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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
E.Father  ?PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in the CO A.G. report 10/22/19. Diocese informed in 1994 that "Fr. E." groomed a 17-year-old girl beginning in 1987, providing "counsel" and giving her money, flowers and other gifts, and professing his love for her. The behavior continued for eight years. He acknowledged his "inappropriate" behavior. Diocese required "Fr. E." to attend counseling. He was kept in ministry.Colorado Springs, COSource:
CO Attorney General Special Masters Report 10.22.19
EagearRobert1928PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 11/29/18. Died 9/22/84.Springfield, ILSource:
Diocese of Springfield IL List 11.29.18; Herald-Review 11.29.18
EagenI. Brent1956PSuedDiocesanNamed in 2003 suit. Woman alleged that she was raped by Msgr. Eagen in 1972 after he befriended her at Nazareth House (an orphanage run by the diocese). Eagen was assigned as parish priest at a nearby mission. Later became Chancellor of San Diego Diocese. Died in 1997. Diocese said he had exemplary record and no previous allegations of misconduct. Woman also alleged prior abuse at orphanage by a nun and a handyman as well as later abuse by Fr. Robert Buchanan. Personnel file released 10/25/10.San Diego, CASource:
Press Enterprise 10.17.97; 10.14.03; San Diego Union-Tribune 10.15.03; San Diego Union-Tribune 06.16.06; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
EaglesonDonald W.1985PSuedHoly CrossAccused in 2002 of abuse in 1971 when he was a Holy Cross brother teaching at Moreau High School in Hayward. Ordained for the Diocese of Santa Rosa in 1985. Suspended in 2002 on new allegation of 1971 abuse; not revealed to parishioners or public until 2006. Partial settlement of 2004 civil suit in 2005. Died 10/22/04. On Santa Rosa diocese's list 1/12/19. On the Oakland diocese's list in 2019.Oakland, CASource:
CBS 5 07.21.06; Press Democrat 07.21.06; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; San Jose Mercury News 04.01.08; Diocese of Santa Rosa List 01.12.19; Diocese of Oakland List 06.01.19
EarleyRIchard R. 1937PAccusedJosephiteNamed publicly as accused by the Richmond diocese on its list 2/13/19. Removed in 1988. Deceased.Richmond, VASource:
Diocese of Richmond List 02.13.19; WRIC TV 02.13.19; Diocese of Richmond Earley Profile 02.14.19
EarlyBill BAccusedGlenmary Home MissionersNamed publicly as credibly accused by the Glenmary order on its list 10/11/19. Joined the order 1958, left in 1993. Worked in GA, IL, OH, KY, TN, CA, DC. No indication where or when alleged abuse occurred. (Placing him in the Cincinnati archdiocese, where the Glenmary order is based.)Cincinnati, OHSource:
Glenmary Home Missioners List 10.11.19
EastmanJohn F.1946PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as credibly accused by the diocese on its list 8/22/19. Suspended in 8/53, sent to Jemez Springs, NM 1953-55. Transferred to Diocese of Monterey-Fresno CA 1955-67. Appealed to return to Burlington, denied in 1989.Burlington, VTSource:
Diocese of Burlington List 08.22.19; Seven Days 08.22.19
Diocese of Burlington List 08.22.19
EberhardyJohn B.1936PAccusedDiocesanNamed as credibly accused by the diocese in 9/19 after a review of clergy files. Died in 1992.Madison, WISource:
WMTV/NBC15 09.03.19; Wisconsin State Journal 09.14.19
EberhardyWilliam1977PAccusedS.D.S. SalvatorianNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 1/17/19. Noted to have multiple substantiated allegations against him of abuse, occurring in about 1983-86. On leave in 1992. Laicized 2002. In 7/18 the Salvatorian Provincial informed the Milwaukee County D.A. that a man had come forward, alleging sexual abuse by Eberhardy sometime during 1978-81, when he was about 11- to 14 years-old and an altar boy at St. Mary's in Chilton. He said the incident involved fondling and masturbation, and occurred during a trip to Six Flags amusement park, overnight in a camper at the priest's parents' home in Milwaukee. Eberhardy reportedly would take such trips with other altar boys, too.Green Bay, WISource:
Provincial Letter to District Attorney 07.20.18; Diocese of Green Bay List 01.17.19; Diocese of Green Bay: Eberhardy 01.17.19
Diocese of Green Bay: Eberhardy 01.17.19
John W.1955PConvictedDiocesanOn Diocese of St. Cloud list 1/03/14.Worked prior to joining the St. Cloud diocese in Washington DC and Baltimore archdioceses. Began work in St. Cloud in 1962; incardinated 1973. Died 2/9/12. On Washington DC archdiocese's list 10/15/18. It receiving a report of sexual misconduct in 1960; Eccleston was sent for evaluation and treatment then assigned to ministry in St. Cloud. The WDC list also noted that he was arrested and convicted in MN in 1982. On Charleston diocese's list 3/29/19; was there as visiting priest.St. Cloud, MNSource:
FindAGrave 02.09.12; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16; Archdiocese of Washington DC list 10.15.18; Diocese of Charleston List 03.29.19
Charles H. 1956PPolice reportDiocesanMonsignor. Former school board president. Two retired Syracuse police officers said they warned diocese in 1984 because Eckermann solicited male prostitutes downtown. Removed 4/14 for credible allegations of repeated rape of 15- to 16-year-old altar boy in 1988 -1989 at St. Ann's rectory in Manlius. Eckermann said to have threatened to kill the boy if he told. Accuser said he first told diocese in 2/13. Per diocese, accusation in 2002 by another man who later changed statement. The man's attorneys reportedly told the D.A. in 4/15 that an associate pastor at St. Ann's sexually abused their client along with Eckermann. Sentenced by Vatican to life of prayer and penance. Died 10/21/16. On diocese's list 12/3/18. New suit 2/19.Syracuse, NYSource:
The Post Standard 10.02.14; Syracuse News 12.11.14; Syracuse News 09.13.15; Syracuse News 02.09.16; New York Daily News 04.08.16; Syracuse com 10.28.16; New York Upstate website 02.14.18; Post-Standard 02.20.18; Watertown Daily Times 03.14.18; Syracuse com 09.11.18; Diocese of Syracuse List 12.03.18; Syracuse site 12.03.18; Post Standard 02.14.19; Rome Sentinel 02.20.19
Richard1952PSettledBenedictineAccused of abuse of boys and girls at cabin owned by order in early 1970s. At least one suit filed in 1993 by two victims. He was ordered back to St. John's Abbey from Bahamas and then sent for treatment. Order may have known of earlier allegation sincelate 1980s. Abbey paid $12K to at least one of his female victims. Investigated re murder of 2 girls. Living under restriction at Abbey. Name on list of monks likely to have offended against minors released by Abbey 12/9/13 and on St. Cloud 1/3/14 list. Named in two additional lawsuits filed 5/19/14 against St. Cloud diocese, the Order & St. John Abbey. Both men allege abuse when Eckroth was assigned to St. Joseph's parish in St. Joseph MN in early 1970s. Eckroth said in 2014 to have advanced dementia. New suit expected to be filed 09.19.14. Died 5/24/15.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Associated Press 04.30.02; Associated Press 05.08.02; Star Tribune 05.09.02; Star Tribune 05.09.02; Associated Press 05.11.02; Star Tribune 05.12.02; Minnesota Public Radio 05.14.02; Star Tribune 05.14.02; Associated Press 06.07.02; Star Tribune 06.07.02; Houston Chronicle 06.14.02; Star Tribune 09.29.02; Star Tribune 09.29.02; National Catholic Reporter 12.13.02; St Cloud Times 12.28.02; A W Richard Sipe letter to Abbey 09.30.07; Star Tribune 03.30.11; St Cloud Times 04.01.11; Pioneer Press 12.09.13; St Cloud Times 12.09.13; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; ABC 5 05.18.14; KAAL TV ABC 6 05.18.14; KSTP 05.18.14; Media Release by Jeff Anderson & Assoc 05.18.14; Complaint in John Doe 33 & 34 v Order of St Benedict a/k/a St John Abbey and Richard Eckroth 05.19.14; Eckroth Timeline Released by Jeff Anderson 05.19.14; KSTP Channel 05.19.14; Pioneer Press 05.19.14; St Cloud Times 05.19.14; Star Tribune 05.19.14; WCCO 05.19.14; St Cloud Times 08.18.14; Anderson & Associates Media Statement 09.17.14; Pioneer Press 09.18.14; St Cloud Times 09.18.14; KARE 09.19.14; St John's Abbey 05.28.15; MN Transparency Initiative 01.19.16; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16
