April 18, 2005

New pope will face several tough issues

The Advocate

By Sabrina Banes
Staff Correspondent

April 18, 2005

As the College of Cardinals gathers in Rome's Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope, Catholics will be watching for the white smoke that signifies a leader has been chosen.

Clergy, theologians and laity in Fairfield County agree that the new pontiff must be spiritual, wise and moral. But their ideas vary on the issues he will face, including doctrine, eligibility for the priesthood and church governance. ...

Malloy said church leaders are aware they made mistakes during the sexual abuse scandal and are working to make changes.

"For instance, Bishop (William) Lori (of the Bridgeport Diocese) is very much into protecting the children to the best of his ability," Malloy said.

But some bishops have not been on top of the problem and a solution may be for laypeople to vote in the selection of bishops, Lakeland said.

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