substantiate original charge but did find evidence of abuse of 2nd minor and that Hoffman had agreed to live a supervised life of prayer & penance at a priest retirement home.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Pottstown Mercury 7.29.08; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.29.08
Emmett1953PSuedCapuchine OFM, CAPNamed as abuser in 12/30/11 civil suit filed against Diocese and Order. Plaintiff (a member of Cheyenne tribe) alleged Hoffman molested and raped her between 1955 and 1962 when she was a minor and he was assigned to St. Labre Mission School in Ashland. He started at the school in 1954. The woman was a boarding student. He left the Capuchin order and became a Diocesan priest. He retired from the mission in 1993 and lived in a retirement community on the reservation until his death 2/1/13. Per a 2017 news report, 5 former St. Labre Indian School students accused Hoffman of having molested them between 1955 and 1984.Great Falls-Billings, MTSource:
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HoffmannPhilip A.1964PAccusedDiocesanHoffmann resigned from position in July 2002 after admitting to an incident of sexual abuse of a minor nearly 30 years ago. He was apparently not in a parish assignment but worked at Diocese headquarters. This action based on work by the Records Review Task Force. He worked as director of Diocesan Housing Office from 1969-1976.Green Bay, WISource:
Green Bay Press-Gazette 07.08.02; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.08.02
Francis T1946PAccusedDiocesanFirst revealed in 3/20/18 diocesan list as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Listed as having died in 2010; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation. Listed in 1988 Official Catholic Directory as retired.Buffalo, NYSource:
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Post-Journal 03.21.18; Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
G. Stuart1924PAccusedDiocesanHogan's name was one of eight released in 6/18 by Attorney Mitchell Garabedian of priests accused of sexually abusing children. A 71-year-old woman stated in 6/18 that Hogan sexually abused her at ages 15-16 in 1962-63, while he was assigned to St. Gregory in Marion. She said her mother wrote and called the diocese to report the abuse, but nothing was done. The woman also said a classmate told her that Hogan had also molested her and that her reports to the diocese were ignored. Hogan retired in 1965 and died in 1985.Rochester, NYSource:
Democrat and Chronicle 06.06.18; Rochester First 06.06.18; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 06.14.18; Rochester First 06.14.18; WHEC 06.14.18; WHEC 06.15.18
HoganLeroy Jerome1957PSettledDiocesanAccused in 1993 of abusing a youth in mid 1980s. Youth was 7-9 when abuse was alleged to have occurred and 14 when he notified authorities. Hogan was placed on leave in 1993. Civil suit filed. Suit settled out of court. Diocese paid $65,000 ($25,000 in cash and $40,000 annuity to provide funds for the victim "in case he needs continued treatment"). Hogan retired in 1997. Died Oct. 2005.Green Bay, WISource:
Wisconsin State Journal 03.03.93; Post Crescent 05.31.02; Capital Times 06.25.02; Post-Crescent 10.05.05; Post-Crescent 10.06.05
HoganMichael J.1984PAccusedDiocesanNewly identified as abuser on Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3/20/06. In 2/86 a parent told pastor at St. Barbara's parish of "inappropriate activities" the priest had engaged in with his sons. Pastor was then to supervise Hogan. On leave as of 6/22/02. Resigned 7/93. Per archdiocese's list updated 11/28/18, Hogan was laicized 6/20/15.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Chicago Sun-Times 03.21.06; Chicago Tribune 03.21.06; Archdiocese of Chicago Documents 11.11.14; Archdiocese of Chicago List Updated 11.28.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Hogan Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
HoganMichael P.1956PAccusedAugustinianNamed publicly by a man in 1/19, who claimed Hogan sexually abuse him when he was a St. Rita High School sophomore. Hogan worked at St. Rita's 1960-70 as a teacher, Vice Principal for Guidance and Director of Public Relations. His accuser said the priest offered to take him to a camp in Milwaukee, plied him with alcohol in a hotel room and started touching him. The man said he told the archdiocese in 2006, who had him contact the Midwest Augustinians, and that the Order said Hogan was in a nursing home and denied the abuse. Hogan died 9/29/08.Chicago, ILSource:
Midwest Augustinians Obituary 09.29.08; New York Times 01.09.19
Midwest Augustinians Obituary 09.29.08
Othmar (Leo)1931PAccusedO.S.B.Worked in Bahamas, ND, UT, CO, MN. Name included on list released by Abbey 12/9/13 of monks likely to have offended against minors. Hohmann accused by at least two women of groping, pawing and sexually assaulting them in 1960s when they were children attending St. Joseph's in St. Joseph. Women told the Abbey, which did nothing. Retired 1976, died 1/24/80. Also included in addendum to Duluth 12/31/13 list. Included on St. Cloud list 1/3/14. Accused in suit filed 1/13/16 of sexual abuse of girl ages 11-16, 1961-66, while he was St. Joseph's pastor.St. Cloud, MNSource:
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Sylvester J.1928PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Assigned to St. Mary of the Angels, Olean, All Saints in Buffalo, then named pastor of Nativity of Our Lord in Orchard Park in 1960. Superintendent of Diocesan schools 1941-1961. Retired 1978. Died 9/10/83, age 80. Accused publicly in 3/18 of sexually abusing a male minor. Not on the diocese's 3/20/18 list of 'removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.' Diocese included deceased clergy only if they were the subject of more than one accusation. Accuser said he was invited by diocese to participate in reconciliation and compensation program.Buffalo, NYSource:
WBFO 03.21.18; WBFO 03.21.18; Findagrave accessed 04.03.18
HoldWilliam B.1977PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse at Holy Rosary in Woodland in 1982. In 2002 Diocese of Sacramento acknowledged receiving the allegation approximately 3 yrs previously. He also served in Diocese of Oakland. At last report, he was retired and living in Central Point, Oregon. Died 3/26/12.Sacramento, CASource:
Sacramento Bee 04.12.02; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08
John C.1971PSuedDiocesanAccused in lawsuit filed 9/8/15 of sexually abusing 7- to 9-year-old boy in the early 1970s at St. Rita's of Cascia in Aurora. Abuse said to have included fondling and sodomy. Accuser said several of his friends told him they were abused, too. Holdren denied abuse of the boy. Took long-term leave of absence 1994 after injured in reported home invasion. Diocese stated 9/15 he was no longer an active priest, but Holdren told reporter he was still active, helping out at a local parish. On diocese's list 11/14/18. It noted he was removed from ministry in 7/94 "for reason not related to a child abuse allegation".Rockford, ILSource:
Rockford Register Star 09.08.15; WIFR 09.08.15; Northwest Herald 09.09.15; Geneva Patch 09.10.15; Diocee of Rockford List 11.14.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