Richard A.1979PSettledDiocesanAccused in 1996 of repeatedly groping a girl confessional and at retreats 1981-82, beginning when she was age 17. He denied the allegations. Accuser was given $5K and told by Bishop Fiorenza on 02/23/96 that Edelin was suspended. Assigned to six parishes his first ten years after ordination. Served as USAF Chaplain from 1989-92, on leave 1992-97. Not indexed in the Directories after 1997 until 2003, when the diocese tried to reinstate him. Accuser complained. He went to work in Baker, OR diocese where seminary classmate was bishop. Included on Galveston-Houston archdiocese's list 1/31/19. It notes that Edelin was removed from public ministry in 2013.Galveston-Houston, TXSource:
Houston Chronicle 02.01.04; KGW NEWS 03.31.06; Ft Worth Star Telegram (AP) 04.01.06; The Oregonian 04.01.06; KBCI 04.04.06; Houston Press 08.17.06; Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston List 01.31.19
Donald1960PSuedDiocesanEder was subject of sexual harassment lawsuit filed in 1997 by female coworker which the Diocese settled in 1998. Eder sent for counseling for alcohol-related problems per 1998 article. Eder's niece also told Diocese in 1995 and 2002 that he had fondled her several times as a child. Active priest as of 6/07 but is shown as "retired" by 11/10.Lafayette, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 2.97 (Major Accounts); Journal and Courier 1.1.04; Journal and Courier 2.1.04; United Press International 12.06.97; Journal and Courier 11.14.02; Journal and Courier 11.22.02; The Catholic Moment 11.14.10
Fraczkowski< 1939PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused in the CO A.G. report 10/22/19. Allegations to the archdiocese in 2015 that Fraczkowski sexually abused a girl, ages 9-11, 1967-69 while he was pastor of St. Michael's in Craig. He died in 1978.Denver, COSource:
CO Attorney General Special Masters Report 10.22.19
Anderson Ad Book 11.13.19
EdwardsJohn Douglas1961PSuedDiocesanNamed publicly on the archdiocese's list 11/6/18. Assignments included fourteen parishes over the years, often for only a year or two. Leaves of absences 1973-74 and 1986-87. Last assignment was 1987-1989. Died 1997. Lawsuit filed in 12/18 by man alleging abuse 1976-78 when he was an altar boy, ages 12-15.Atlanta, GASource:
Archdiocese of Atlanta List 11.06.18; Marietta Daily Journal 11.07.18; Reporter Newspapers 11.07.18; WSB TV 11.07.18; Associated Press 12.20.18; Marietta Daily Journal 12.28.18; Atlanta Journal-Constitution 04.30.19
Lawrence A.1939PSuedDiocesanMan claims in May, 2004 suit that he was molested by Lawrence at St. Mary's Church in Milford when he was between ages of 10-12. Suit also says there are numerous other victims. Archdiocese may have know of Lawrence's behavior in 1967. He retired in 1985 and died in March, 1999.Detroit, MISource:
Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report 10.09; Times Herald [MI] 8.9.04; Detroit News 05.13.04
William J.1960PConvictedDiocesanAccused of molesting numerous boys and girls from first assignment to last. Transferred multiple times. At least one incident of abuse reported to Archdiocese in 1979 - there was a psychological report on Effinger addressed to Archbishop Weakland. 7 men/2 women settled out of court with Archdiocese in 1994. Sentenced to 10 yrs jail in 1993 for molesting a 14 yr old boy in 1988. Died of cancer in prison 12/96. Some of personnel file released 7/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Collection of articles prior to 2012; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Sheboygan Press 10.27.12; Sheboygan Press 10.27.12; Journal Sentinel 06.28.13; National Catholic Reporter 07.02.13; Port Washington Saukville Patch 07.03.13; ABC News (AP) 07.05.13; The Republic 07.05.13; Kenosha News 10.19.13; WUWM 12.23.15; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10.10.17; Wisconsin Gazette 05.03.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Milton1954PAccusedDiocesanOrdained for the Sioux Falls SD diocese. Worked in a number of archdioceses and dioceses: St. Paul-Minneapolis, Bismarck ND, Oakland CA, Austin TX, San Jose CA, Lima Peru via the Boston-based Society of St. John the Apostle, and Boston MA. Accused in a 3/16 lawsuit of sexual abuse of a boy over five years, beginning when he was an 11-year-old student and altar server at St. Louis parish in Austin in the 1970s. Eggerling was assigned to Austin 1973-79. He reportedly plied the boy with alcohol and took him on trips. Died 2/29/08, per the 2009 Official Catholic Directory. On Sioux Falls diocese's list 3/21/19 (it erroneously notes his death dated as 3/7/2008). On Austin diocese's list 1/31/19.Austin, TXSource:
Austin Chronicle 04.01.06; Boston Pilot 03.07.08; American-Statesman 03.12.16; KEYE 03.14.16; KRON 04.26.16; Diocese of Austin List 01.31.19; Diocese of Sioux Falls List 03.21.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
EggletonChristopher T.1988PSuedDominicanPer 2002 articles, Eggleton had just been removed from his post in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Diocese after a civil suit filed in Miami alleging sexual abuse by Eggleton between 1990-1991 in Florida. Also worked in New Orleans in 1993. Found "innocent ofall charges by Miami court" per 7/04 article. Per 2006 website, he is working in Diocese of Raleigh.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 08.18.02; Miami Herald 12.15.03; Catholic News Agency 07.16.04
EhrbarJoseph1945PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 6/21/19. Deceased.Cleveland, OHSource:
Diocese of Cleveland List 06.21.19
EhrmanWilliam J.1922PAccusedDiocesanIn 2002, woman alleged abuse by Ehrman as a girl beginning in 1953 or 1954. Her son said he reported the abuse in 1998 but diocesan officials claimed they never received it. Both mother and son met with officials again in 2002 but received no official response. Another woman said Ehrman exposed himself to her in 1968 and kissed her while another woman says he fondled her. In 11/02, Bishop D'Arcy admitted that accusations of abuse against Ehrman "appear to be credible." Ehrman retired in 1970 and died 8/7/83. On diocese's 9/18/18 list, noted to have eight credilbe allegations against him, received after his death.Fort Wayne-South Bend, INSource:
