April 26, 2005

Nursing home cited in misconduct case

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

By Jonathan Gneiser
For the Daily Tribune
MARSHFIELD - The Marshfield Care Center has been cited by the state's Department of Health and Family Services Bureau of Quality Assurance for three violations of federal regulations stemming from an alleged incident of sexual misconduct.

According to state surveyors' interviews with two certified nursing assistants who witnessed the alleged incident on Feb. 8, a 79-year-old female resident who has dementia was being kissed on the lips by a male visitor while her arms and legs were "flailing."
The facility has claimed the witnesses can't confirm any incident of sexual misconduct occurred through an informal dispute resolution process, according to bureau statements of deficiency.

Cris Ros-Dukler, director of the Bureau of Quality Assurance, said the man who was "allegedly molesting" the resident was a relative of another resident.

Although the bureau's report doesn't directly name the visitor, it appears to describe Raymond H. Bornbach of Marshfield. The statement of deficiency includes references to incidents involving Bornbach, and refers to a news story about Bornbach published in the Marshfield News-Herald on Aug. 27, 2004.

Bornbach is a former priest who is no longer allowed to perform sacraments or wear a collar due to previous allegations of sexual abuse in the community. In August, the Diocese of La Crosse confirmed that Bornbach of Marshfield had repeatedly molested a girl in 1971 and barred him from performing any priestly duties.

"That certainly sounds like the same person, that would be Bornbach," said Marshfield Police Chief Joe Stroik. "No one has notified us of this."
Bornbach declined to comment Monday.

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