HolihanDaniel Mark1957PSettledDiocesanRetired in 1992. Subject of allegation involving a boy while assigned to St. Aloysius in Chicago in late 1960s. Settled 1997. Allegedly abused as many as 12 boys. Under Cardinal Bernardin, he was assigned a monitor and told not to be alone with minors. In 6/02 Cardinal George barred him from celebrating weekend masses. Civil suit filed 10/03. Included in 10/05 settlement with Archdiocese. Permanently removed from ministry 9/05. Laicized 7/10. Personnel file released 01/14. Died 10/16.Chicago, ILSource:
USA Today 01.11.02; Chicago Tribune 06.24.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times 06.15.03; Chicago Tribune 10.03.03; Chicago Tribune 09.26.05; Chicago Sun-Times 09.27.05; Chicago Tribune 09.27.05; Chicago Tribune 10.28.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report, page 2 03.20.06; Chicago Archdiocesan Report accessed 01.04.10; SNAP Press Release 10.17.10; Chicago Sun-Times 01.21.14; Chicago Tribune 01.21.14; Personnel File Released 01.21.14; WGN TV 01.21.14; WBEZ 01.22.14; Chicago Sun-Times 01.24.14; Daily Beast 01.24.14; Archdiocese of Chicago List Updated 11.28.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
HolihanEdgar M. 1943PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 12/3/18. Noted to have had one claim against him after his death. Elevated to Monsignor 1971. Longtime pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows in Vestal. Died 5/10/87.Syracuse, NYSource:
Facebook OLS History 06.26.16; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18
David A.1958PConvictedDiocesanAbused minors in Massachusetts. Sent to Paraclete center in NM for treatment. Many victims in many states. After he abused in El Paso Bishop Metzger transferred him to the San Angelo TX diocese. Convicted 1993 of abusing 8 boys 1972-74 in Alamogordo NM; 275-year sentence. Died in prison 11/25/08; buried in NM. Accused in new federal suit of abusing a boy in Alamogordo along with D. Barfield & W. Diamond. He and Diamond also worked together earlier. New suit in Denver 12/13. Included on Santa Fe archdiocese list of accused on 9/12/17. On Las Cruces diocese's list 11/8/18.Worcester, MASource:
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Hollinger William1946PAccusedDiocesanName quietly added to archdiocese's list 10/08. Reported in 9/18 to have sexually abused a girl, including rape, in Torrance 1954-58, when the girl was ages 6 through 9. Hollinger died 10/18/88.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles 09.30.08; Digital Journal 02.14.13; Orange County Weekly 02.28.18
Edward Anthony BConvictedCong. of Sacred Heart of Jesus and MaryResidential counselor at Nazareth Child Care Center in Jamaica Plain run by the Boston AD. Left order in 2002. Arrested 2005 for abuse and photographing of 2 boys at the home in 1970s and 1980s. "Housemates" found photos in 1989. Both made complaints in 2003. Holmes sentenced to 5 yrs 1 day in prison 12/06. Pleaded guilty in 2008 to raping 3rd boy; 2 more yrs on sentence. At least 4 claims included in 2003 global settlement with Boston. One pending as of 5/10. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database. Reportedly died in 2011. Lawsuit filed 7/17 by man claiming abuse by Holmes as a boy, ages 8-11, in the 1970s at Nazareth and on camping trips in NH. Plaintiff said he told his mom, who told a nun in charge of his cottage at Nazareth, and that the nun's response was to punish him.Boston, MASource:
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HolmesJohn "Jack"1969PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 10/31/18. Noted to have been suspended from ministry in 1989. Deceased.Steubenville, OHSource:
Diocese of Steubenville List 10.31.18; WTOV 10.31.18
HolsenbachJames Barron BAccusedMaristHolsenbach, also known as Brother Stanislaus, is accused in complaints made in 2002 of abuse incidents in 1958 and 1960 at Central Catholic High. He was forced to leave the Marist order in 1961, possibly as the result of a disciplinary action involvingsexual misconduct. Name is also spelled Holsenback in some articles. Died 5/06. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 6.7.02; Augusta Chronicle 05.14.06; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Gary Michael1984PConvictedDiocesanHoltey placed on leave in May, 2004 during investigation of international child pornography ring. Police and federal agents searched the offices at St. Charles Borromeo Church and seized computers. Pleaded guilty 2/05 to 10 misdemeanor counts of possession of child porn and received 3 yrs probation. No longer listed on Diocesan website. Name located on MD Sex Offender Archive but not found on National Register. May be living in MD.San Diego, CASource:
San Diego Union-Tribune 05.13.04; Union Tribune 05.14.04; Union Tribune 12.22.04; Union Tribune 12.23.04; 10News 02.10.05; Union Tribune 03.11.05; North County Times 09.15.05
James A.1974PAccusedDiocesanHoltz resigned from his position 8/02 after diocese investigated report that he had sexually abused a minor in early 1980s while under influence of alcohol. He had received treatment for alcohol abuse in mid 1980s. Holtz also served as adjutant judicial vicar in the Diocesan Tribunal.Gaylord, MISource:
Traverse City Record-Eagle 08.28.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03
HoltzLouis J.1958PSettledDiocesanMan told Diocese in 1995 that he had been abused in 1974-1975 by Holtz. Claims settled 1997 and Holtz agreed to be laicized. Another man filed suit 12/02 re 1970 abuse. One plaintiff alleging abuse by Holtz joined a 2003 class action suit against the Diocese but later withdrew and settled. Laicization announced 8/12/03.Covington, KYSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 06.15.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 07.10.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 01.23.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 02.13.03; Cincinnati Post 02.27.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 02.28.03; Kentucky Post 03.13.03; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 04.23.03; Kentucky Post 04.23.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 08.13.03; Kentucky Post 05.22.04; Cincinnati Post 11.24.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
HomerP. Lawrence1959PAccusedDiocesanMultiple complaints. First named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Resigned 10/93. Removed from ministry 7/3/02. In 1967 there was a report to a Fr. Post that Homer had a 14-year-old girl in his locked office when she was supposed to be in class and asked her inappropriate sexual questions and made inappropriate comments. A second similar allegation involving a 14-year-old girl followed; he was said to have unbuttoned this girl's blouse and french kissed her. Transferred to another parish. In 1/88 a woman told the diocese that Homer molested her in 1964 when she was age 14. More complaints surfaced, including of an incident with a nun. Sent twice for evaluation and treatment. Died 2015.Scranton, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; National Review 09.21.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HoncKathleen Francis NAccusedFranciscan SistersPer 6/07 article, Sr. Honc has recently been accused of molesting a girl sometime between 1962-1971 at Melbourne Central Catholic school. She left the area in 1971. She was removed from her current assignment in Seminole, Florida when the allegation was received.Orlando, FLSource:
Florida Today 06.09.07