Ft Wayne News Sentinel 10.14.02; Ft Wayne News Sentinel 11.11.02; Ft Wayne News Sentinel 12.11.03; Ft Wayne News Sentinel 12.20.03; Ft Wayne News Sentinel 07.16.05; Ft Wayne News Sentinel 01.03.08; Ft Wayne-South Bend list 09.18.18
Ft Wayne-South Bend list 09.18.18
Tom1976PClearedDiocesanPastor St. Francis Borgia, Cedarburg. Archdiocese announced 9/4/15 Eichenberger placed on leave during investigation of alleged sexual abuse of 7th-grade boy in 1977, when assigned to Holy Assumption, West Allis. Denied abuse. Claim filed as part of archdiocese's 2011 bankruptcy; Archbishop Listecki stated priest not identified until recently. Report made to DA, but didn't prosecute due to SOL. Listecki announced 11/15/15 that Review Board found accusations "unsubstantiated" and Eichenberger would return to ministry.Milwaukee, WISource:
Fox 6 Now 09.03.15; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09.03.15; National Catholic Reporter 09.04.15; WISN 09.04.15; Fox 6 11.16.15; Milwaukee Journal Sentinal 11.17.15; CBS 58 11.18.15
Paul1970PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 10 yr old boy in approx. 1980. Cleared by Review Board & returned to ministry 2002. In 10/04 jury in civil suit found that he did not abuse the Plaintiff but also found that he was not slandered by either Plaintiff or Plaintiff's father. They then sued Bishop alleging a conspiracy to invade Plaintiff's privacy and prevent him from pursuing earlier suit. Dismissed by Ct. & upheld by OK Court of Appeals 1/14. 2nd accuser in 8/10 was unsubstantiated. Still active priest 2014.Tulsa, OKSource:
Dallas Morning News 07.28.02; Dallas Morning News 08.02.02; Tulsa World 08.07.02; Tulsa World 08.17.02; Tulsa World 02.18.04; KOTV 10.14.04; Dallas Morning News 10.18.04; Oklahoman 10.19.04; News Channel 8 07.11.06; KRMG 08.12.10; Newson6 08.13.10; Tulsa Wold 08.13.10; SNAP Statement 08.26.10; Tulsa World 08.27.10; SNAP Statement 11.16.10; Tulsa World 05.24.12; Tulsa World 01.31.14
John1941PAccusedBenedictineAs of 2002, Eidenschink, a former Abbot of the abbey, was living under restrictions at St. John's Abbey. He admitted to sexually abusing 2 monks who had not yet taken their final vows. One victim was molested prior to 1971 and the other was molested during Eidenschink's tenure as Abbot. Died 6/04 at age 89.St. Cloud, MNSource:
St. Cloud Times 10.02.02 (in collection); St. Cloud Tmes 4.1.11; Star Tribune 5.9.02; Associated Press 04.30.02; Associated Press 05.11.02; Star Tribune 05.12.02; Star Tribune 09.27.02; Star Tribune 09.29.02; National Catholic Reporter 12.13.02; St. Cloud Times 12.28.02; St. Cloud Times 06.21.04; St. Cloud Times 08.06.06; Behind the Pine Curtain: St. John's Troubled Abbey 09.30.07; A.W. Richard Sipe Statement for Pope Benedict XVI 04.21.08; Star Tribune 03.30.11
EilertEdward J.1964PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2002. Accused of abuse in 1979 of teenage girl. She also made accusations about two other priests. As of 2003, Eilert was one of seven priests who should have had criminal charges filed against them. None filed, however, against any of the seven because of statute of limitation or because witnesses would not testify. Living without restrictions at St. John Vianney Residence for Retired Priests in Rutherford, NJ for several years as of 11/13. On archdiocese's list 2/13/19. Multiple alleged victims noted. Permanently removed from ministry.Newark, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 06.25.02; The Record 06.26.02; Star-Ledger 06.27.02; Star-Ledger 07.19.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Star-Ledger 08.14.03; Star-Ledger 06.14.04; Star-Ledger 11.03.13; Archdiocese of Newark List 02.13.19; Archdiocese of Newark Tobin Letter 02.13.19
EisenbacherLinus Joseph1938PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its 2/22/19 list. It notes one allegations received, of abuse of a girl, occurring in the 1970s. Retired 1985. Died 1991.Sioux City, IASource:
Diocese of Sioux City List 02.22.19
ElanjimannilSebastian C.1983PAccusedJesuitNamed publicly as accused by the Los Angeles archdiocese on its list updated 12/6/18. Report noted in 2018 of an incident in 2018. Also noted to have left the archdiocese in 2007.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
John1941PSuedDiocesanAccused in three suits filed in 2002 of abuse of at least two minor females in 1959, and of abuse of a woman in 1973. A fourth woman filed suit in 4/03, alleging abuse when she was a minor in 1959. Elder died in 1993.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 05.09.02; Courier-Journal 08.23.02; Courier-Journal 09.02.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 04.10.03; Archdiocese of Louisville List 02.11.19
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Jean-Level1990PConvictedDiocesanOrdained in Haiti. Working in New Jersey. Arrested 11/94 for assault of 13 yr old girl; he was at airport waiting to return to Haiti. Convicted 1995; received 3-year probated sentence. Returned to Haiti. In 2003 he was working in Canadian diocese. Prior to offense, he had worked in Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dioceses.Trenton, NJSource:
Associated Press 11.26.94; NY Times 11.27.94; Philadelphia Inquirer 11.29.94; Philadelphia Inquirer 11.30.94; The Record 06.08.95; Associated Press 06.17.02; Mercer County, NJ Prosecutors' Office 06.17.02; Dallas Morning News 03.16.05
Virgilio1963PSuedDiocesanAccused in 5/22/15 lawsuit of sexual abuse of a teenage boy in 1983 in San Antonio. Accuser said Elizondo kissed and fondled him after he told Elizondo that former seminarian and then-Rev. Jesus Armando Dominguez had sexually abused him. Elizondo denied abuse. Longtime Univ. of Notre Dame professor, known as founder of Latino theology in the U.S. Still in ministry 6/8/15. Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound 3/14/16. On San Antonio archdiocese's list 1/31/19.San Antonio, TXSource:
John Doe v San Antonio and Dominguez and Elizondo 05.22.15; Catholic Philly 05.29.15; San Antonio Express-News 03.14.16; SNAP 03.14.16; Religion News Service 03.15.16; South Bend Tribune 03.15.16; The Rivard Report 03.15.16; San Antonio Express-News 03.17.16; San Antonio Express-News 03.19.16; San Antonio Express-News 03.26.16; The Observer 04.08.16; San Antonio Express-News 04.11.16; New York Daily News 04.12.16; South Bend Tribune 04.14.16; Terra 03.15.17; Archdiocese of San Antonio List 01.31.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
EllifritzMichael1967PAccusedDiocesanRetired in 2002 for "health reasons." Ellifritz had acknowledged improper contact with a boy between late 1970s-early 1980s. Diocese had known of allegations for some time and Ellifritz had been under supervision for years. Laicization announced 2/18/05.Columbus, OHSource:
Columbus Dispatch 07.19.02; Columbus Dispatch 07.30.02; Columbus Dispatch 10.10.02; Columbus Dispatch 01.30.03; Columbus Dispatch 02.19.05; Marion Star 03.05.19
Jude T.1958PAccusedDiocesan"Retired" with restricted ministry 6/02 because of old allegations found in his personnel file by County Prosecutor. Allegations too old for criminal charges. After retirement, one male complainant came forward to allege 3 yrs of improper touching in 1970s when he was a child. Named in 1 civil suit. Vatican permanently removed from pastoral duties in 2005.Detroit, MISource:
