April 12, 2005

Anger over Catholic Church's endorsement of Archbishop of Boston


The World Today - Tuesday, 12 April , 2005 12:22:00
Reporter: John Shovelan
ELEANOR HALL: In the United States, child abuse is also in the headlines with many American Catholics incensed that the disgraced former Archbishop of Boston is leading a memorial mass for the Pope in Rome.

Cardinal Bernard Law was forced to resign as Archbishop of Boston because he permitted priests known to have sexually abused minors to be moved from parish to parish instead of being charged or disciplined.

His critics say he was interested only in protecting the Church from scandal and not in protecting children. And they're now accusing the Vatican of turning its back on the victims as well.

This report from our North America Correspondent John Shovelan.

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JOHN SHOVELAN: Former Boston Archbishop Cardinal Bernard Law celebrated mass in mourning for Pope John Paul in St Peter's Basilica. It was one of nine memorial masses for the Pope and it left many American Catholics, and in particular victims of sexual abuse by priests, feeling that the Vatican was once again ignoring their suffering and protest.

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