Mark A.1980PSuedDiocesanAccused in 3/11 civil suit of molesting an 8- to 9-year-old boy at Holy Cross in KC 1985-86. Settled 2015. Fr. Hugh Monahan, was accused of abusing the same boy when he was 13. Honhart worked in MO 1980-2002 before transferring to PA in 2003. KC diocese said no complaints made to superiors in MO during ministry. Placed on leave by Scranton Diocese 2/2/11 "for health reasons" after it learned of accusations. Also worked in NM. New suits filed 8/11 & 11/11. Named in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report, in which name misspelled "Honart."Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Link to articles prior to 12.01.11; Kansas City Star 08.20.18; Citizen's Voice 08.26.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
William Reece1955PAccusedDiocesanForced to resign in 1995 as pastor of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Fort Worth after admitting that he repeatedly abused a 12-year-old in 1957. At least 9 other accusers went to the Diocese but Diocese did not reveal their claims. It told public that there were only a few victims and no incidents after 1960. Other victims came forward after his death. Originally part of Dallas diocese but became part of Ft. Worth Diocese when it was formed. Died in 1996.Fort Worth, TXSource:
Documents From the Secret Archives of the Ft. Worth Diocese; Dallas Morning News 07.06.97; Star Telegram 06.26.05; Star Telegram 08.10.05; Star Telegram 02.16.06; Star Telegram (AP) 02.24.06; Star Telegram 08.11.06; Star Telegram 08.18.06; Star Telegram 11.28.06; WFAA 11.28.06; Dallas Morning News 11.29.06; Star Telegram 11.29.06
Fort Worth Diocese 6.10.05; Diocese of Fort Worth List of Accused Priests accessed 1.12
George S.1949PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on sick leave 1/76 after 1975 stroke. Several allegations from 1960s made in 2002. One settlement in 2004. Name on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) becauseof credible allegations of abuse.1993 Catholic Directory showed him assigned to St. Anne's Home for the Elderly. Died 10/16/04. Personnel file released 7/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Chicago Suburban Daily Herald 10.17.04; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee (rev) 01.26.07; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Waukesha Patch 07.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
James Francis1968PConvictedo.f.m.cap CapuchinTransferred to Camden diocese from Pittsburgh in 1973. Parents complained in 1988 of inappropriate behavior toward their son and he was sent for therapy. Removed from ministry in 1995 after one accusation. In 1999 the man's younger brother also alleged abuse. Lawsuit 1999 by younger brother settled for $625K in 2001. Arrested in 2003. Laicized in 2004. Convicted 2005 of abuse of boy and sentenced to 8 yrs in prison as of 3/5/05. On NJ sex offender registry 6/12/11. In 2012 a man told the Pittsburgh diocese that Hopkins performed a "medical exam" on him when the man was a freshman at St. Fidelis Seminary High School. decades earlier. Named in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report.Camden, NJSource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 10.06.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.09.02; Courier Post 04.16.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.16.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.16.03; Courier Post 04.18.03; Newsday 05.06.03; Courier Post 08.02.03; Star Ledger 01.15.04; Courier Post 08.07.04; Courier Post 09.18.04; Philly com 12.20.04; NBC10 03.04.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.05.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; The Patch 11.20.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
James P. or F.1900PAccusedDiocesanOrdained in Buffalo NY. First assignment was in Sharon, PA, then Corry. Pastor 1906 in East Brady. Subbed in summers in Titusville. Permanent Rector at St. Titus in Titusville 1928 until his death. Elevated to Monsignor in 1949. Died 7/14/57. Per his bio, "Boy and Girls Scout Troops have received his especial [sic] care." Name included on Erie diocese's updated list 7/18/18 and in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. A woman alleged to Bishop Trautman in 1993 that Hopkins abused her in the St. Titus rectory when she was age 13 in 1945. She said he would "plant a sloppy kiss" on girls' mouths and grab and fondle them.Erie, PASource:
Diocese of Erie full list 07.18.08; Diocese of Erie list update 07.18.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
St Bonaventure Univ Archives bio accessed 07.18.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HopkinsRobert F.1948PAccusedDiocesanIn 1995 two individuals alleged sexual abuse by Hopkins in 1970s. 8 others also came forward. When confronted, Hopkins admitted to sexual misconduct with minors from 1950s to early 1980s at 5 different churches. Charges came out just after he retired so Archbishop removed his faculties. Named on Baltimore's 9/26/02 list of abusive priests. Died in 12/06.Baltimore, MDSource:
St Mary's Seminary and University Class Notes, Summer 2007; Baltimore Sun 07.23.95; Washington Post 07.24.95; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Gloucester City Times 04.16.03; Washington Post 05.16.16
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
Thomas R.1966PSuedDiocesanPut on leave in 2002 due to accusation of abuse of boy in 1980. Had been warned in 1997 by archdiocese after anonymous complaint that he showed "odd" behavior toward a boy; was kept in ministry. Permanently removed from ministry by Vatican 10/05 but not laicized. Civil suit filed 2004. Suit dismissed by Ohio Supreme Court on statute of limitations 6/06. Another suit alleging abuse of 13-14 yr old boy in 1980s was withdrawn after Ohio Supreme Court ruling. Died 12/21/14.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Dayton Daily News 04.29.02; Dayton Daily News 04.30.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 05.01.02; Dayton Daily News 05.03.02; Dayton Daily News 01.28.04; Archdiocese of Cincinnati Press Release 10.12.05; Dayton Daily News 10.13.05; Cincinnati Post 06.02.06; Dayton Daily News 06.23.06; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07; Cincinnati Enquirer 04.29.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
Sylvester J.1946PSettledDiocesanMan filed suit in California 6/02 alleging abuse by Hoppe for 3 yrs beginning when he was 12 in 1951. Suit said abuse took place in Missouri and at Boy Scout Jamboree in California. Hoppe, age 90, was banned from celebrating Mass. Accuser said he told police in 1985; no record of complaint found. Suit settled 9/03 for $10,000. Two more men filed suit in 2005 alleging abuse in 1950s. Hoppe died in 2002. Claims settled 8/08 as part of $10M settlement re 12 priests. In 12/17 the diocese confirmed that there was a seventh claim of child sexual abuse against Hoppe, dating to 1953-1956.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Kansas City Star 06.25.02; Daily News of Los Angeles 06.26.02; Orange County Register 06.26.02; Kansas City Star 08.30.05; Topeka Capital Journal (AP) 08.31.05; Kansas City Star (AP) 09.21.05; TheKansasCityChannel 09.27.05; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Excelsior Springs Standard 01.19.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