Detroit Free Press 7.1.02; Detroit Free Press 8.1.02; Times Herald [MI] 8.9.04; USA Today 11.11.02; Associated Press 05.27.05; Detroit Free Press 11.14.10
Detroit News 7.01.02
EllisHal BSettledJesuitNamed as abuser in law suit filed on behalf of 2 mentally disabled men living at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, a retirement home for priests. Men were abused for many years by at least 2 priests. Settled 9/03 for $7.5M. At the time of settlement, Ellis was ill and unable to communicate. Have no specific information re his role in abuse of the 2 men.San Francisco, CASource:
New York Times 9.6.02; The Guardian (England) 9.7.02
EmalaWalter1952PAccusedDiocesanDiocese of Nashville (later Memphis) knew in at least 1959 of his behavior with boys. In the 1960s parents were told to by diocesan official to keep their boys away from Emala. Given an ultimatum in 1968 to leave TN on an extended leave of absence or retire and leave TN. Emala went on leave and to Baltimore MD. Removed in 1975 from Baltimore assignment after accused of abuse of a child. Multiple individuals alleged sexual abuse by him 1970s-1980s. Name appeared on 9/02 Baltimore list. Died 2/20/08 in Baltimore. Name included on Harrisburg diocese's list released 8/1/18, noted to have been seen kissing a minor on the lips in the early 1980s.Memphis, TNSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Commercial Appeal 04.08.10; Daily News 04.08.10; Memphis Daily News 04.08.10; Diocese of Harrisburg List 08.01.18; Pennlive 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; York Daily Record 08.01.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.19
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Embrich (Emrich)Daniel K. BAccusedFransican Brothers of Christ the KingEmbrich was a teaching Brother at Holy Catholic School, an elementary school. Charged with touching inner thigh of girl in 1985-1986. Complaints also received from other children at school. Embrich was suspended from duties by his Order in 1988. Foundnot guilty by jury trial in 1989.Davenport, IASource:
United Press International 6.1.88; Quad-City Times 07.13.08; Revised Diocesan List of Credible Allegations 05.21.09; Catholic Messenger 05.22.09
Assignments: Concise Assignment Record
Daniel1941PSuedConventual FranciscanNamed in six lawsuits filed against the Louisville archdiocese in 2002. Allegedly abused five boys and one girl as grade school students. Several plaintiffs said they told church officials and/or teachers but no one believed them. Two additional suits filed in 4/03. Also worked in dioceses of Lansing MI, Cleveland OH, Grand Rapids MI, Fort Wayne-South Bend IN, and Indianapolis IN. Included in massive 6/03 settlement with Louisville archdiocese. Died in 1986. On Louisville's list in 2/19.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 06.15.02; Courier-Journal 06.27.02; Courier-Journal 07.06.02; Courier-Journal 07.31.02; Courier-Journal 08.23.02; Courier-Journal 09.02.02; Courier Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 04.10.03; Courier-Journal 04.16.03; Archdiocese of Louisville Orders and Others List 02.11.19
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Richard A.1978PSuedDiocesanLitigation alleges Gary, IN diocese knew of Emerson's abusive history when he was allowed to begin work in Orlando in 1986. In 1992 he was ordered to return to Gary after allegations in Orlando. In 2004 a man from Orlando filed a civil suit . A second civil suit filed 2/08 in Florida alleged a long-term 'relationship' with Emerson, beginning at age 9. Suit filed in IN 12/08 alleging abuse after Emerson returned to Gary. Laicized in 2006. New FL suits filed 5/10 & 7/10. He filed bankruptcy 2/11. Included on Gary diocese's list released 8/27/18.Orlando, FLSource:
Orlando Sentinel 12.19.04; Indianapolis Star 01.02.05; Orlando Sentinel 01.13.05; Indianapolis Star 02.13.05; Orlando Sentinel 02.17.05; Northwest Indiana Times 08.21.05; Orlando Sentinel 01.07.06; Post-Tribune 07.17.07; WESH 02.13.08; Post-Tribune 02.15.08; CBS 2 12.03.08; Gary Post-Tribune 12.03.08; Chicago Tribune 12.04.08; Gary Post-Tribune 12.04.08; Post--Tribune 12.05.08; The Times 12.06.08; News Dispatch 12.09.08; Orlando Sentinel 05.12.10; WDBO 05.12.10; 13 News 05.13.10; PR Newswire 07.07.10; Diocese of Gary 08.27.18; Post-Tribune 08.29.18
EmmertRoger1962PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 3/1/19. Deceased.Columbus, OHSource:
Diocese of Columbus List 03.01.19
Eugene G.1961PConvictedDiocesanSent to residential treatment in 1993. Charged in 1993 with violating probation by having contact with a 16-year-old boy; sentenced to 1-3 years in prison. Arrested 2/96; sentenced to six months in prison and five years probation 5/97 for abuse of a 31-year-old mentally disabled man. Already on restrictions because of prior sexual abuse allegations. Many other complaints after his arrest. Released from prison in 2002. Involuntarily dismissed from clerical state per diocese 6/7/12 . Reported in 6/18 to be a registered sex offender living in Bushnell FL. Accused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 under the NY Child Victims Act of sexual abuse while assigned to St. Mary's in Danville.Rochester, NYSource:
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Democrat & Chronicle 02.17.96
Neil J.1967PAccusedCrosier Fathers and BrothersWorked in NE, MI & MN before moving to Phoenix in 2000. He admitted in 1991 to abusing boys in early to mid 1970s in Onamia, MN. In 5/02 he was removed without privileges after additional information was received. Had been working under restrictions for some time and Phoenix knew of his history when he arrived. Name also appeared on list of Phoenix priests complied by Arizona Republic. As of 2014, he living under safety plan in Phoenix. Added to St. Cloud list 3/14/14.St. Cloud, MNSource:
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Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
EmrichJack F. 1998PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on archdiocese's 10/12/18 list. Noted to have one accusation against him of abuse occuring in the 1970s. Removed from ministry 2003.Indianapolis, INSource:
Archdiocese of Indianapolis list 10.12.18; Indianapolis Star 10.12.18
EncinasAndrew Gabriel 1990PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its updated list 12/6/18. It noted that a report was made in 2009 regarding alleged incidents in 1993-94. Encinas went on inactive leave in 1998.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
George S.1932PSettledJesuitSpent most of priesthood in AK. Died 11/15/96. Accused in a 2005 lawsuit of sexually abusing a girl over a 3-year period, beginning in 1966 when she was age 9. Two men joined suit 2/06. Endal was supervisor of two other accused Jesuits, Lundowski and Smario. Did not act when he received complaints against them. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with the Jesuits. In 1/09 43 suits filed against Jesuits; many named Endal as abuser. Two or more pending claims in bankruptcy reorganization docs for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. On Jesuit West Province list 12/7/18. It notes allegations of abuse 1955-60, 1964-68, 1973-76 and 1978-82, reported in 2004, 2008 and 2009.Fairbanks, AKSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
