April 08, 2005

Church releases info on accused priests

The Argus

By Susan McDonough, STAFF WRITER

OAKLAND After months of refusing to reveal details about a group of elderly priests accused of sexually abusing young people, Dominican church leaders Thursday surprised many by releasing information about the men they insist are not a threat to local children.

St. Albert's Priory, a residence for Catholic priests in Oakland's upscale Rockridge neighborhood, has for months faced mounting pressure from community leaders and neighbors to release details about the seven priests relocated to the priory and living within a few blocks of two elementary schools.

Church spokeswoman Carla Hass said church leaders heard the neighbors' concerns "loud and clear," but said public pressure was not the reason church leaders decided to release the information.

"Rumor and innuendo are flying around faster than facts," Hass said.

The media has portrayed the residence as a haven for pedophiles, she said. "That is simply not true."

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