Frederick J.1951PConvictedDiocesanAccused of abusing multiple people. Resigned 12/93 after accusations became public. Criminal charges filed 1994. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 3 yrs probation, treatment and 250 hrs public service. Hopwood's roommate at seminary (and later) was Cardinal Bernardin. Ordained by Bishop Russell of Charleston who made him Chancellor immediately after ordination.Charleston, SCSource:
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12.30.93; Post and Courier 06.21.96; Wanderer 06.18.98; Charlotte (NC) Observer 03.17.02; Post & Courier 04.28.02; Post and Courier 02.28.04; Renew America 08.18.06; Renew America 04.19.11; Post and Courier 04.26.14; Post and Courier 05.12.17
HoranRaymond1968PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list 11/6/18. Moved through eleven parishes during career, assigned to a high school 1969-71. Sabbatical 1987. Removed from ministry 1992. Died 2017.Atlanta, GASource:
Archdiocese of Atlanta List 11.06.18; WSB TV 11.07.18; East Cobb News 11.09.18
HornStephen R.1973PAccusedDiocesanArchdiocese announced 1/08 that Horn had been placed on leave and sent for treatment 11/07 immediately after allegations made that he abused a minor between 1989 and 1993. He was at Christ the King parish in Houston during that time frame. Review board said that sufficient evidence existed to suggest that the abuse had occurred.Galveston-Houston, TXSource:
Houston Chronicle 01.14.08; KHOU 01.14.08; KTRK 01.14.08; Whispers in the Loggia 01.14.08; KPRC-TV 01.15.08; KHOU 01.16.08; KPRC Local 2 02.04.08; Daily Dish 03.30.09; SNAP Statement 10.22.13; SNAP Statement 03.10.14; Houston Chronicle 12.13.18
Houston Press 1.15.08; BA.Org Assignment Record
Thomas Barry< 1939PSuedDiocesanAccused of abusing Kay Ebeling (City of Angels) at age 5 in early 1950s in Bartlett, IL after being transferred there by Archbishop of Chicago. He is accused of raping her in Rectory while her mother practiced on organ in nearby church. Later article reported he also raped her sister. Kay and another woman filed suit against archdiocese 8/3/11, alleging abuse when they were young children. Horne died in 1985.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 05.11.85; City of Angels 07.31.07; City of Angels 03.04.08; City of Angels 06.28.08; City of Angels 09.27.08; City of Angels 10.29.08; Chicago Tribune 08.03.11; Daily Herald 08.04.11; City of Angels 01.15.14; City of Angels 03.24.14; City of Angels 04.16.14; City of Angels 04.23.14; City of Angels 05.15.14
HornickJ. Michael1969PAccusedDiocesanFirst incident of inappropriate behavior with woman in 1997 resulted in treatment. Resigned in 2009 as pastor of St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church (part of Van Nuys Eparchy based in Phoenix) after 2nd woman came forward. 3rd accusation in 2011. Two of the women were considered "vulnerable adults". After news released, two other women came forward to allege abuse as children. He 'vehemently' denied allegations. Laicization announced 4/29/15. Archdiocese stated in announcement re laicization that it was aware of 7 women with complaints against Hornick.Anchorage, AKSource:
KTVA 05.03.11; Catholic Anchor 05.04.11; Alaska Dispatch 02.26.13; News-Miner 02.26.13; Juneau Enterprise 02.27.13; KTUU 02.27.13; Statement by Archiocese of Anchorage 02.27.13; Archdiocese of Anchorage 04.29.15; KTUU 10.06.16
HorvathBertrand W.1970PSuedFranciscanSued 2002. Accused of abuse of altar boy at Mission Viejo in early 1970s. Order turned around and sued Archdiocese to force them to share responsibility. Left Archdiocese 1974. Worked in several dioceses. Ended up in Amarillo Diocese in Texas for many years. Retired (placed on leave) in 2001 after Orange Diocese notified Amarillo about abuse. DeceasedOrange, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; OC Register 06.04.02; USA Today 11.11.02; LA Times 04.05.03; LA Times 02.18.04; OC Weekly 03.04.05; OC Weekly 10.28.05; District Weekly 07.27.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
Richard1974PSuedDiocesanIn 11/88 civil suit woman accused Host and her ex-husband of molesting her four and six-year old boys over a two year period of time. Suit also included claims against USCC and NCCB (catholic conferences). No information found as to results of litigation. Host still active parish priest per 2002 Catholic Directory and the Diocesan website accessed on May 28, 2004.Grand Rapids, MISource:
UPI 11.17.88
Howard1955PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list 11/2/18. It notes allegation received in 1995 of abuse in the early 1980s. Pastor for 32 years of Our Lady of Lourdes in Slidell. Monsignor. Removed from ministry 2002. Died 7/12/13.New Orleans, LASource:
Clarion Herald Obituary 08.01.13; Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Richard L.1965PSettledDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on San Diego's 9/18 list. Houck reportedly molested a 10-year-old altar boy in 1968 while assigned to Most Precious Blood in Chula Vista. Victim came forward in 2004 and received a settlement. Houck died in 2/02.San Diego, CASource:
San Diego Union-Tribune 09.13.18
HoughWilliam F.1963PAccusedDiocesanRetired 1991, died 8/15/94. Archdiocese released name and assignments 9/16 due to a substantiated claim that he sexually abused a minor 1964-66.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis 09.16.16; Catholic Spirit 09.16.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
HouleWilfred1975PSuedDiocesanHoule left ministry in 1981 and died of AIDS in 1987. Man filed suit against Bishop and Diocese in 3/08 which alleged that he was raped at age 16 by Houle in 1977 and that he contracted AIDS from that abuse. Criminal charges had been filed earlier and much investigation had taken place. Man's claims were included in earlier settlement with the Diocese (he rec'd $490,000) but says he was coerced into taking the settlement.Manchester, NHSource:
Portsmouth Herald 03.28.08; Foster's Daily Democrat 04.09.08; Foster's Daily Democrat 04.29.08; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
HoulihanJames Alvarez BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Houlihan is deceased. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Houlihan in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
HouseknechtLeo J.1968PSuedDiocesanIn 1/04 civil lawsuit, a woman alleged sexual abuse by Houseknecht when she was a student at Notre Dame High School in Bethlehem Township in the 1970s and Houseknecht was a teacher. She said Houseknecht spoke to her using crude/sexual language and that he inappropriately hugged her, his penis erect, at her family home. Per the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report, the womans said Houseknecht and another priest knew she was being abused by Rev. Richard J. Guiliani. Houseknecht was an active pastor when he died in 1990 at age 53. On 8/19/18 Allentown list.Allentown, PASource:
Morning Call Obituary 07.12.90; Morning Call 01.14.04; Morning Call 01.14.04; Morning Call 01.18.04; Morning Call 02.06.04; Morning Call 06.21.18; Giuliani Profile in PA Grand Jury Report 08.14.18; Diocese of Allentown list 08.19.18