John Anthony Mary1949PSettledDiocesanAt least nine known accusers, all female, of abuse early 1950s to 1970s. Four known lawsuits. Suit in 1985, settled in 2001 claimed abuse in Lake Charles of two girls, ages 3 and 6 or 7 in the early 1950s. Parents reportedly confronted Engbers, who admitted the abuse with the pastor present. Engbers was moved to another church. Another 1985 suit claimed abuse beginning 1957 of sisters ages 5 and 7, lasting into their teens. Fled to Holland in 1985 after removal from his position when Church learned of suits. Per 1989 suit, abused 3- or 4-year-old girl in Gueydan the early 1970s. Settled 1996. Engbers died in 1989. On diocese's list in 4/19.Lafayette, LASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas J.1967PAccusedDiocesanResigned from his parish in 4/02 citing health reasons. Archidocese confirmed in 6/02 that resignation was because of 22 year old sex abuse complaint in priest's file. Man accusing Engbers said that his father reported the abuse to church authorities when it happened but nothing done. The man complained again spring 2002; Engbers retired. There were notes in Engbers' file with the man's name, age and a reference to Engbers' treatment for a foot fetish.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 04.10.02; Miami Herald 05.24.02; Miami Herald 06.11.02; Miami Herald 06.19.02; Miami Herald 12.15.03
Ronald1977PAccusedDiocesanEngel placed on leave in late April, 2004 after Archdiocese learned that he was subject of police investigation because of possession of child pornography on a computer. Still on leave as of Aug. 2004. Archdiocese website accessed 2/25/11 reports he is "fully restricted from ministry."Milwaukee, WISource:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 05.11.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 08.09.04
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Charles F.1977PConvictedOblateNamed in report and presentment by Philadelphia Grand Jury on 2/10/11. Accused, along with another priest and a teacher, of orally sodomizing and molesting a 10-yr-old boy in 1998 or 1999 at St. Jerome Parish in Philly. Remained at another parish for 2 yrs after 2009 complaint and order from Archdiocese to leave assignment. Surrendered to police 2/10/11. Refused plea agreement 6/11. New civil suit filed 7/11. Criminal trial started 1/7/13. Defendants did not testify. Found guilty 1/30/13. Arrested. Request for new trial filed with PA Superior Court 7/14 by counsel for Engelhardt and for teacher Bernard Shero based on new evidence about a new witness who could have supported Defense and discredited the main witness. ENgelhardt died in prison 11/16/14.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Francis (Frank)1962PConvictedDiocesanEngels and 2 other priests accused of abusing youth in 1973. The victim complained directly to Bishop Myers in 1992. Diocese did not put Engels on leave until the family went to the media in 1993. Engels also admitted abusing one youth in 1980s. Bishop tried to reinstate him in 2002 but second victim complained and he was not reassigned. Named in 2004 civil suit which settled 2005. Pled guilty in 4/05 to sexually abusing a teenage altar boy during trips to Milwaukee in the early 1980s. Sentenced in 6/05 to 10 years in WI prison. On Peoria's list in 12/18.Peoria, ILSource:
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EngleJames1963PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 1/31/19 Died 5/16/99.Beaumont, TXSource:
Diocese of Beaumont List 01.31.19
Wilfred 1986PConvictedDiocesanArrested and then placed on leave 8/05 after allegations he sexually molested a 19-year-old man who had the mental capacity of a 9-year old. Abuse occurred numerous times in early 2005. Englert claimed the sex was consensual. He later pleaded guilty to 2 counts of abuse. Sentenced in 10/06 to 2 terms of 1.5 yrs in Dubois County Jail. Received another 3 years in 2/07. Released 1/08. On sex offender registry. Not in compliance 2/10. Listed as on "administrative leave" per diocesan website 2/2/09. On diocese's list 2/22/19. It notes that he was laicized 10/1/09.Evansville, INSource:
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Diocese of Evansville Website 02.02.09; Diocese of Evansville List 02.22.19
EnglishThomas Patrick1927PSuedDiocesanSued 2003. Accused of abuse in 1969. Died 1975. The archdiocese concluded the allegations were unfounded.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; Tribune 2.7.10; Pasadena Star-News 11.21.03
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
EnnisJames E.1950PAccusedDiocesanNamed in 1992 civil suit for damages for sexual assault against a child. LaCrosse paper of 1/6/94 says case dismissed--Plaintiff waited too long to file. Fr. Ennis still active priest until his death 2/12/00.La Crosse, WISource:
La Crosse Tribune 12.07.96
Assignments: Assignment Record
Eric1995PSuedSociety of St. JohnIn 12/01 it was revealed that Ensey and Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity had been accused of sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old male student. They were suspended 1/02. The student sued in 3/03; suit was settled for $455K in 2005. Ensey living in Paraguay as of 3/06. As of 12/11, Diocese reported that his faculties were removed in 2005. Ensey continued to function as a priest on some occasions, particularly for fundraising. Reportedly defrocked in 2014. Last known to be living in Redding, CA. Included in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. On Scranton diocese's list 8/19/18.Scranton, PASource:
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PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Andrew (Andras) M.1958PSued.JesuitFrom Hungary. Worked in AK 1966-71. Returned to Hungary. Sued 2006. Accused of abuse of a boy beginning in the late 1960s when the boy was age 4, in the village of Holy Cross. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with the Jesuits. One pending claim shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. On the Jesuit West Province list 12/7/18. It notes a report in 2006 of alleged abuse of a minor 1967-70. As of 2019, Eordogh said to be living in Canada.Fairbanks, AKSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Jesuits Hungarian Province accessed 03.12.19; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
EppersonMark BSuedSalesiansSued. Accused of abuse of 1 between 1980-1982. Named in Addemdum to LA Archdiocese report.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; 01.28.08; City of Angels 03.19.08
LA Times Database 4.20.06
ErbacherWilliam J.1946PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list in 2/19. Removed from public ministry in 2001. Given "life of prayer and penance" by the Vatican in 2010.Arlington, VASource:
Diocese of Arlington List 02.25.19
EremitoAnthony Joseph1967PAccusedDiocesanIn 1991 NJ priest John Bambrick told the archdiocese that Eremito sexually abused him as a 15-year-old altar boy in NJ in 1980, when Eremeto was a NYC priest. Eremito may have had "dozens" of victims. He was removed from active assignments in 1992. Faculties removed in 2002. Filed legal action against alleged victim. Worked in NJ 1997-1998. Allowed to work in Lubbock, TX 1998-2002. Working as grief counselor at a PA hospice as of 2006 until removed. On NY archdiocese's list 4/26/19. Laicized.New York, NYSource:
