April 27, 2005

Sex Offense Convictions Overturned; Beine To Be Freed


By Cordell Whitlock

(KSDK) - A second conviction against a former priest and school counselor has been overturned. Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled James Beine was wrongfully convicted on sex charges.

In 2003, Beine was sentenced to twelve years in prison for exposing himself to three boys in a restroom at a St. Louis elementary school.

Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled there was insufficient evidence to convict Beine, and that the statute under which he was charged was unconstitutional.

The justices said the law was too broad and could punish anyone for using a public restroom.

In December of 2003, an appeals court overturned a child pornography conviction involving Beine. They ruled the evidence was seized illegally in that case.

Posted by kshaw at April 27, 2005 09:12 AM