Joseph F.1964PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Bishop McCormick was told in 6/71 by a priest that Houston was seen multiple times going into a motel room late at night with a minor female, and that they were seen in public together regularly. In 5/02 the victim contacted Bishop Timlin, saying Houston took advantage of her when she was ages 14-17. She did not want law enforcement involved. Houston wrote her a letter of apology. Faculties removed 6/02. Laicized 6/04.Scranton, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HovanecGeorge T.1929PAccusedDiocesanIn 4/02 woman wrote to Archbishop Pilla re abuse by Hovanec 47 years before. She said she was in 7th grade and Hovanec touched and patted her in a very sexually inappropriate way before inviting her to basement to count Sunday envelopes. She fled. He was unassigned from 1961-1965 and died 2/65.Cleveland, OHSource:
Akron Beacon Journal 05.10.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
HowardFrances NSuedSisters of Charity of NazarethIn a 8/3/04 addition to a suit, this nun was accused of sexually abusing a girl at St. Vincent Orphanage in Louisville, beginning in 1938 when the girl was 6 years old and continuing until she was removed from the orphanage in 1943. Complainant also accused Rev. Herman J. Lammers and Sr. Stanislas Kotska Willett, mother superior of the orphanage 1940-44. Order settled 8/06 with almost all plaintiffs with claims.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 8.4.04; Associated Press 08.04.04; Courier-Journal 08.25.06
HowardRichard L.1977DAccusedDiocesanOrdained to permanent diaconate 9/10/77. Taught at All Saints High School in Bay City, assigned to St. Stanislaus parish. Faculties suspended 4/18/88, laicized 2/17/06. Name released by diocese in 4/18 as cleric permanently removed due to credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors.Saginaw, MISource:
Diocese of Saginaw 04.14.18; MLive 04.14.18
Diocese of Saginaw
Gerard "Jerry"1964PAccusedDiocesanAccused along with his deceased brother, Fr. Rodney Howell, of molesting dozens of students at school for deaf in New Orleans in 1970s. On archdiocese's list 11/2/18. It notes allegation received 1978 of abuse in the 1960s and 1970s. Also per 11/16 list, Howell was removed in 1980; however the Catholic Directories show he was on sick leave in 1978, then assigned to St. Francis de Sales Catholic Deaf Center in Baton Roube, where he remained until sent to treatment in 1981. Reassigned 1982 to parish in Westwego LA. Absent on leave 1986 - 1992. Living in South Dakota monastery 2003.New Orleans, LASource:
Houston Chronicle 12.08.92; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Times-Picayune 02.04.03; Advocate 11.02.18; Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.13.18
Robert (Rapelyea) DConvictedDiocesanOrdained as deacon 2001. Pled guilty 11/04 to viewing child pornography in 2002 on a computer at the Boise office of Seattle's Casey Family Programs, a foster child counseling service. Bishop Driscoll knew of the investigation in 6/04 but only removed Howell in 10/04 and informed the parish where he worked 2/05. Sentenced 1/05 to 18 months in prison. Reportedly laicized in 2006. On ID sex offender registry 6/11.Boise, IDSource:
KBCI 02.28.03; KBCI 03.01.05; KTVB 03.03.05; Driscoll Letter 03.05.05; Boise Weekly 03.16.05; Boise Diocese FAQs 04.04.05; LA Times 05.25.05; AP 05.27.05; Associated Press 06.16.05; Idaho Statesman 02.03.18
HowellRodney1965PSuedDiocesanAccused of abusing at least 1 girl in west Texas in 1967; Her civil litigation settled 1995. Also accused of abusing at least two minors in 1986 and possibly many more. 1 suit filed 1998. Part of time he was in what is now Amarillo Diocese. Charges were made that Howell and his brother, Fr. Gerald Howell, abused many students at a school for the Deaf in New Orleans. Died in 1993.Amarillo, TXSource:
Houston Chronicle 12.08.92; Houston Chronicle 03.25.98; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Albuquerque Journal 06.16.02; Santa Fe New Mexican 06.18.02; Associated Press 01.12.04
HowerPhilip A. SAccusedDiocesanSeminarian studying at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus OH in 1985, assigned to a parish in Sellinsgrove PA. Removed. Filed a RICO lawsuit in 2004 against the U.S. Church, claiming he was blocked from ordination for blowing the whistle on homosexual priests. The case was settled in 2005. Hower's name was included on the Diocese of Harrisburg's list released 8/1/18. Noted to have been accused of the sexual abuse of a child.Harrisburg, PASource:
Cruxnews 07.23.04; MichNews 09.05.05; Pennlived 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
HowlettJohn1947PAccusedS,A.C. PallottineSeveral women accused him of abusing them when they were children. Diocese first learned of allegations in 1980s. Claims arose again in 1993. Diocese gave $$ to at least one victim until statute of limitations expired. Authority to function as a priestremoved, but he remains a clergyman. He lives in Dublin, Ireland. Howlett cannot have contact with the public without being accompanied by another member of the Pallottine society. Personnel files released by Diocese 11.28.06.Fort Worth, TXSource:
Documents from Ft. Worth Diocese Secret Archives; Star Telegram 6.1.11; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 06.11.05; Star Telegram 06.26.05; Star Telegram 08.10.05; Star Telegram 08.18.05; Star Telegram 02.16.06; Star Telegram 02.24.06; WFAA/Dallas Morning News 02.24.06; CBS 11 08.11.06; Star Telegram 11.28.06; Dallas Morning News 11.29.06; Star Telegram 11.29.06; One in Four (Ireland) 12.21.06; Star Telegram 11.27.08
Diocese of Fort Worth List of Accused Priests accessed 1.12; Assignment Record; Fort Worth Diocese 6.10.05 Partial Assignment Record
Carroll1961PSuedDiocesanMan filed suit 8/02 alleging abuse by Howlin in 1975 at St. Charles Borromeo Sem. and on trips to KY. Howlin, who had worked as mission priest in KY since 1977, was quickly removed. Another man alleging abuse by Howlin says he reported incident to Bp Imesch in 1993. Man's attorney says Imesch sent Howlin for therapy or psych evaluation without telling the Lex. KY diocese about it and then allowed him to return to his duties. 6/08 canonical case still unresolved 4/14. . Living unsupervised in KY. Diocese agreed to release of personnel files 3/13 as part of settlement in Rudofski v Joliet & Bennett. Files finally released 4/30/14. Died 5/05/15.Joliet, ILSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Daniel J.1948PAccusedDiocesanRetired in 1998. One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation of allegations involving sexual abuse of minor. Last assignment: in residence at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in Strafford.Died 7/11 before investigation completed. Archdiocese announced 5/4/12 that investigation was inconclusive due to his death.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 3.8.11; Daily Local News 3.9.11; NY Times 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.6.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.9.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.27.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
HrdlickaRobert C.1977PConvictedDiocesan In 1993, while serving as Navy chaplain, he was court martialed and sent to prison after pleading guilty to indecent acts with minors in South Carolina and Sicily, Italy. Released from prison and from Navy in 1999. Articles also reported he was removedor dismissed from the priesthood. In 2002 he was sued by 4 brothers in the Lincoln diocese who accused him of abuse in 1978.Lincoln, NESource:
Associated Press 4.7.02; Associated Press 7.2.93; Associated Press 7.4.03; Lincoln Journal Star 4.7.02; Associated Press 03.29.02; Omaha World Herald 03.29.02; Associated Press 04.26.02; Associated Press 10.08.03; 10.10.03
Hubbard (Bp).