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Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries
Thomas Edward1973PConvictedDiocesanAccused of molesting three boys in 1983 while assigned to St. Peter's in Winter, WI. Two accusers sued; settled in 1989 for nearly $3M. Removed from priesthood 1988. In 6/10 two men claimed rape. Efforts underway 7/10 to extradite him from MO. Left WI in 1983. Lived in MN, MO and Indonesia. Denied allegations. "Partially confessed" in 2016. Charged 11/16/18 with sexually assaulting altar boys at St. Peter's 1982-83. In 12/18 judge ordered trial. Three new accusers 1/19 alleging abuse late 1970s-early 1980s. Pled not guilty 3/19 to four open cases. Convicted. Sentenced in 9/19 to 30 years in prison.Superior, WISource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Ryan2000PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 1 young boy in approx 1992 and possession of child porn. Identified as murder suspect in double homicide in 2002. Committed suicide during investigation in 2004. Special hearing in 2005 found there was probable cause to rule he was probably the murderer. Parents filed 2 suits (one naming ALL bishops) and a separate wrongful death suit against diocese. Suit against Diocese dismissed on Summary Judgment 9/08.Superior, WISource:
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ErmlichFerdinand1962PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its revised list 1/15/19. Resigned in 1970. Died in 1999.Albany, NYSource:
Diocese of Albany Revised List 01.15.19
ErnsdorffHarold H.1943PAccusedJesuitAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Ernsdorff's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Worked in San Francisco, Seattle, and Baker dioceses. Died 8/21/58. On the Jesuits West Province list 12/7/18. It notes claims in 2009 of sexual abuse of a minor 1949-51. Assigned during the time of the alleged abuse to St. Andrew's Mission in Pendleton, OR.Baker, ORSource:
FindAGrave 08.21.58; Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
Detailed BA Assignment Record; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
David A.1954PAccusedDiocesanMultiple accusers over the years. Sex education teacher for boys at Our Lady Help of Christians parochial school in East Orange, where he was assigned 1954-1969. Died 3/26/88. At least one claim against Ernst included in 10/04 $1M settlement between Archdiocese and individuals who claimed abuse by 9 priests. Also worked in parishes in Ridgefield Park, Rutherford, Union City and Wyckoff. On archdiocese's list 2/13/19.Newark, NJSource:
Cranford Citizen & Chronicle 05.20.54; The Record 10.09.04; Archdiocese of Newark List 02.13.19; Archdiocese of Newark Tobin Letter 02.13.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
Mark C.1951PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/19/18. Alleged to have had "sexual interactions" with a 17-year-old in the early 1970s. It was first reported to the diocese in 2002, and again in 2018. Ernstmann retired in 2004 and died 8/7/13.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 11.19.18; Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau List 11.19.18
Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 11.19.18
Robert J.1944PAccusedJesuitNamed publicly as accused by the Jesuits Midwest Province on its list 12/17/18. Multiple allegations noted, occurring while assigned to the Jesuit Novitiate in Milford, OH in 1961 and while at the Milford Retreat Center in 1964. Erpenbeck died 12/6/86.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Jesuits Midwest Province List 12.17.18
Jesuits Midwest Province Assignment Record 12.21.18
ErwinPatrick1967PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 2/13/19. Multiple accusations noted. Removed from ministry 11/15/04. Died 12/8/17.Paterson, NJSource:
Diocese of Paterson List 02.13.19
Rafael1957PSettledDiocesanOrdained in Cuba. Expelled after the Castro revolution, spent some time in Dominican Republic, and ended up in the Miami area in 1977. In late 2011, man notified Archdiocese that he had been abused by Escala in late 1980s when he was 16. Escala caught him stealing $60 from collection plate. Threatened to tell boy's father but abused him instead. Escala died 1/27/09. Claim settled 1/13 but not publicized until 3/13 when Plaintiff made it public. This is first allegation against the priest.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 03.16.13
Ronald S. 1995PAccusedDiocesanPastor of St. Francis de Sales in Prucellville when placed on leave in 12/18 during investigation of possible boundary violations with a minor and adults. Denied allegations. Sheriff's Office investigated; no criminal charges filed, as announced 12/14/18. Diocese was to do an internal investigation in relation to its Code of Conduct for Clergy.Arlington, VASource:
Diocese of Arlington 12.07.18; Associated Press 12.11.18; Times Mirror 12.14.18
Armando1964PSuedDiocesanAccused in a 6/25/10 civil suit of abusing a boy 1978-81, while assigned to Our Lady of St. John of Fields in Mission, TX. Much of the abuse is said to have occurred on parish property. Petition says Escobedo would ply the boy with alcohol. Escobedo denied the allegations. On the Brownsville diocese's list 1/31/19. It notes that he was removed from ministry in 2002.Brownsville, TXSource:
The Monitor 06.26.10; Brownsville Herald 06.27.10; Valley Central 06.28.10; Diocese of Brownsville List 01.31.19
David1994PAccusedDiocesanEspitia spent several years as a Brigittine monk before attending St. Mary's seminary. Ordained for San Angelo diocese. In early 6/03 Espitia told Bishop Pfeifer that someone was accusing him of sexually abusing a minor. Espitia denied the abuse but said he would step aside temporarily. On 6/13/03 he was found hanged in the rectory. Police investigation of suicide found child pornography on his computer. Accuser filed civil suit 12/09, claiming Espitia abused him over eight years, until 2002. Settled at mediation 11/11. On diocese's list 2/13/19.San Angelo, TXSource:
Associated Press 06.13.03; Associated Press 06.17.03; Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Chronicle 06.17.03; Dallas Morning News 06.18.03; West Texas Angelus, page 4, 07.01.03; Associated Press 07.24.03; San Angelo Times 01.22.06; CBS 7 12.29.09; Midland Reporter-Telegram 12.30.09; NewsWest9 12.30.09; MyWestTexas 12.31.09; San Angelo Standard Times 11.21.11; Odessa American 11.23.11; Midland Reporter-Telegram 11.28.11; San Angelo Standard Times 11.28.11; San Angelo Standard Times 11.29.11; SNAP Statement 11.30.11; Diocese of San Angelo List 02.13.19
EspositoAnthony1959PAccusedSalesians of Don BoscoFirst named publicly as abused on the New Orleans archdiocese's list 11/2/18. Allegation received in 2006 of abuse in the 1950s and 1960s. Reportedly worked at Hope Haven in Marrero.New Orleans, LASource:
Archdiocese of New Orleans list 11.02.18; NOLA website 11.02.18
EspositoAnthony Michael1956PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 10/29/18. Assignments included St. Aloysius in East Liverpool, St. Rose in Girard, the YU Newman Club, Newman Apostolate, and the Columbiana Deanery of Priests.Youngstown, OHSource:
