April 30, 2005

Former G-G costs taxpayers $1600 a day


By Simon Kearney and Kate Legge
April 30, 2005

FORMER governor-general Peter Hollingworth is costing taxpayers more than $1600 a day to maintain since he resigned as Australia's vice-regal representative.

New figures provided by John Howard show Dr Hollingworth's office and travel expenses after his resignation on May 28, 2003, and up to December 31 last year, total $648,675.
His pension over the same period cost taxpayers $296,605, bringing the daily cost of supporting the ex-governor-general to $1621.

The figures show Dr Hollingworth spent $240,898 on fitting out his luxury office on the 21st floor of 101 Collins Street in Melbourne. ...

Dr Hollingworth was appointed governor-general by Mr Howard in June 2001, but resigned just short of two years into his term amid continuing controversy over his handling of sexual abuse allegations against Anglican clergy while he was archbishop of Brisbane.

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