Howard J.1963PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 2004 of paying teen for sex twice in 1970s. Bishop denied allegation. He commissioned an investigation to examine this charge, as well as other allegations of sexual misconduct with adult males. The investigation, which did not have access tothe complainant, found no credible evidence that Hubbard had violated his vow of celibacy.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 2.5.04; Albany Times Union 2.8.04; Albany Times Union 8.8.04; White Report 06.24.04; Albany Times Union 06.25.04; list of U.S. Bishops Accused of Abuse 04.14.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
HuberJohn J.1968PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused in the 814/18 PA Grand Jury Report. In 2009 a man told the diocese that he was sexually abused by Huber as a boy. He said he had told Huber during confession that he was possibly attracted to men and that Huber told him he should attend 1:1 counseling with him. The man said that during some of the sessions Huber performed oral sex on him then gave him $20.00. The same man said that a Fr. Adams molested him in fourth or fifth grade. Huber died in 1998.Pittsburgh, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HuckJoseph1969PSuedDiocesanMan filed suit 6/03 alleging he was sexually molested by Huck when he was 12 and living at Boystown outside Miami. Says Huck took him on a fishing trip and abused him during the trip. Huck threatened the boy to keep him quiet. Man told his house parentand the director and was punished. Claims settled in 2004. Huck retired 2002.Miami, FLSource:
Associated Press 06.21.03; Miami Herald 06.21.03; Miami Herald 12.15.03; Miami Herald 09.22.04
HuckemeyerEdward DAccusedDiocesanHuckemeyer, a former deacon at Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church in Long Island City, and principal at a public school, admitted in 1994 that he had sexually abused a male student in 1981. No criminal charges were filed because of statute of limitations.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 03.12.94
Francis1955PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Assigned to parishes in Kulpmont, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, York, Mount Carmel, Selinsgrove, Harrisburg, Shamokin, York Haven and New Oxford. Died 8/20/05. Name included on dioceses's list released 8/1/18. Accused after his death of having sexually abused a child.Harrisburg, PASource:
Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18
Barry M.1996PAccusedDiocesanHudock's name was added 5/18/18 to the diocese's list. Laicized at some point. Married. Per an online bio, he worked for nonprofits in WV, then settled in Albany, MN with his wife and seven children. Published author, blogger. Working in July 2018 for Liturgical Press at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN. Included in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. It shows report in 2008 to diocese that in 1996-97 Hudock sexually abused a 17-year-old girl who was a student at Mercyhurst Prep. He was let go in 2008 from his job at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse NY after they were notified of the allegations. He had been living in Syracuse with his wife and children.Erie, PASource:
BishopAccountability 05.18.18; Diocese of Erie 05.18.18; PennLive 05.23.18; Amazon website bio accessed 07.14.18; Hudock blog bio accessed 07.16.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HudsonFrancis "Frank" X.1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 2004, he was accused of abuse of student in 1975. Denies accusation. Suspended without "faculties" after taking indefinite leave in 1991. He was teaching at high school run by Augustinians when accusation made public. Was fired immediately.Camden, NJSource:
Diocese of Camden Press Release 11.04.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 11.05.05; Press of Atlantic City 11.08.05
John1976PAccusedServiteAccused in 1994 of abuse in 1970s of a 15-year-old boy in New Jersey. Admitted the abuse. A second victim came forward. Forced to step down as head of the Chicago-based Servites. Went to Africa for a few years. Hired 1997 by St. Paul University in Ottawa, ON, Canada. By 2002 he was still priest and professor and vice dean of canon law at St. Paul's, which said he took "medical leave for the treatment of severe depression" in 8/02 after allegation surfaced. Ottawa archbishop said Huels was leaving Servites and would seek laicization. In 9/18 he was still professor of canon law at Saint Paul. He was removed from that position after publicity the same month.Metuchen, NJSource:
Impact Statement of Michael Bland 06.13.02; Chicago Tribune 08.07.02; Washington Post 08.07.02; Commercial Appeal (TN) 11.12.02; Grand Rapid Press 12.14.02; LifeSiteNews 09.09.05; National Catholic Reporter 09.12.18; National Catholic Reporter 09.21.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
HuerresAgusti PSettledDiocesanSuit filed 3/01 alleged that Huerres, a native of Spain and candidate for Seminary, sexually abused a minor youth. Bishop suspended him and investigated. After investigation, Diocese paid for Huerres to return to Spain with permission from victim's family and criminal justice authorities. Diocese said it also notified officials in Spain. Settlement discussions pending 9/02.San Angelo, TXSource:
Midland Reporter-Telegram 11.14.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.04; Dallas Morning News 12.04.04
HuertaOrestes M. PAccusedDiocesanExtern priest from the Diocese of Boac in Philippines. Currently in residence at Sacred Heart Pastoral Center, Boac, (without assignment) per Boac website 6/30/10. Per Dodge City website, allegations of abuse were made against Huerta and review board found them credible. Diocese notified parishes. Unable to determine when abuse occurred or who victim was. Philippine Bishop is ignoring allegations.Dodge City, KSSource:
Catholic Diocese of Dodge City Update: Charter for Protection of Children and Young People 5.10; Lawrence Journal-World 7.9.10; Lawrence Journal-World 07.21.10; Catholic Sentinel 08.17.10; Lawrence Journal-World 08.29.10; Catholic Culture 08.30.10