WYTV 10.29.18; Diocese of Youngstown List 10.30.18; Youngstown Vindicator 10.31.18
Luigi1964PAccusedVincentianOrdained in Italy. Assigned to Our Lady of Pompei in Highlandtown since 1964, pastor since 1987. Taught, coached and was Athletic Director of the parish school 1964-1987. Incardinated into the Archdiocese in 2000. Suspended from ministry in 5/18 after the diocese received an allegation that he had abused a 14-year-old on multiple occasions in the 1970s. He denied the abuse. Baltimore police were investigating. On archdiocese's list 12/14/18. It notes another allegation of abuse of a teenage minor and another teen girl. Removed from ministry, faculties removed.Baltimore, MDSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 05.21.18; Baltimore Sun 05.21.18; WBAL 05.21.18; Baltimore Sun 05.22.18; Archdiocese of Baltimore List 12.14.18
Ralph J.1967PSuedDiocesanWorked in Pittsburgh 1967-1978 and in Little Rock from 1978 to 1981. Incardinated to Little Rock in 1981 and retired in 2002. Named in 2004 suit against Pittsburgh by one man who alleged abuse at Mother of Sorrows parish for three years, beginning in 1973. Claims included in Diocese's 9/07 $1.25M settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Associated Press 02.04.04; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 02.05.04; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 09.18.07
John L.1966PSuedDiocesanEsquibel (also spelled Esquivel) is alleged to have molested boys in several parishes before he was placed in job at Chancery office. Reoffended after treatment. Indicted in 10/93 and charged with abusing a 15-year-old altar boy in 1983; charges dropped by Judge 2/95 for lack of evidence. Worked as Army Reserve chaplain from 1979. Still listed as late as 2002, likely in error. At least 2 civil suits filed in 1994. Included in Santa Fe archdiocese list of accused on 9/12/17.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Doe v Roman, Bernalillo County NM CV-94-05046; Roswell Daily Record 10.31.93; Roswell Daily REcord 11.14.93; Albuquerque Journal 02.09.95; Albuquerque Journal 02.21.95; Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 09.12.17; Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 03.08.19
Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 03.08.19
John1968PSuedDiocesanAccusation publicly in 6/19 of sexually abusing a 17- or 18-year-old girl in the mid-1980s at St. Joseph's in Bakersfield. Suspended for a few months during investigation. Esquivel's accuser said that he groped, open-mouth kissed and verbally abused her. She was working at the time as his secretary. SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) stated that three other women told them in recent years that Esquivel sexually abused them, two at age 16. Two of the alleged victims reportedly told another priest in around 1992, but no action. Suit filed in 1/20 by two of the women, each claiming abuse as teenagers by Esquivel. Remained in active ministry in 1/20.Fresno, CASource:
Californian 06.17.19; Fresno Bee 06.17.19; Reedley Exponent 06.19.19; KFSN 01.06.20
Assignments: Assignment Record
EsquivelJuan Carlos SAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the diocese's list 1/2/19. Seminarian. Accused in 2007 of abuse the same year.Monterey, CASource:
Diocese of Monterey list 01.02.19; KSBW TV 01.02.19
EsquivelMiguel1982PSuedDiocesanAccused in 2002 of sexually assaulting a girl in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Removed from active ministry 4/02. Arrested by sheriff's office in 6/02 and charged with eight felony counts. Civil suit filed 7/02. "On duty outside the diocese" per the 2002 Official Catholic Directory. He had been serving as chaplain in a federal prison out of state until allegations surfaced. Criminal charges dropped 1/04 due to SOL. Civil suit settled. On Las Cruces diocese's list 11/8/18. Noted to have worked in the Las Cruces diocese in 1996, as a La Tuna Prison chaplain. On San Angelo's list 2/13/19.San Angelo, TXSource:
San Angelo Standard-Times 06.05.02; Associated Press 06.06.02; MyWestTexas 06.06.02; MyWestTexas 06.06.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; MyWestTexas 08.22.02; MyWestTexas 05.04.03; MyWestTexas 05.15.03; San Angelo Standard-Times 01.22.06; SNAP Statement 12.12.13; Diocese of Las Cruces List 11.08.18; KVIA 11.08.18; Diocese of San Angelo List 02.13.19
EsserGilbert F., c.pp.s.1924PAccusedPrecious BloodNamed as accused on the Lafayette IN diocese's list 9/28/18. Taught Latin and Greek at St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer for almost thirty years. Hospital chaplain in Detroit. Died 5/15/79.Lafayette, INSource:
Diocese of Lafayette IN List 09.28.18; Lafayette Journal & Courier 10.01.18; State Historical Society of Missouri accessed 10.16.18
State Historical Society of Missouri
Joseph W. 1969PSuedDiocesanAccused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 of abuse of a student, ages 14-16, at St. Vincent de Paul parish,1969-71. Episcopal Vicar for Eastern half of the US of the Archdiocese for Military Services. Made Monsignor in 1997. Ordained auxiliary bishop for the US Military in 2004. Died 2/4/12, age 67.Albany, NYSource:
Military Archdiocese Obituary 02.05.12; Times Union 08.14.19
EstadtHarry1932PAccusedDiocesanMonsignor. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 3/1/19. Assigned to St. Thomas the Apostle for forty years, beginning in 1935. Died 3/15/91.Cleveland, OHSource:
Diocese of Columbus List 03.01.19; St Thomas the Apostle Parish History accessed 03.09.19
Domingo Gonzales1972PSettledMissionary Oblates of Mary Imaculate of TexasArrested and indicted 5/04 on charges that he had molested a boy 6/90 in Midland TX. Estrada was assigned to Midland from 1986 to 1996. He was living in San Antonio at the time of his arrest. Acquitted in criminal case by jury 12/04. Named in civil suit which settled. Still shown as priest when he died in San Antonio 9/21/09. On San Angelo diocese's list 2/13/19.San Angelo, TXSource:
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Estrada ArangoJose Joaquin1997PConvictedDiocesanEstrada, a priest from Colombia, was arrested for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl in Morrow County OR. He pleaded guilty in 2003 and was deported to Colombia. Estrada had served in Yakima diocese prior to his transfer to Baker Diocese in 2/03.Baker, ORSource:
Yakima Herald-Republic 7.4.10; KNDO-KNDU 04.10.08; SNAP Press Release 04.10.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 04.10.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 04.11.08; Yakima Herald Republic 04.14.08; Yakima Herald Republic 04.21.08; KNDO/KNDU 06.10.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 10.21.11
Raymond J.1985PConvictedDiocesanArrested 5/07 under federal charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. His computers were confiscated after they were found to contain the pornography. Admitted to sexually-oriented internet chats with others regarding children. Bishop immediately placed him on administrative leave. Pled guilty to one count 11/07. Sentenced in 6/08 to 4 years in prison and 10 years parole. Required to register as sex offender. Released 1/12. Permanently removed from ministry.Albany, NYSource:
