April 11, 2005

SNAP group to attend FdL hearing

The Reporter

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A group of survivors of sexual abuse by clergy will be in Fond du Lac Tuesday for one of the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearings being held at the City County Government Center, 160 S. Macy St.

Members of Survivors Network Abused by Priests will attend the hearing and victims in the case will speak when the hearing is over.

The case involves allegations of child molestation against a now-deceased Catholic priest. The questions before the Supreme Court are whether the actions of the Milwaukee Archdiocese in this case are open to review by the courts or whether such a review would result in excessive government entanglement in religion, contrary to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The court also will decide if the statute of limitations should be extended in cases involving alleged abuse by clergy.

The court will decide if the remaining plaintiff may proceed with his lawsuit against the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Posted by kshaw at April 11, 2005 07:14 AM