Dennis BAccusedFrancisanMan filed complaint with Santa Fe police 1/97 alleging rape and abuse by Huff on number of occasions in early 1980s at St. Catherine Indian School. Also alleges abuse on one instance by Fr. Christopher Kerr. Huff left the order at some point. before 1997. Accused in 2014 lawsuit of rape in 1976 of a 15-yr-old boy living in St. Catherine School's dorm. Included in Santa Fe archdiocese list of accused on 9/12/17. Worked at a behavioral health center serving mostly native Americans beginning 1992; "retired" in 9/17 after the center received an anonymous letter re Huff's past.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Albuquerque Journal 01.24.97; Albuquerque Journal 01.25.97; Albuquerque Journal 01.28.16; Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 09.12.17; Phoenix New Times 10.02.17; Santa Fe New Mexican 10.12.17
HuffEdward G.1973PConvictedDiocesanIn 1992 two families in two days complained to Diocese that Huff had molested their sons. After treatment Huff was made a hospital chaplain in late 1992. Within two months several more families complained of abuse 1987-91. He was sent back to treatment and resigned from priesthood 7 weeks later. Pled guilty in 1994 to charges of improperly touching and providing alcohol to several youths. Sentenced to 15 mo to 5 yrs in prison as result of plea bargain. Other charges dropped. Allegation in 5/08 of molestation of an altar boy in early 1980s. Also, files show that on 6/14/15 Huff showed up at altar server training at a New Castle parish and asked a teen boy if he wanted to go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game with him. Named in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Suit filed 9/18. Another filed 11/18.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 07.21.94; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 03.17.02; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 06.15.03; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 02.28.04; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; Penn Record 09.12.18; KDKA TV 11.15.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Patrick J.1953PAccusedDiocesanNative of Ireland. Accused of abuse of 12 yr old boy there in 1974. He settled with boy & family. Transferred to San Diego in 1988 w/ recommendation from Irish Bishop. Served in San Diego between 1988 and 1992 (3 assignments) before being transferred to Seattle for 1 year. Whereabouts unknown until 2007. Pled guilty in Ireland 2/10 to abuse of 1 between 1979-1983 and sentenced to 1 yr in jail. His history matches that of "Fr. Ioannes" in the Murphy Report.San Diego, CASource:
Irish Times 2.3.10; Irish Times 10.17.02; RTE 10.17.02; Irish Independent 07.18.10
William J.1982PSettledDiocesanIn civil suit filed 1994, Hughes is accused of molesting 13 yr old girl for 6 mo -1 yr in on-going relationship in 1983-1984 when he was 26. Parents found letters from him and went to a priest. Hughes admitted. Not punished. Just transferred. Letters were destroyed by the Diocese. Suit settled 1998 as part of of $5M settlement which also included claims against Robert Peebles. Hughes left active priesthood in 1992.Dallas, TXSource:
Affidavit of AW Richard Sipe 1996; Dallas Morning News 08.05.94; Excerpt from Affidavit of Fr Thomas Doyle 05.16.96; Dallas Morning News 06.27.97; Dallas Morning News 10.28.97; Dallas Morning News 02.12.98; Dallas Morning News 05.19.05
HulkoJoseph D.1967PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. On Allentown diocese's 8/19/18 list. Sent for treatment six times between 1982 and 2003. Admitted to the diocese in 9/03 that he sexually abused a girl when he was chaplain at St. Francis Orphanage in Orwigsburg 6/71-10/71. His victim was a 14-year-old resident of the orphanage. Per diocese notes the abuse occurred over approximately one year, as much as twice per week. Retired 9/1/03. Moved to Robertsville, MO.Allentown, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; Diocese of Allentown list 08.19.18; National Review 09.21.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
HullerErnest Karl1954PSuedDiocesanTwo men filed separate suits (1 in 11/02 and 1 in 3/03) alleging that they were abused as students by Huller, a counselor at Cathedral High School in Springfield where both men were students. In 7/04 Diocese settled with 46 clergy abuse victims for more than $7M. Two Plaintiffs with allegations against Huller are included in this settlement. Huller served as Army chaplain for 19 years. Huller died in mid to late 1990s.Springfield, MASource:
Springfield Republican 3.1.04; Providence Journal Bulletin 12.18.02; Recorder 03.21.03; Berkshire Eagle 03.24.03; Union News 03.24.03; Springfield Republican 09.16.03; Daily Hampshire Gazette 10.02.03; Springfield Republican 08.17.04; Press Release by The Office of Stobierski & Stobierski, 12.03.08
John F.1965PAccusedDiocesanAccusations received in Oct. 2005 that he had abused a minor in mid 1970s. Placed on leave late June, 2006 without faculties after diocesan investigation revealed "patterns of behavior that would be considered sexual abuse"... Case being referred to Vatican.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Website; Daily Local 7.4.06; NBC 10 7.5.06; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.4.06; Wilks Barre Times Leader 7.5.06
Philadelphia Archdiocese Priest Data Profile
HumphreyEdgar P.1935PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 12/3/18. Noted to have had one claim against him after his death.Syracuse, NYSource:
Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18
Robert D.1969PSuedMaristFormer Notre Dame rector. In 1980 a man reported to diocese abuse by Huneke for years, starting when he was age 13. He also notified FL bishop where Huneke was working. FL sent him back to NY in 1982. Man went public in 1989 and again in 1993. Huneke left priesthood in 1989. Two other accusers came forward in 1993. In 2002 the man learned that Huneke was working as a high school guidance counselor in Atlanta and notified Order that ran school; Huneke was fired. Huneke died in 2002. Identified as Priest M in the 2003 Suffolk Co. Grand Jury Report. Suit filed 10/18 against Dioceses of Rockville Centre and St. Petersburg by a man alleging he was sexually abused by Huneke at age 9 in 1981 while attending Christ the King church and school in Tampa.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
HuntJohn1969PAccusedDiocesanResigned as pastor of two parishes and placed on leave 6/06 after allegations of "inappropriate sexual behavior" more than 10 years previously were received by diocese.On diocese's list 11/13/18. Noted to be deceased.Ogdensburg, NYSource:
Newswatch 50 (New York) 06.07.06; North Country Now 03.14.18; Watertown Daily Times 03.14.18; Bishop LaValley Letter 11.10.18; Diocese of Ogdensburg List 11.13.18; Adirondack Daily Enterprise 11.14.18