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EtienneClifton Raymond1979BSuedDivine Word MissionariesCivil suit alleged abuse by Etienne at Divine Word Seminary in Riverside when he was a religious brother. He was ordained in 1979 and later served at St. Patrick parish and St. Anthony's parish in Oakland Diocese. Died May, 1998. Personnel file released10/25/10. On San Diego diocese's 9/18 list.San Bernardino, CASource:
Press Enterprise 05.27.98; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10; San Diego Union-Tribune 09.13.18; Diocese of San Diego list 09.14.18
Diocese of San Diego list 09.14.18
George A.1942PAccusedDiocesanEtzel retired in 1984 and died in 2003 at age 85. His name appears on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse.Milwaukee, WISource:
Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.20.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
EucharisticaMary NSuedSociety of Holy Child JesusWoman filed suit 2/07 against order alleging abuse by Mother Mary Eucharistica and Mother Mary Freddrick between 1958-1962 at Holy Child Academy and St. Rose's Catholic School. Plaintiff has already settled with the Portland Archdiocese. Mary Eucharistica died in 2002 at the age of 100.Portland, ORSource:
The Oregonian 10.18.02; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; Associated Press 02.06.07; KGW (OR) 02.06.07
EvansEldridge T. 1965PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 2/13/19. Deceased.Camden, NJSource:
Diocese of Camden List 02.13.19
EvansFrancis1957PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list updated 6/29/19. Died 6/28/19.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Diocese of Brooklyn List 06.29.19
Timothy Joseph1993PConvictedDiocesanIssues with "relational dynamics" evident during seminary; ordination delayed until an evaluation said "problems were fixed." Charged with two counts of sexual abuse of three teenage boys 1995-97 and 1999. Removed from active ministry in 2003. Judge was to allow other accusers to testify. Pled innocent to all charges. Found guilty in first trial in 3/07 and again in another county in a second trial in 4/07. Named in first civil suit 4/07. Sentenced to 14 years to life 5/07 with four more years added a day later in another case. Suit settled 4/08. Laicized in 2013. Included in CO A.G.'s report 10/22/19. Up for parole in 12/19.Denver, COSource:
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Anderson Ad Book 11.13.19
Timothy Wayne1994PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 12/05 after allegations of sexual and substance abuse involving a teenage boy up to 6 years previously. One priest said rumors had circulated for at least three years before the archdiocese investigated. A 7/06 article said he remained in treatment in Alabama. On the archdiocese's list 12/6/18. "Misconduct" noted to have occurred in 1998. Assigned to parishes in Daphne, Monroeville, Bayou La Batre. Director of Office of Youth Ministry. Prohibited from ministry in the archdiocese.Mobile, ALSource:
Alcom (AP) 12.08.05; Mobile Register 12.09.05; Mobile Register 12.14.05; WALA 07.27.06; Archdiocese of Mobile List 12.06.18
Thomas A.1976PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 5/02 after a man accused Evatt of performing a lewd act on him at age 9 during overnight stay at rectory in 1977. The alleged victim did not tell his father until 1991 and did not inform police or Diocese until 2002. Evatt said the 1977 incident was a "singular horrible event" that never happened again. Trial pending 7/03 when Evatt was found dead in his home 7/18/03. Death ruled accidental, due to massive blood loss when Evatt cut his leg on piece of furniture. Alcohol abuse contributed to death.On diocese's list 3/29/19.Charleston, SCSource:
Charlotte Observer 05.03.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 05.27.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 05.29.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 05.30.02; Post and Courier 05.30.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 05.31.02; Post and Courier 05.31.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 06.18.02; Augusta Chronicle (GA) 07.19.03; Catholic Miscellany 07.24.03; Diocese of Charleston List 03.29.19
EvelynSister NAccusedUnknownOne pending claim against Sr. Evelyn shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Fairbanks, AKSource:
Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1.25.10, p. 2
Donald J.1956PSettledDiocesanRemoved as chaplain at St. Vincent Hospital after allegations that he sexually abused a young girl for 4 years beginning in 1974, when she was age 5. Accuser reached confidential settlement with Diocese in 12/97 for counseling and legal expenses. Included on archdiocese's 10/12/18 list. Noted to have five victims, allegedly abused in 1977 and 1985. Evrard died in 12/27/08.Indianapolis, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 01.24.98; Archdiocese of Indianapolis list 10.12.18; Indianapolis Star 10.12.18
Evrit/EvrittRichard C.1973PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on the Youngstown diocese's list 10/29/18. Allegations date to the early 1970s. (The Catholic Directories consistently spell his name 'Evrit'; it is spelled 'Evritt' on the diocese's list.) Assigned to St Paul in Salem, Holy Family in Poland, St Paul in Canton, St Patrick in Kent, St Pius X in Warren. Absent on Sick Leave 1985-87, then assigned 1987-89 to St Charles in Morganton NC in the Charlotte diocese, after which Youngstown again lists him as on leave. Reportedly died in 2019. On the Charlotte diocese's list 12/29/19.Youngstown, OHSource:
WYTV 10.29.18; Diocese of Youngstown List 10.30.18; The Vindicator 10.31.18; Diocese of Charlotte List 12.29.19; McDowell News 12.30.19
Diocese of Charlotte Assignment Record 12.29.19
EwanowskiAlfred  ?PAccusedConventual FranciscanNamed publicly as accused by the Baltimore archdiocese on its list 4/24/19. Allegation to archdiocese in 2003 of abuse in 1967 of an Archbishop Curley High School student. Additional allegations followed of abuse while Ewanowski was a Curley High faculty member, where he was assigned 1968-76. Died in 1990.Baltimore, MDSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore List 04.24.19
Bruce O.1974PConvictedDiocesanLeft priesthood in 1977. Civil suit filed 4/02; charged 2003 with abuse of plaintiff in early 1970s, beginning when she was age 14. He denied allegation. Civil suit settled through mediation 3/03. Criminal trial ended in mistrial 2004. New criminal trial held 3/07; jury found him guilty of one count on 3/22/07. Sentenced to 5 years probation 5/07. Laicized 2004. Led parish council in 2010; terminated 2/11. On Sex Offender Registry.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier Journal 04.27.02; Courier Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier Journal 01.31.03; Courier Journal 03.22.03; Courier Journal 09.02.04; Courier Journal 09.03.04; Courier Journal 09.04.04; Courier Journal 03.19.07; Courier Journal 03.22.07; Courier Journal 03.23.07; WLKY 05.17.07; WAVE 05.18.07; Courier-Journal 02.14.11; WHAS 02.14.11; Courier Journal 02.16.11; WLKY 02.16.11; WAVE 02.17.11; Courier Journal 05.16.11; WLKY 05.16.11; Archdiocese of Louisville List 02.11.19
Assignments: Assignment Record

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