April 17, 2005

Boys life ruined by father figure

The Times

By Frances Gibb

THE family of Mr A are devout Roman Catholics. He is the second youngest of seven children. The family attended Christ the King Church, Coundon, in Coventry, where there was a large Irish Roman Catholic community.

The family took part in social activities at the church and in the social club affiliated to it. The church was very much part of their lives.

Father Clonan was greatly respected in the community. He was a regular visitor at Mr As home and officiated at family weddings and christenings. He was trusted implicitly, Mr A looked upon him as a father figure and relied heavily on him.

When he was 8, in 1978, Mr A became involved with activities arranged by the church, such as Cub Scouts, and began doing odd jobs for pocket money from Father Clonan. He began spending increasing amounts of time with the priest and went on trips with him to London and Ireland.

Father Clonan started to assault Mr A sexually. The assaults took place between one and three times a week over ten years. On each occasion, Mr A would be given money.

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