HuntMichael A.1939PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of one girl in 1957-1958. Died 1984. 1 civil suit filed.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Walter Edward1957PAccusedDiocesan"Retired" under restrictions 1994 and then removed from public ministry 10/02. Accused in 1993 complaint of abuse of girl in 1960s. At least one claim included in 2003 $8M settlement by Chicago Archdiocese. Also at least one claim in 5/07 $6.65M settlement with 14 people alleging abuse by 12 priests. Permanently removed from public ministry per 9/05 announcement. Laicized 8/10. Personnel file released by archdiocese 11/14. Died 12/14.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report accessed 7-5-11; Chicago Daily Herald 09.26.02; Chicago Daily Herald 09.27.02; Chicago Sun-Times 09.27.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times 06.15.03; Chicago Daily Herald 10.03.03; Chicago Sun-Times 10.03.03; Chicago Tribune 10.03.03; Chicago Tribune 09.26.05; Chicago Daily Herald 09.27.05; Chicago Sun-Times 09.27.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Daily Southtown 05.29.07; Daily Herald 11.07.14; Archdiocese of Chicago List Updated 11.28.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Huppenbauer Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
HurleyJames P.1940PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators ofsexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Hurley's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Died 11/14/98.Portland, ORSource:
FindAGrave 11.14.98; Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
HurleyJohn F.1945PClearedJesuitPer statement released by Diocese of Spokane 11/07, Hurley was named in accusation that was found to be admitted, credible or proven. He spent most of his career at Gonzaga Prep, and died in 1998. In 12/18, the Order announced that the inclusion of John Hurley's name was a mistake, and the the allegations were actually against James Hurley, SJ.Spokane, WASource:
Spokesman-Review 10.20.98; Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Spokesman Review 12.19.18
Assignments: Assignment Record
HurleyJohn J.1928PSuedDiocesanNative of Ireland ordained in Ireland for LA Archdiocese. Accused of abuse in 1949 and named in 1 civil suit filed 12/03. Died 1992Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 2
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Michael F.1943PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list 11/2/18. It notes allegation received in 1945 of abuse in the 1940s, and that he left the archdiocese in 1955. Died 8/3/05 in Clarkdale AZ, where he had been pastor of St. Cecilia Mission Church. Per his obit, Hurley went from New Orleans to St. Leo's in Chicago until 1961, then to parishes Tucson AZ 1961-63, Phoenix 1963-69, Tempe 1969-71, Bullhead City 1971-74, Sun City 1974-76, then Clarkdale 1976-2002, when he retired.New Orleans, LASource:
Prescott Funeral Home 08.03.05; Advocate 11.02.18; Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18
Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18; Prescott Funeral Home 08.03.15
Paul William1970PConvictedDiocesanArrested and indicted 2002. Accused of abuse of 15 yr old boy in 1987-1988 (paid him $100 each time he and boy had sex). Pleaded not guilty and denied allegation. Convicted 6/06 and immediately began serving 3 yr provisional sentence. Sentenced to 4 yrs in prison 7/06 followed by 5 yrs probation. Involuntary laicization in 2006 announced 1/07. Released on probation & back in Sandwich, MA as of 1/10. Also on Sex offender register.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 3.5.03; Cambridge Chronicle 8.3.06; Boston Globe 08.15.02; Boston Globe 12.18.02; 06.22.06; Boston Globe 06.28.06; Cambridge Chronicle 06.29.06; Adelaide Advertiser 07.29.06; Boston Globe 07.29.06; Boston Herald 07.29.06; Cambridge Chronicle 01.26.07; Standard-Times 01.26.07; Cape Cod Times 01.20.10; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
HurleyRichard BSuedBrothers of Holy Cross of TexasNamed in Archdiocesan Report Addeumun with 1 accuser and abuse in 1993-1994. 1 civil suit filed.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
HurtadoJose PSuedDiocesanPer 10/06 article, there is one outstanding civil suit naming Hurtado as an abuser. Hurtado died in 1981. No further information known.Phoenix, AZSource:
Arizona Republic 10.12.06
HuskeLeonard1956PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list updated 11/28/18. Removed from public ministry 5/18.Chicago, ILSource:
Archdiocese of Chicago Updated List 11.28.18
HutchinsonJames PAccusedDiocesanHutchinson (who died in 1979) was accused of abusing at least one 9 yr old boy in 1960 at St. Thomas More Parish in Braintree. He also had reputation of asking very very intimate questions during confession and of using confessional to learn peoples' weaknesses. Family of priest apologized to family of victim in 2002.Boston, MASource:
Boston Herald 7.1.02; Boston Herald 06.18.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
HutzlerJames1980PAccusedDiocesanResigned 7/02 after seeking opinion from diocesan review board concerning incident of horseplay involving a young man about 18 years previously. Hutzler said resignation stemmed from when he had contact with a young man while wrestling with him in front of a youth group. Diocese sent him for counseling after the incident.Amarillo, TXSource:
Amarillo Globe 8.6.02; Amarillo Globe 8.7.02; Dallas Morning News 8.6.02; Dallas Morning News 05.22.04
Raymond L.1929PSuedDiocesanCivil suit filed 5/03 alleged that Hyder molested a teenage boy while serving at St. Margaret's parish in Lowell, MA. Hyder was at St. Margaret's for most of his 46 year career, with the exception of 1951-1958. He died in 1975. 8/11 Boston AD databasereports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death. Boston, MASource:
St. Margaret Catholic Church, Lowell MA website accessed 5/3/09; Boston Herald 05.22.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Raymond A.1947PAccusedDiocesan.In 6/16 a 78-yr-old woman stated publicly that Hyland sexually abused her when she was 11 to 14 yrs-old. The woman, who went on to become an Ursuline sister, said Hyland stepped in to help the family after one of her sisters was struck by a car and died. She said he would take her and two other sisters to plays, the circus, and such. She also said she told the archdiocese of the abuse in the mid-1980s, and the two priests who interviewed her asked her what she did "to activate his interest" in her. Hyland died 5/20/95.New York, NYSource:
The Kingston Daily Freeman 02.28.47; The Journal News 11.13.05; New York Daily News 06.03.16; Findagrave accessed 06.06.16
Assignments: Assignment Record

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